Kenya weddings

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Kenya weddings


Kenya’s got form when it comes to couples. After all, this is the country where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton.

In interviews after the event, the prince admitted he’d been carrying the ring around for 3 weeks, waiting for the right moment. And Kenya’s the kind of country that creates right moments. After all, this is the place where you can get within a tusk’s length of an elephant and her calf as they drink from a watering hole.


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Weddings in Kenya

Kenya weddings are no exception, either. In this country, you can say your vows in a nature reserve in the middle of the African plains. You can become man and wife as the sun sets, elongating the shadows of the baobab trees that surround the sanctuary. A Kenya wedding on a dhow boat is another option. One of Kenya’s iconic ships will become your flower girl for the day, as the rigging is dressed with sweet smelling frangipani and bougainvillea. You’ll make your promises to each other in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Honeymoons come naturally to Kenya, too. The country’s south coast is trimmed with flour-white beaches, lapis-blue sea, and hotels that have everything you need to hideaway for a couple of weeks.

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