Marmaris Imperial  

The peaceful Marmaris Imperial pairs rustic good looks with views of the sea.

Location-wise, this place is as private as it gets. It’s set on a peninsula at the foot of a pine-cloaked hill. It means that much of the complex is encircled by the Mediterranean Sea.

The hotel is nestled in a forest of trees, which gives it a rustic feel. Rooms are scattered among the greenery in stone-built bungalow blocks. You’ll find hammocks tied between the pine trees, too.

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Stylish adults-only holidays, designed for two

  • Contemporary style
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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. One visit per week to the à la carte restaurant.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee.  Snacks 07.00-24.00.

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Outdoor relaxation pool

This is the pool to head to for some R&R with its peaceful setting amongst the trees. There's a bar here too.

Gunes Turkish à la carte restaurant

Gunes restaurant is on the rooftop and has Turkish favourites on the menu. You can eat here once a week as part of your All Inclusive package.

International restaurant

You can expect to indulge in some international specialities at the buffet restaurant.

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twin room with garden view

These spacious rooms with their contemporary colours and furnishings, will sleep up to three, with a double or twin beds plus a foldaway bed. You have either a balcony or terrace for that little bit of outdoor space, too.

twin room with limited sea view

These rooms with their contemporary colours and furnishings have space for three with either a double or twin beds plus a foldaway bed. There's a balcony or terrace for that outdoor space, too.

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If you're reading this then I guess you're either interested in how our holiday went or perhaps intrigued as to how yours may go. I'm here to help... Food: the food is brilliant, lots of variations, different themes and some hidden gems that I won't spoil for you in this brief explanation. Obviously, if you're a fussy eater or you're easily confused by the Mexican flag on Italian night then you need ask yourself one simple all inclusive question, would you rather cook? Daytime: the days are lush! Sit by the beach on or the jetty/pier the breeze is perfect and the beds are comfy. There are things to do in the day, water polo, ping pong, Zumba etc. No there isn't an overwhelming amount but you came to Turkey-not Butlins! Entertainment: its a fair comment to say it's a little repetitive but there's a wide range of people to cater for so they do their best. Karl works hard under some strict rules so give the guy a break. Oh and make sure you go to the Motown night, very entertaining. The drinks!: you're in an all inclusive hotel in Turkey, you didn't pay a fortune for the place so I'm not sure why people expect to turn up and be served grey goose vodka, patron rum or bloody Hennessy by the bottle. If your drink isn't strong enough... have more! All in all: the Marmaris Imperial is a great hotel, its relaxing atmosphere is ideal for a couples break. From the cleaners to the managers the staff are all friendly and very helpful. Don't forget to book an excursion or two or your time here might, I stress might, get a little boring. The only negative was the amount of 'other' girls here, that aspect coupled with my wandering eyes got me in trouble a fair few times. So I suppose if you love relaxing, or bikinis! This is the place for you. Best regards, A fellow, yet anonymous, holiday maker. Ps: 'The Secret' are a couple. Trust me, you won't believe it either.More

Sam H, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Just OK. If you haven't got high expectations you wont be disappointed!

