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Flights to Bulgaria

Book a flight to Bulgaria and discover a rising star on Europe’s beach scene – its golden sands give the Costas a run for their money.

When you hear the words ‘beach break’ you don’t automatically think of Bulgaria. But if you fancy a sunshine escape and you’ve ticked off all the Costas, it’s time to start thinking about a flight to Bulgaria. The coastline is all about blonde sands and warm waters. Most visitors head for Sunny Beach, one of Bulgaria’s biggest resorts. Its neon-lit mix of hotels, bars and restaurants gives way to a pale sandy beach. Beachfront Bourgas follows suit. Beyond the sun loungers it packs a cultural punch, with galleries and museums like the Museum of History and City Art Gallery. And away from the resorts, scenery takes a walk on the wild side, with mountains, greenery and lakes stretching out in all directions.

Fast Facts

  • Population 7,623,396
  • Language Bulgarian
  • Currency Leva
  • Country Code +359
  • Time Zone GMT+2

    Did You Know?

    The inventor of the first electronic computer was Bulgarian. John Vincent Atanassoff, together with graduate student Clifford Berry, built the machine between 1939 and 1942.
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