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    From the Latin-infused streets of Havana to the white-sand beaches of Barbados, flights to the Caribbean put exotic islands within easy reach.

    Soft sands washed by neon-bright turquoise. Oversized hammocks strung between swaying palms. And a never-ending supply of feel-good rum cocktails. Flights to the Caribbean offer up all the stereotypical postcard images - and then some. Look beyond the shores and you'll find everything from glossy rainforests to crayola-coloured villages. There's plenty in the way of sights, too. In the Dominican Republic, star billing goes Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the new world. And in Jamaica, the spotlight shines on Bob Marley's former house. And that's just for starters. With flights to the Caribbean, you've got fortresses, museums and botanical gardens at your fingertips.

    Thomson Airways' Flights To The Caribbean Include

  • Flights to Aruba - With its gable-topped houses and colonial clock towers, this Dutch island is like a little slice of Amsterdam.
  • Flights to Barbados - This long-time favourite offers up all the Caribbean clich├ęs, from ice-white beaches to huge sugarcane fields.
  • Flights to Cuba - The most iconic island in the Caribbean, Cuba boasts a superstar of a capital - the one and only Havana.
  • Flights to the Dominican Republic - This Caribbean heavyweight has it all, from lively holiday playgrounds to towns off the beaten track.
  • Flights to Jamaica - Expect a seductive mix of palm-fringed sands, sapphire waters and rum cocktails, all set to the soundtrack of laid-back reggae beats.
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