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Flights to Italy

From Venice in the north to Naples in the south, our flights to Italy cover the ‘boot’ from top to toe.

Long-legged Italy manages to pack a lot into its borders. In the north, Venice reigns supreme, while the nearby Venetian Riviera supplies the sands. Trace your finger west on the map and you’ll come to Verona. This Medieval city also happens to be the gateway to Lake Garda. Towards the base of the boot sits foodie favourite, Naples, and the cliff-hugging towns of the Neapolitan Riviera. But our flights to Italy aren’t just confined to the mainland – we also jet off to Sicily and Sardinia.

Fast Facts

  • Population 59,854,860
  • Language Italian
  • Currency Euro
  • Country Code +39
  • Time Zone GMT+1

    Did You Know?

    If you order a latte in Italy you’ll actually get a glass of milk. If you’re after a coffee with milk, you’re best off ordering a cappuccino. Likewise, if you ask for pepperoni on your pizza, you’ll get peppers. Ask for salami instead.
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