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Flights to Morocco

Book a flight to Morocco and you’ll be whisked off to North Africa’s most exotic melting pot.

Just thinking about flights to Morocco triggers an assault on the senses. You can practically smell the spice-laden souks, hear the chattering locals spilling out into busy town squares, and see the soaring minarets piercing the skyline. Imperial cities like Marrakech and Fez are the best place to soak up the sights. But head away from the bright lights and there’s plenty more to see. Climb aboard a camel and trek through the Sahara, or scale North Africa’s highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. Plus, with the sun-baked shores of Agadir at your feet, flights to Morocco are great for beach-lovers, too.

Fast Facts

  • Population 31,228,981
  • Language Arabic, Berber and French
  • Currency Moroccan dirham
  • Country code +212
  • Time Zone GMT

    Did You Know?

    The goats in Morocco can climb trees. They’re after argan fruit, and you’re most likely to spot them up in the branches around Essaouira.
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