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Travel Options

Flight and Travel Options

Select your Seat
Food and drink onboard
Seats with Extra Legroom
Seats with Extra Space
Premium Club seat upgrades
A bigger luggage allowance
Champagne and chocolates
Sports equipment
Day-before check-in

Select Your Seat

Select your SeatIf you pay extra to select your seat, you’ll get priority access to online check-in. Bear in mind, if you’re on an A la Carte holiday, you won’t need to pay any extra to reserve seats as long as you’ve booked at least 14 days before you travel.

Once you’ve chosen your seat, you won’t be able to change it. That said, in some circumstances, we may have to change your seat. This would only be for operational, safety or security reasons. Select Your Seat Service is provided using the Civil Aviation Authority guidelines, therefore certain requirements must be satisfied before we can allocate seats near the exit.

If we do have to change your seat, we’ll try to keep it as close to what you booked as possible. A refund will only be offered if we can’t seat your group together and in a similar position to your original request*. In such cases, we ask that you keep a copy of your confirmation documents and boarding cards. If you choose the Select Your Seat option but then don’t go on to select your seat numbers, we’ll still try and seat your group together. If you’re not flying with Thomson Airways, we’ll do our best to keep your party together but we can’t guarantee it.

*Seats together may be across an aisle or behind each other. A similar position means the same type of seat (window, aisle etc) as your original selected seats.

You can access Select Your Seat online at or otherwise, pop in to your local Thomson shop or call us on 0203 636 1790 up to three days before your flight. Just so you know, if you booked through our website but you ask one of our travel shops to select your seats for you, you’ll need to pay a £5.00 admin fee.


Food and drink onboard

Food and drink onboard

Short haul flights
We've launched The Eatery - a range of food and drink you can buy onboard our shorter flights. Choose from hot and cold drinks as well as light bites or more substantial snacks. Plus, there’s a range of healthy and vegetarian options*. Simply take your pick from the menu and order from a member of cabin crew.

View The Eatery menu

Just so you know, this means you'll no longer see in-flight meals available to pre-order when you're booking a short haul holiday.

Long haul flights

For long haul flights of 7 hours or more – meals are still included in your holiday price. What's more, there's also a bar service available if you want to buy any snacks or drinks onboard - view the long haul Inflight Guide for more information.

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*Sorry – we’re unable to accommodate special dietary requirements.


Seats with Extra Legroom

Extra Legroom SeatsTreat yourself to seats with extra legroom on your Thomson Airways flight. You'll enjoy up to two extra inches on your seat pitch, plus access to our Select Your Seat service and priority access to online check-in. Suitable for adults and children.







Seats With Extra Space

Seats with Extra SpaceHow to book
You can book seats with extra space for an extra charge by selecting the option when you’re booking your holiday. You’ll then get access to our Select Your Seat service from 90 days before your return flight. That’s when you get to choose your seats on the plane.

If you’ve already booked your flight, give us a call on 0203 636 1790 to upgrade to these seats.

A few things you need to know
These include seats that are close to, or next to, emergency exit doors, behind a bulkhead, or behind a dividing wall. If you fly in one of our 787 Dreamliners, they may also be located in the first 4 rows of the Economy Club cabin. Seats with extra space are only available for adults and children 14 years and over to book in advance, but we may allocate these seats to families with children if the seats are not located in an emergency exit row.
Emergency exit row seats are only available to passengers who are able to move quickly and operate the emergency exit without difficultly if necessary in line with European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) regulations. Just a few things to bear in mind before you book an emergency exit row seat.

Any passengers who because of…
- physical or mental impairment or disability
- age or sickness
- physical size
have difficulty moving quickly cannot sit in these seats. Neither can anyone…
-under the age of 14 (whether accompanied or not)
-who requires an extension seatbelt
-under the influence of alcohol
-travelling with an assistance animal.

These regulations have been put in place by the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) and are for the safety of our passengers. The cabin crew have the final say and we kindly ask that their decisions are respected.


Premium Club Seat Upgrades

Premium SeatsWe've enhanced our Premium Club offering in a big way. You can take advantage of some great perks at the airport in the UK, including fast-track through security, lounge access, and priority boarding. What’s more, our Premium Club seats have a 38-inch seat pitch and more of a recline, so you’re in for the most comfortable flight yet.

On the food front, you’ll be served a tasty 4-course meal. As for drinks, they’re all included, too, with the exception of Champagne. You can pre-book online when you book your holiday with us – simply select Premium Club Seats during your booking. You’ll then have access to our Select your Seat service from 90 days before your return flight – allowing you to choose your own seat from a plan of the aircraft.

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When it comes to booking Premium Club seats, you've got a few options:
-If you haven't booked your holiday yet, look out for the Premium Club option when you're booking on our website.                         -If you've already booked your holiday online, call us on 0203 636 1790.
-If you've booked in one of our travel shops or over the phone, pop in to your local Thomson shop or call us on 0203 636 1790.

Premium Club seats can be booked up to 3 days before you travel.


A Bigger Luggage Allowance

A Bigger Luggage AllowanceNo-one likes to be lumped with unexpected charges at the check-in desk. So, if you think your belongings might tip the scales, buy some extra space in your case before you go. Pre-booked kilos are much cheaper than the charges you’ll face at the desk. Prices start at £15 for 5kg.

You can pre-book online when you book with us, or you can add extra luggage allowance to your booking up to three days before your departure with our Select your Seat service. Simply visit, pop into your local Thomson shop, or call us on 0203 636 1790. Space is tight so it’s first come, first served.


Champagne & Chocolates


Get your holiday off to a flying start – have a chilled bottle of bubbly or a box of chocolates brought out to you. We offer Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne in full or half bottles. Just bear in mind you’ll need to book ahead – we don’t stock the bar with full bottles, and half bottles are limited on board. You can also arrange for it to be accompanied by a personal message.

To add this to your booking, visit, pop in to your local Thomson shop, or give us a call on 0203 636 1790 up to three days before you travel.


Sports Equipment

Sports equipmentAvoid hassle at the airport by making sure your sports gear is taken care of before you go. You can book in everything from skis and golf clubs to bikes and watersports equipment. We can also take care of musical instruments for you.

To add this to your booking, visit, pop in to your local Thomson shop, or give us a call on 0203 636 1790 up to three days before you travel.



Day-before Check-in

Day-before Check-inMake life easier still by checking in early – a whole day early. It’s free at Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham.

Find out more about Day Before Check-in




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