More space for everyone when you fly longhaul with us

33" seat pitch as standard with Thomson Airways longhaul economy

More legroom for everyone on Thomsonfly

Book your Thomson long haul holiday now, and you'll get a 33” seat pitch, stylish leather seats and more on your flights with Thomson Airways. Just think - that’s more legroom in long haul economy than BA, Virgin Atlantic, bmi & Monarch*.

They say size doesn’t matter - but trust us it does. Especially when you’re flying a long way. That’s why we’re revolutionising long haul flights by giving all our passengers more space to stretch out on our Boeing 767 aircraft. And we knock most other holiday companies into touch when it comes to Premium class seats - giving you at least 36" seat pitch, plus even better entertainment, and complimentary drinks**.


A new way to fly long haul...

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Standard Class - Included as standard on ALL our longhaul flights

  • 33" seat pitch as standard - that’s more legroom in long haul economy than BA, Virgin Atlantic, bmi and Monarch*
  • Stylish leather seats and in-flight amenity pack
  • 7” widescreen seatback TV
  • Up to 10 movies - 5 each way
  • Up to 7 TV channels and at least 10 audio channels
  • 6 interactive games
  • Dedicated kids’ TV channels, cartoons and movies
  • Free headphones
  • Friendly and efficient cabin crew
  • Tasty in-flight meal
Thomsonfly Plus

Premium Class - More seat space, entertainment & drinks included**

  • Upgrade to our Premium Class cabin and look forward to all this - at a fraction of the price of scheduled airlines...
  • At least 36" seat pitch as standard
  • Wide leather seats with head support
  • Luxury pampering pack
  • 9" widescreen seatback TV
  • Entertainment on demand with 'play', 'pause' and 'rewind' function
  • Up to 16 movies - 8 each way
  • Up to 7 TV channels and 10 audio channels
  • Up to 10 interactive games
  • Complimentary noise-reduction headsets
  • Dedicated cabin crew
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Free drinks (not including Champagne) including a drink before take-off
  • Tasty in-flight meal
  • Free fun kids' meals
Thomson Premium

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New 787 Dreamliner

Thomson Airways are scheduled to take delivery of 11 787 Dreamliner aircraft in 2012. These aircrafts are designed to make flying more pleasurable for passengers with cleaner cabin air, larger windows and improved lighting.

Get all the latest informaton on the new 787 Dreamliners, including images and videos here.


* Source: BATA website, September 2008

** Excluding champagne

† Available on selected flights


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