Ibiza weddings

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Ibiza weddings


When Billy Idol sang about it being a nice day for a white wedding, he may as well have been talking about Ibiza weddings.

Blanched sands and sugarcube villages have given this bohemian island its ‘White Isle’ nickname, and weddings tend to follow the same virgin colour scheme.


Ibiza weddings

Blessings usually take place on the beach, with the sand beneath your toes and the waves providing the backdrop. And in Ibiza, wedding guests often wear all-white for the occasion. That’s just one idea, though. This place embraces all walks of life, so anything goes on this hippy island – whether you want a white blessing on the shoreline or a Technicolor ceremony in a private garden. And as far as post-nuptial festivities go, this is the party capital of the Mediterranean, so receptions consist of fantastic local food and free-spirited dancing in the moonlight.

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