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Book a flight to Turkey for an exotic mix of historical sights, fabulous beaches and chaotic bazaars.

With one foot in the West and one in the East, Turkey is a real mixed bag. The Persians, the Greeks and the Romans have all lived here over the centuries – and they left plenty of treasures behind them. So what you get these days are time-worn castles rubbing shoulders with elaborate mosques. And more modern additions include spice-scented bazaars that sit alongside shops and cocktail bars. Then there’s the other reason people book flights to Turkey – the beaches. They run the full gamut, from small pebbly strips to huge belts of sand. And because our flights to Turkey touch down in the country’s four main hubs – Izmir, Bodrum, Antalya and Bodrum – you’ve got plenty of choice as to where you lay your towel.

Fast Facts

  • Population 72,561,312
  • Language Turkish
  • Currency Lira
  • Country code +90
  • Time Zone GMT+3 in summer, GMT+2 in winter

    Did You Know?

    Although he now lives in much colder climes, St Nicholas, AKA Santa Claus, was actually born in Patara on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast.
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