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The four pools are the stars of this big hotel. And there’s a sandy beach just across the road, too.

This vast, whitewashed hotel is home to a great pool scene – there are four within the palm-filled gardens. Plus Playa de los Pocillos’ sandy beach is just across the road.

Dining is big news here, with RIU World, Mexican and Asian food among your options. The Asian place gets plaudits for its sushi. And in the evenings, entertainment ranges from cabaret to live music.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee.  Snacks at set times.

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4 outdoor pools

Jump in or take a dip in any of the four pools. Two are heated from November to April. Sunbeds and parasols are dotted around the sun terraces for you to relax on.

International buffet restaurant

The international buffet restaurant is where you'll find breakfast, lunch and dinner on offer.It's a great place to visit for late breakfast after a lie in. There's also show cooking, watch the tasty dishes being prepared right in front of you. There's a themed buffet once a week, with poolside seating.

Swim-up bar

The swim-up bar is open in the summer months.

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twin room

These light and airy twin rooms sleep up to two adults and one child up to 12 years or they can be sold as a single. They come with a mini-fridge.

twin room with pool view

These light and airy twin rooms with a pool view can sleep up to two adults and one child up to 12 years. They come with a mini-fridge.

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Not 4 star - Needs Improving

We stayed as a family of three for two weeks in August 2015. On arrival our first impressions were good. Staff were very friendly and hotel was clean and shiny. There are two separate hotels. One is the main hotel which has the main restaurants, kids clubs and entertainment theatre. The second is a quieter separate hotel which only has a snack bar (open daytime only), and a swim up bar. A bridge separates these two hotels. Rooms - We stayed in an apartment on the quieter "separate" hotel. First impressions of our room was that it was clean, although very dated. The wardrobes are not practical, also the chest of drawers in our room was broken. The hairdryer was broken on arrival but staff did fix straight away. The hairdryer is useless. It took at least 45 minutes to dry my daughters and my hair. I would recommend to bring your own. After a few days, our room also had ants. The maid left insect spray in our room, so this is obviously an on-going problem. We did report this and this was rectified, but they did return. Rooms are definitely not a 4 star. Also, we stayed in room 96, which is more or less the furthest away from the main hotel and pool etc. The plus side of this room was that it was very quiet. The staff worked very hard to keep this room clean. Pools - Both pools are extremely busy. I cannot stress how busy they are. My husband was up at 7am every day to reserve a sunbed. We don't like doing this but had to otherwise we wouldn't get a bed. There wasn't hardly any sunbeds available at 7am, so people were obviously reserving earlier that this. The area around the pool is so packed. At one point, there was no room to even walk around the pool and we had to step over people to move around. There was also people sunbathing around the very edge of the pools due to the lack of space. This was an issue for both pools. There seem to be too many people in the hotel, but not enough space. Plus side - the pools are kept clean, and staff work hard to do this. The pool is boring and there is no atmosphere whatsoever. Food - There is a main restaurant in the main part of the hotel. This hotel is so cramped there is not enough space in the restaurant to accommodate all guests. The restaurant food is very average and not a four star standard. Food is repetitive and bland. The restaurant is hot and cramped and not relaxing at all. We felt very stressed eating at this hotel and ate out for lunch and dinner several times to get away from it all. I have stayed at the Riu in Mexico and their food was amazing. The food here is no where near as good. Also, your plates are whipped away before you even finish your plate. My husband was still eating when his plate was taken away. There are three other restaurants you can book, International, Asian and Mexican. The Asian was the best, Mexican ok and international was disappointing. These are still buffet style restaurants and are very average. Kids club - my daughter went to kids club twice. The entertainment team work hard but unfortunately, to me it didn't seem enough. The entertainment staff walked around the pool once a day dressing up in outfits, but it wasn't enough to keep the children entertained during the day. There is a kids club disco each night which my daughter enjoyed but there needs to be more to keep the children entertained!! Entertainment & outside space - The entertainment takes place in the main hotel in a theatre inside the hotel. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to cater for all the guests. There is also not enough space for all the guests outside and people tended to sit on walls or sunbeds. The entertainment was poor. We watched it twice to give it a chance but it was dreadful. My daughter seemed to enjoy the shows though. We went out a few nights or played cards to keep us occupied. I would recommended to bring board games or cards! Drinks - There were soft drinks, beer, wine, tea/coffee available on tap. There was a range of spirits but unfortunately, these were of pool quality and seemed very weak. It was nice to go out and taste a proper drink. We were disappointed with the quality of these drinks after paying so much money. This is not 4 star quality. Snacks - Snacks are available throughout the day but not of an evening. So if you fancy a late night snack after 10:30, you need to get your own. Snacks are poor and not 4 star quality. Overall, we were very disappointed with this hotel. We paid a lot of money for our two week stay and it was not worth it. This hotel could be amazing if lots of improvements were made so it is such a shame it is so poor! Riu, you need to listen to all the feedback from your guests and make some changes. I would not recommend this hotel at all, but would definitely return to Lanzarote (in a different hotel), as it is beautiful).More

