Thomson Gold hotels cater to a grown-up crowd, and feature fantastic dining and entertainment.

10 Reasons To Choose Thomson Gold

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Thomson Gold Hallmarks

First-class dining and entertainment are key elements of the Thomson Gold philosophy. Here’s a guide to what’s on offer...

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    Carefully-planned Cuisine

    Thomson Gold hotels and good food go hand in hand. In fact, we’re so serious about what we’re serving, we make sure all our chefs consult with UK specialists before menus are finalised.

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    Dining Choice

    We like to keep things varied, which means buffet restaurants with well-stocked stations and show-cooking pods are as easy to come by as smart à la carte venues.

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    Home Favourites

    Sometimes, it’s nice to stick with what you know. As well as giving you the chance to try local fare, we lay on traditional English breakfasts and Sunday roasts in Thomson Gold hotels.

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    Weekly Gala Dinners

    Our gala dinners have been a favourite with customers ever since the Thomson Gold collection was first dreamt-up. This is your chance to dress up and tuck in to a multi-course meal, before sitting down to a show.

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    Michael Bublé Tribute Night

    This show pays tribute to the modern-day Frank Sinatra. It’s an evening of Bublé’s best-known tunes, so get ready to sing along.

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    Flamenco Night

    Polka-dot dresses, castanets, guitars – it can only be flamenco. It’s a fiery, foot-stamping spectacular that’ll have you shouting ‘ole’ with the rest of them.

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    UK Comedians

    We fly out a top UK comedian to make guests laugh into the small hours. All you need to bring with you is a good sense of humour.

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    Classical Night

    Opera singers and violinists perform their favourite tunes in this popular show. They mix things up by adding a modern twist to the classics.

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    The ancient art of yoga has been proven to tone muscles, relieve stress and improve flexibility, and Thomson Gold has its own version of the spiritual and physical discipline.

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    Aqua Golf

    This game is all about practising your chipping. We’ll provide you with balls to pitch over the water to an island.

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    Giant Jenga

    Two teams take on the 18-storey tower in a game of balance, skill and chance. Remember, the steadiest hand wins.

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    A combination of bowls and curling, shuffleboard is played on a long, thin court. The aim is to slide discs into scoring zones and stop your opponent from doing the same.