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Flights to United States Of America

From theme parks to national parks, Disney to Dior, flights to the USA are your ticket to an American adventure.

Miami Vice. Sleepless in Seattle. LA Confidential. Book a flight to the USA and you’re practically stepping into the silver screen. But there’s a lot more to the home of Hollywood than the movies it’s inspired. Hit the road a la Jack Kerouac and you’ve got a whopping 50 states to explore. Introduce the kids to Mickey and co in Florida. Flash the cash in New York and come away laden with Little Brown Bags. Or make a beeline for Arizona, home of the vast Grand Canyon. Let’s face it, this place has a must-see list that never ends. So book a flight to the USA and head off in search of the American dream – whatever yours may be.

Fast Facts

  • Population 304,059,724
  • Language English
  • Currency US dollar
  • Country code +1
  • Time Zones
    Eastern time GMT-5
    Central time GMT-6
    Mountain time GMT-7
    Pacific time GMT-8
    Alaska time GMT-9
    Hawaiian time GMT-10

    Did You Know?

    Kelloggs are based in Michigan’s Battle Creek, which is known as the cereal capital of the world. In summer, this place stages the World’s Longest Breakfast Table – an annual event where thousands fill the streets to eat breakfast together.
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