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Flights to Portugal

From the Algarve’s holiday brochure beaches to Madeira’s colourful blooms, there’s plenty on offer with our flights to Portugal.

Mention the words ‘flights to Portugal’ and chances are it’s the Algarve that springs to mind. From its much-photographed coastline to its timeworn fishing villages, it’s been tempting tourists for decades. Factor in some grilled sardines from a beach-side barbecue – possibly with a glass of ‘vihno verde’ – and you’ve got a great choice for a sun-and-sea break. Another popular choice when it comes to flights to Portugal is the island of Madeira. It’s one big botanical garden, bursting with sub-tropical flowers and towering laurel-clad peaks. And the capital, Funchal, is a ridiculously pretty pocket. Monochrome buildings clash with purple bougainvillaea, chic boutiques line wide lanes, and yachts bob in the harbour.

Fast Facts

  • Population 10,624,688
  • Language Portuguese
  • Currency Euro
  • Country code +351
  • Time Zone GMT

    Did You Know?

    The last king of Portugal, King Manuel II, left the throne in 1910 and spent the rest of his life in exile, in Twickenham of all places.
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