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Vivenda Avista Navios Apartments

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Writing on 07/10/2011 Anonymous  from Gloucestershire said...

We were dropped off by Thomson's transfer representative in pouring rain, left on the side of a busy road with no pavements and told it's over there through the black gates. The bus sped off.

It was immediately apparent that the location was not as shown on the Thomson's map and was not within walking distance of the town unless you were a mountain goat.

We were shown to our apartment by a cleaning lady and bundled our cases up two flights of stairs.

The lock didn't work properly and was difficult to open, more improtantly, when it was locked it was more difficult to open from the inside and, being the only means of escape in a fire, could prove fatal

Although the apartment was relatively clean they were very dated, the rooms were under the roof space and headroom was limited. There was no air conditioning and only small rooflights at the back of the apartment making it very hot and stuffy.

The appliances and the patio furniture were very old and well worn and if they had been mine they would have been on the skip years ago.

The balcony area had a high front wall, which meant if you sat down then you couldn't see any view.

Whilst we were there the local dogs were continually barking and it was impossible to have the rooflights open because of this incessant noise.

We walked up the steep hill to the Supermarket to buy some supplies on the busy road with no pavements, looked at the local Restaurant and take-away which did not look very inviting and returned back to the apartment.

On our return we had a look at the swimming pool, there was black mould around the tiles and all the sun loungers looked as if they had been salvaged from Hotel skips.

It was at this point we decided that we did not want to stay in this place and arranged with Thomson Holidays to upgrade to a Hotel.

Unfortunately, for some of the other Holidaymakers who would also like to move out they couldn't afford the upgrade fee charged by Thomson in cash.

Review based on a trip in September 2011

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