354AmyM354, Essex

Overcrowded, poor food, poor drinks, poor entertainment, poor evening arrangements

I have recently returned from this Riu and I was thoroughly disappointed with the holiday as a whole. On the first night My Son who is shared a room with couldnt find his wallet the next day, yes he should have put in the safe but i do not expext things to "go missing" from the room. I can only presume the room was broken into or the maids had taken it, who knows. This as u can imagine wasn't the best start and the holiday didn't improve much. Food - the food choice was very poor unless you was on a high salad or carb diet or enjoy eating cheap processes hot dogs and burgers. actual meat was pretty hard to come by. you can book the special restuarants tex-mex nights and asian but again all highly processed food, sushi was out of a packet etc. very little freshly prepared meat. not what i expect from a 4 star. meat wasnt real meat, yogurt wasnt real, cheese was processed, sardines where tinned! when they did do the odd piece of real meat it was totally overcooked. Entertainment - dont get me wrong I dont expect any entertainment but the entertainment on most night consisted of some unco-ordinated dancing while mimming to eurotrashy songs. seating and sunbeads - as my rough estimate there was at least twice as many people in the hotel as the pool sunbeds and evening seating could accommodate. most beads had towels on them at the crack of dawn and in the evening forget trying to get a table. lots of people sitting on sunbeds in the evening as all the tables and chairs where taken. in the evening there was no where to chill out and have a quiet drink and conversation you were forced to endure the constant eurotrash music and the clanging from the kids on the air hockey! Also if you wanted to watch the entertainment you had to go inside in a warm enclosed cinema style room. some people may like this, i personally go on holiday to enjoy the outside. Drink - all cocktails were premixed and sickly sweet and barely any alcohol in them and the beer pumps have amstel label on them but if that beer is amstel I am the pope. It is watered down highly chemical produced beer flavour water. The beach - the sea was ok, you can snorkel on a green flag day and enjoy waves on other flag days. forget laying on the beach the wind whips along the beach and you will be covered in sand in seconds. uninhabitable unless you have a wind break. obviously not the hotels fault but you need to know this of you enjoy laying on the beach. Staff - most are vey nice and polite however reception staff are not brilliant at sorting problems and didnt seem bothered when i reported my sons wallet missing. some of the restaurant staff were very rude and tried to tell me off for going in to eat 15 minutes before it shut for the evening, which resulted in an arguement. Thompson reps - couldnt organise a drink up in a drink brewing establishment. unhelpful when my sons wallet was lost and seemed uninterested, messed up the departure coach times which arrived 70minutes late. and when i asked to give some information on some of the paid trips and evenings all they could say was "its really really great and you'll really really enjoy it, ive been on it it 2 or 3 times and i really really enjoyed it" erm hello can you tell me some actual facts please? Rooms- clean, tidy, good showers, decent beds. no tea/coffee making facilities and tiny fridge. Pools - both pretty good although i spent most time in the slightly quieter one as you couldnt move in the main pool. I may sound grumpy and ungrateful but im just a normal dad who paid a fair bit of money after working hard all year and feel totally let down by riu and thompson.More

andykav666, London, United Kingdom

Very clean hotel but overrun by children! You should definitely stay here.