The room: In my opinion, this was not a 4 star room when compared to other Thomson Couples hotels, for example the The Oceanis in Kos or The Tesoro Blu in Kefalonia – I would say this is a 3 star at best and very badly in need of refurbishment, particularly the bathroom. In addition, the bathroom was very small, no sooner did you step out of the shower and you were practically in the toilet! You couldn’t swing a cat. The décor was a bit dated (the drinking cups were 80’s style the rattan lamp was had seen better days – the side of it was bashed in). There were obvious signs or damp on the pictures on the wall (see picture) and in the bathroom (see picture of flaking paintwork), in places the bathroom had broken and poorly repaired tiles on the floor and on the walls of the shower. Generally rather dated facilities - the hairdryer was terrible – with only 1 heat setting (very hot), so I do suggest you take your own. The toiletries were of low quality and dispensed from dated wall-mounted soap dispensers – so again, you may prefer to take your own. Again, compared to other Thomson 4 star hotels, the facilities fall way short by comparison. On day 2 we reported a leak in in the shower (the shower was leaking all over the bathroom floor – which made it wet and dangerous and despite several attempts to ‘fix’ it (by applying copious amounts of silicone sealant everywhere) the issue was never properly resolved. Air con in the room pretty noisy but effective in keeping the room cool. The drinks: Absolutely terrible – low quality ingredients in cocktails. I note that this is an ongoing problem and there are many, many complaints about this. This URGENTLY needs to be addressed by the management – there are no excuses for serving such poor quality drinks and this is clearly a cost cutting exercise too far as so many of your guests are complaining about it! Do something about it and stop trying to penny pinch – it is cheap and eventually people will stop coming! The wine at dinner was barely drinkable, the red was like vinegar – the rose only slightly better. The local beer was OK. Food and the restaurant service: Generally very good. The A La Carte was very good and 1 night is included – do try it (unless of course you prefer egg and chips). The food was probably one of the best things about the hotel to be honest – although in the dining room . Something for everyone (even the kebab and chips brigade seemed pretty happy – and there were lots of these people who seemed to only want to eat ‘British’ food). On our last night however we had an issue with 2 new members of staff in the main restaurant who had not been trained properly before being unleashed on unsuspecting guests. They took our drinks away when we hadn’t finished them – twice – and then one of them literally pushed past me when walking from our table to the food area. They had no idea how to interact with guests and they were not aware of what was happening on the tables in their section. This poor service and rude behaviour spoiled the last evening of our holiday. We asked to speak to someone and were presented with a supervisor who actually laughed at my partner when he tried to explain our poor experience. So we went to reception and asked to speak to the Duty Manager. The Duty Manager didn’t speak any English whatsoever so this just made matters worse and we had to have one of the entertainment staff interpret for us, which we felt was not appropriate. We were left with no confidence whatsoever that our issue would be investigated – despite what we were told. Frankly, most of the guests in the hotel are British so you really do need to have Duty Managers who can speak English. Another customer service failure! Beach and sun bathing areas: Quite crowded when we stayed and many people do put their towels on a sunbed to reserve them as soon as the beach opens before heading to breakfast. They are also pretty selfish and leave their towels on a sunbed when they are way for several hours – preventing other people from using them. This was a problem for us on several occasions and we also noticed other couples having the same issue. Health & safety: In my opinion, I think the steps (and there are lots of them) are not very well lit in the evening - is a risk to health and safety, particularly if you are older or have less good vision. Marmaris – and fake goods: Marmaris is like Blackpool with sun. Although I expect this appeals to lots of the people staying in the Marmaris Imperial - Brits abroad, basically your Benidorm crowd. Marmaris is easy to get to from the hotel. Dreadful beach in Marmaris itself. Lots of fake designer gear – which incidentally, we were surprised to find being sold in the shops at the hotel and particularly at the Turkish ‘market’ evening in the hotel (I’m not exactly sure Thomson hotels should be promoting the sale of fake goods!!) Staff: See above re dreadful experience with waiting staff on last night. A notice in the lobby area by the Public Relations desk claims ‘we have a well trained, dedicated and passionate team’ – well I beg to differ when you allow new inexperienced staff to wait on guests tables in the dining room with such lack of manners or experience. There were some good staff who are an asset to the hotel: the delightful Fugen at reception, Zafir – our waiter for most of our holiday, Belgin – a lovely obliging waitress with a very friendly attitude. Service: On penultimate day of our stay we had to request shower gel as it had not been kept topped up in the in-shower dispensers. We requested this at 11am on returning from sunbathing. We had to call reception several more times before this eventually arrived at 4pm, which in my view is totally unacceptable time to wait and demonstrates poor service. To keep guests waiting for hours so they can get clean in the shower is terrible. On Wednesdays, don’t throw your towels on the floor as they don’t seem to be changing towels on a Wednesday, or making beds up for that matter – rooms are only made up on request on Wednesdays for some reason. We requested a wake up call on the third day of our stay as we wanted an early start – the wake up call came but 1 hour later than requested. We tried again the next day and we didn’t receive a wake up call at all. This isbasic customer service and they couldn’t even get that right. Also worth mentioning the Tennis facilities here. I was disappointed to find that at an all inclusive hotel, you had to pay for tennis, whilst other activities, like archery, are free – I fail to see the difference. This is misleading by the holiday company!! Again, poor customer experience. The people: We met some nice people on this holiday but a lot of the people were quite ‘Benidorm’ if you know what I mean. We have never holidayed in Turkey before and were surprised at how ‘chavvy’ a lot of the people were at this hotel, although I have since become aware that Marmaris is a pretty chavvy destination – needless to say, we will not be returning and will instead look for more select resorts in Turkey (if we ever return to Turkey as frankly, this experience was enough to put me off). As a same sex couple staying in this hotel, we found some of the people a bit unfriendly, but that is probably because they were a bit uncultured, as I have mentioned. In summary: We enjoyed the food and the sun but would not return here to this hotel or to Marmaris. I would not recommend this hotel to a friend due to the poor quality of the rooms and the bathroom facilities. A lot of people seem to like this place though which I find hard to believe, I can only assume people have low expectations of good service, enjoy drinking awful wine and cheap cocktails and are happy to stay in poor standard rooms.More

