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Flights to France

Get to know a different part of the country with our flights to France – they put the spectacular scenery of Corsica at your fingertips.

Sun-soaked vineyards that stretch for miles. Seaside restaurants serving up the best French fries you’ve ever had. And big-name sights like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Flights to France take you to one of Europe’s most iconic countries. But that’s just half the story. Take a flight to France and discover life away from the mainland - on the peaceful island of Corsica. All deep blue waters and rollercoaster mountains, its scenery draws visitors in their thousands. The whole place has a relaxed France-meets-Italy vibe, with stylish bistros and seafood restaurants sitting alongside trattorias and pizzerias.

Fast Facts

  • Population 62 million
  • Language French
  • Currency Euro
  • Country Code +33
  • Time Zone GMT+1

    Did You Know?

    It’s illegal to kiss someone on a train in France.
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