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Flights to Jamaica

Book a flight to Jamaica and get ready to turn the tempo down a few notches – this Caribbean favourite is as laid-back as they come.

Looks-wise, Jamaica boasts the same vital statistics as every other Caribbean island. You’ve got the palm-lined beaches, the rolling hills and the lush rainforests. But delve a bit further and you’ll discover a whole lot more. With our flights to Jamaica, you can step off the tourist trail and really get to know the island’s history and culture. Cue art galleries, colonial buildings and imposing monuments that commemorate the island’s battle for independence. Then, of course, there’s the island’s trump card – its reggae-fuelled, carefree spirit. After all, flights to Jamaica take you to the birthplace of Bob Marley...

Fast Facts

  • Population Approximately 2.7 million
  • Language English
  • Currency Jamaican Dollar
  • Country Code +1876
  • Time Zone GMT-5

    Did You Know?

    The Jamaican flag is the only one in the world that doesn’t sport either red, blue or white.
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