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Flights to Kenya

Book a flight to Kenya and you’re in for an adventure – this place invented safari, and nowhere does it better.

A flight to Kenya takes you to the heart of east Africa, and the landscape is as far-flung as you’d expect. Cue rutted roads that open onto wide open plains, snow-capped mountains that plunge into deep valleys, and beaches that melt into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. If it’s city living you’re after, head to the capital - Nairobi. By day it’s all about must-see museums, and by night this place never sleeps. Head away from the bright lights, meanwhile, and the wildlife is the star attraction. Leopards, lions and elephants are all on the agenda. Flights to Kenya take you to the home of safari, so there’s no better place to get back to nature.

Fast Facts

  • Population 38,534,087
  • Language Swahili
  • Currency Kenyan Shilling
  • Country code +254
  • Time Zone GMT+3

    Did You Know?

    Swahili time runs from dawn to dusk, rather than midnight to midday. So 7am is actually one o’clock in the morning.
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