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Flights to Mexico

For an exotic mix of sprawling jungles, sweeping sands and ancient ruins, book a flight to Mexico, where stark contrasts come as standard.

Flights to Mexico open up a treasure trove of ancient sights. Cue ornate Mayan temples, towering Aztec pyramids and bustling colonial cities. And because this huge country straddles temperate and tropical zones, the landscape is pretty special, too. Step off the beaten track and you’ve got leafy mangroves, dusty deserts and craggy volcanoes at your feet. And then there’s the coastline to consider. Flights to Mexico are your gateway to a 10,000-kilometre stretch that takes in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. And whichever way you look, the water’s fringed with a mix of sleek spa hotels and buzzing resorts, so you can be as laidback or as lively as you like.

Fast Facts

  • Population 106,350,434
  • Language Spanish
  • Currency Mexican Peso
  • Country code +52
  • Timezone GMT-6

    Did You Know?

    The Mexican city of Puebla is home to be the smallest volcano on earth. Cuexcomate stands at just 13 metres high, so it won’t take you long to climb to the crater. And there’s a spiral staircase inside, so you can descend to the bottom, too.
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