historyboys, Manchester, United Kingdom

Fantastic holiday but not quite 5*

We stayed at the beginning of October for 2 weeks. We were worried about the weather being cooler but it was lovely and hot & on the odd day a little windy. It only rained once and it didn't last for long at all & was in the evening. We were shown to our room in a buggy which probably wasn't necessary as we were in one of the lowest rooms you could get and felt obliged to tip. Our room had a nice view how ever we were a little disappointed with the cleanliness of the room. The sofa had bits on, the bedside table underneath was covered in dust and the shower was covered in dirt that I managed to easily get off with tissue. Our shower also leaked badly & our hair dryer sparked occasionally! The walls are extremely thin.. On our first day there we heard the couple upstairs getting.. Very happy shall we say! And the rest of the holiday we could hear snoring all night too! The resort was beautiful and it couldn't have been in a better location. The views were stunning. For the first week of the holiday I absolutely LOVED the food, however towards the end of the holiday it did feel a little samey, like they were just doing the same meals but replacing the meat occasionally. As many other people have stated it does seem strange that at certain bars in the day you can't buy certain types of alcohol. And it is very hard to get even tipsy off any of the spirits. I would recommend the ameretto though as it tastes exactly the same! We still had about 6 each though and were still very sober! The barman in the harmony bar was excellent and kept bringing us drinks without us even asking, he bought us blankets and more candles one night when it was cold! As for the wasps, it just depended where you sat. If you sat outside at the very front over the pool area which is where we tended to sit it could be quite bad. Some days they weren't a problem at all, other days they were quite bad and we had to move seats in the restaurant. I'm not sure what they can do about it though. And the cats.. Usually I don't really like cats but these were well looked after and very friendly around humans. When reading reviews before and saw that there were a lot of cats I was worried that it would be like places I have been before & they would be covered in flees, but this was not the case at all. I would recommend the jet skis! They were a little expensive but it was my first time and I loved it so much I did it twice! We also did parasailing for the first time too which I loved (my partner not so much). The free canoes were fantastic too, it was really nice to paddle whilst looking at the beautiful surroundings.More

Jenny D,

Excellent value for money

Well this was our second stay at the Marmaris Imperial and I have to say we were not disappointed. Last year just my partner and I came out on our own and this year we went with my parents. We stayed in October and the weather was very kind to us, especially as I know this can be rainy season. The whole experience was fantastic and I really couldn't fault it. The food was plentiful and varied and we all put on about half a stone! Top marks to the chef for making it all look and taste so appetising.The drinks were great as were all the added snacks. We normally started our day off by sorting our sunbathing position on the jetty and then headed off to breakfast. We then sunbathed for a few hours before having pancakes that had been cooked on the beach. Then we went off for lunch, tea and cake at 4pm and then dinner around 7pm. It's no wonder we all put on half a stone! We did a couple of trips and I can highly recommend the trip to the Bazaar. I have been to Turkey many times but I have to say that I have never been somewhere abroad where the entertainment has been so good! The different acts every night were great and the resident DJ was superb and played music to suit us all. I loved how the cats were looked after. We did hear someone complaining that there were cats in the restaurant, but to be fair the hotel have put a sign up saying please don't feed the cats in the restaurant (they have a special cat cafe where they are fed) but I don't think people realise what would you prefer, cats or rats or scorpions?? HELLO you are staying in a very rural area, so please please keep looking after all the lovely cats. The staff were all so friendly and they all complemented the Manager of the complex saying how nice she was to work for. She made a clear presence around the complex and it was clear she had her eye on just about everything. We will definitely be back again next year. Thanks for a great holiday.More

sambina, England, Hampshire

Overall disappointed!

I'll start with a couple positive points, the view from the main hotel is lovely the sea is beautiful and in general really peaceful, however there was many things I felt where wrong with this holiday the biggest thing of all being it was pretty god damn boring! I'm aware it's a relaxing couples holiday but I was happy to leave. If your looking at booking this hotel at the end of October don't even consider it! Thompson failed to tell us they close at the end of October until May meaning by the end we were one of about 6-7 couples in the whole hotel, that may sound bliss but it means everything closes, the entertainment was a rep singing the food well quite frankly there wasn't any they were offering us no options. In high season I'm sure these aren't issues but when you pay £1900 for a week holiday you expect the same service as anyone else! The food every day was cold at its best it was luke warm, it's just not the level of service I expected at all. Iv read other reviews based on the same time of my holiday and I quite frankly have no idea what hotel these people stayed in. I wouldn't recommend this holiday it has a lot of potential but it needs some serious work before hand it's already dropped from a five star hotel! Oh and the staff are hit and miss some are lovely some are just Pervy men they don't care if you catch them staring at your partner infact the lifeguard would pace up and down quite obviously for that reason, I hope if you have booked this holiday you have a better experience but I have no intentions of returning. More

AJWtravel, Southampton

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