Introducing S’Algar

The town of S’Algar is nestled in the southeast corner of Menorca, next to Punta Prima on the map. It was one of the first purpose-built resorts on the island, but, despite being an old-timer, it’s managed to retain its sleepy, fishing village roots. There’s little here aside from a handful of low-rise hotels and villas, which sidle up to a palm-lined waterfront.

Rugged coastline

S’Algar’s coastline is rugged and rocky. In place of golden crescents of sand, it’s got stony outcrops freckled with loungers. The waters here have amazing visibility, though – up to 50 metres – making it one of the best snorkelling and diving spots in Menorca.

Things to do

What little action there is here tends to play out in the tree-shaded square behind the waterfront. This miniature plaza has a few shops selling postcards, pottery, and the local rubber-soled ‘arbarca’ sandals, as well as a couple of cafés and restaurants. Check out the bakery, too – it’s been around for years. According to locals, it serves the best pastries for miles.

Daytrips to Mahon

Menorca’s capital is only a 20-minute drive from S’Algar, and buses regularly run into the city. Its Georgian houses hint at a time when Menorca was under British rule, back when Nelson clocked the deep natural harbour and made it his naval fleet’s base. The galleons are now long gone, and instead, the port bubbles with cafés and seafood eateries.

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