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RSS - What is it?

Wouldn't it be easier if instead of having to visit all of your favourite sites in turn and trawl through them looking for new content, you could have all the latest items delivered automatically to a single place on your computer?
RSS is a technology that allows this to happen!

What feeds does Thomson provide?

Thomson currently provides the following feeds:


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What do I need to use RSS?

To use RSS it is necessary to have access to a News Reader. There are many different types, but the main choice is whether to use a web-based one (such as Yahoo, Bloglines, Newsgator or Google) or to download a standalone application (which runs on your PC even if you don't have a browser open).

The following is the Google Directory page for newsreaders. (Note that Thomson and TUI UK are not responsible for the content of external sites and do not recommend any particular reader).

After gaining access to a News Reader then it is necessary to subscribe to the feeds. The exact way to do this depends on the reader - consult your readers help documentation for guidance.

Some browsers (including Firefox and Opera) offer support for RSS without the need for an additional reader. To check if your browser does provide support then consult the browsers help documentation.


Who else provides RSS feeds?

Most sites that provide RSS feeds make use of the RSS logo. RSS logo This orange symbol normally indicates the existence of one or more feeds supplied by that website.

Unfortunately not every site on the web provides RSS feeds, but the number that are is growing everyday - so keep an eye out for that little orange symbol!


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