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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Flights - In-Flight Food and Entertainment

What in-flight food and drink is available, and do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

Short haul flights

We've launched The Eatery - a brand new range of food and drink you can buy onboard our shorter flights. Choose from hot and cold drinks as well as light bites or more substantial snacks. Plus, there’s a range of healthy and vegetarian options*. Simply take your pick from the menu and order from a member of cabin crew.

View The Eatery menu

Just so you know, this means you'll no longer see in-flight meals available to pre-order when you're booking a short haul holiday. Please note, Cape Verde is classed as a short haul flight.

Long haul flights

For long haul flights of 7 hours or more – meals are still included in your holiday price.

What's more, there's also a bar service available if you want to buy any snacks or drinks onboard - view the Long haul Inflight Guide for more information.

*Sorry – we’re unable to accommodate special dietary requirements.

Requests for nut free meals and nut free flights (Issued May 2010)

Please note that Thomson Airways (the airline of First Choice & Thomson) cannot guarantee a “nut-free” environment or nut free meals on board our flights.

If a customer has a severe allergy they should contact our Customer Welfare team on 0203 451 2585 at least 4 days prior to their flight in order that we can make all the necessary arrangements to inform our cabin crew. Equally on the day of their flight they should always make our cabin crew aware on boarding of their allergy.

The Cabin crew will make an announcement requesting that customers do not eat nut products. They will also refrain from selling nut products from our inflight bars. Whilst we will do everything within our control to look after the needs of the allergy sufferer Customers should be aware that Thomson Airways cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.

Customers travelling on Thomson Airways who have chosen to purchase a meal may request a “nut restricted” inflight meal. Whilst we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that, to the best of its knowledge, no whole nuts, nut products or nut oils are used in any of the products used on board. Thomson Airways cannot guarantee that the production sites and flight kitchens are completely nut free sites.


If you need to know if your hotel can cater for you, please call 0203 451 2688. One of our representatives will then contact the hotel directly to find out if their dining arrangements will be suitable for you.


Can I take my own food for the flight?

Yes. However, we can't provide heating facilities on board (although for infants, we are able to warm bottles of milk in hot water). Therefore, we would advise low-risk food such as pre-made sandwiches and snacks that can be eaten cold.


Do you offer in flight shopping?

Yes - we offer a range of gifts and holiday essentials to purchase on board the aircraft. We accept cash and credit card payments in £ and EUR. Credit card purchases will incur a 1.5% surcharge. 

Take a look at our in-flight magazine to see what's available onboard


Do you offer pillows and blankets during flights?

Yes, we offer pillows and blankets on many of our longer flights, subject to availability. However, on short haul flights this service is not available.


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