When we arrived (around 1.30pm) there was a sign on the reception that said we could not check in until 2pm but we were instantly approached by a receptionist who was very helpful and sent us off for lunch before checking in. This was a nice touch as my boyfriend was starving! Our room (4438) was in the quieter part of the hotel which was great, however this meant a trek across the bridge for meals. The bar at our side of the hotel was great, much quieter and more civilised, however it wasn't open at night which meant the trek to the other side of the hotel. The swim up bar was also great, although you often couldn't enjoy the drink as there were kids jumping and diving into the pool behind you and splashing all over you and into drinks. There are a number of pools and 2 seem to be aimed at kids, however every pool is fool of screaming kids throwing balls (although there is a big sign saying they shouldn't) or jumping/diving in and out of the pool (although there is a sign to say they shouldn't) or on li-lo's (although there is a sign...there's a theme here). We didn't have any trouble getting a sun lounger, there were always some dotted around and loads spare piled up in case they ran out. It might be a tight squeeze but I didn't really mind. The restaurants were totally manic and the set up of the buffet wasn't great so meant there were loads of people going in different directions and often pushing you out of the way or barging into you. The staff were great and very efficient but often fighting a losing battle. There was a roast every night but I only ever saw pork or lamb (one night). Two nights the choice of food was great, loads of fresh veg and fish however the rest of the time it was a bit disappointing in terms of choice. We ended up eating out a few times because of the quality of food. TIP: get your plates and eat on the terrace, its much cooler and you can get peace to eat. One of the best things about this hotel is the Asian restaurant. The food was delicious and varied and there was nobody pushing you out of the way or shouting over your head. The bars in the hotel are all staffed by great friendly people, they are always ready with a smile to make you whatever you want. The cocktail menu is great, particularly pina colada's and vodka sun! In general the staff were brilliant, they seemed to be great with the kids and were very friendly to us adults. The entertainment was great! We particularly loved the flamenco dancers, the Grease show and the magician. The entertainment team work so hard and seem to do really long days but are always raring to go. The hotel was absolutely immaculate. It was scrubbed clean every morning and your room could be cleaned and the bed changed daily if you wanted. The hotel also has 4 (or 5?) cats which seem to have their own areas they stay in. They keep birds at bay and also meant there were no creepy crawlies, we only saw 2 cockroaches in the massive grounds the whole time we were there. The cats are gorgeous but stay out of your way unless you beckon them over (in case anyone is scared!). The only thing my boyfriend and I weren't keen on about the hotel is how over-run by children it is. You can only get near a pool table before 9am as from then on it is taken over by kids. I am no exaggerating here! The pools are full of kids which you can understand but they do get quite rowdy and will throw balls at people and jump in and out. At night after the entertainment finishes the kids do take over a bit, we were having a few drinks on the terrace playing cards and were swarmed by kids screaming and shouting and smashing glasses. This was every night we stayed in the hotel. We had a great sleep every night as we were in the quiet side. We were on the fourth floor and had a great view of the pool and the sea! We really couldn't have picked a better room. There was no wifi in the rooms but we weren't fussed. There is a tv which actually has great channels including films and sport. The best things about this hotel are the staff, the cleanliness and the Asian restaurant! Worst are the number of kids and the hit-or-miss food in the buffet restaurant.More

NicoleForsyth, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Busy busy busy

We were expecting quite a civilized relaxed all inclusive holiday as this is a Thomson platinum four star, it did not deliver my expectations unfortunately. We initially had a standard room, the decor was nice and the room was nice but there just wasn't enough space for us, 2 adults and one 6 year old, we chose to upgrade to a family room. This had more space but older decor, the receptionist was lovely and he let us look around the room before we decided to pay, so we knew what we were getting, the extra room was needed more than a better paint job so we were pleased. Our room was right by the quiter pool on the other side of the hotel, so we spent most days around the pool here. The sun beds are crammed in so you have no personal space and as it gets later more beds arrive around you, and you may even lose your parasol while your at lunch!! You need to have your towel down by 7am, so no nice lie ins! The hotel is clean and the rooms are cleaned daily, the grounds are lovely and well kept too. You do need to let the cleaners know somehow if you want your sheets changing, which I wasn't aware of, after our first 5 nights ours still hadn't been done, so I resorted to stripping the beds as a hint. Apparently some rooms have a card, ours didn't. The entertainment team are very good, they work very hard and are always happy and friendly. Some of the evening shows are a bit odd, but the children enjoyed them. There is a kids club and Martin is great with the children, my daughter only went twice but that was only as she made a friend and they were happy just playing in the pool. My only concern is there is only one staff me never with them, When my daughter went there were 12 children to one member of staff and they do off around the hotel, so I was more relaxed having her with us rather than sending her to a kids club. I'm sure if it was a uk club more staff would have to be there for the amount of children. The evenings are manic, there are not enough tables outside for people to sit, so people have to sit in the walk or sunbeds if they want to be outdoors, I can't understand why they don't open up the other side of the hotel, even if it's a quieter bar it would definitely help. Food is not too bad to be honest, if you like salad you will be ok! The choice is not great though, it's very much the same every lunch and dinner. They cook the fish and meat fresh in front of you so it's always fresh but it can get very repetitive. We tried all the other restaurants, we were not very impressed but it was nice to be in a quiet room, the Asian was good though! The main restaurant gets soooo busy at every meal, people pushing in, no tables free, everyone looking for tables and bumping into each other, I hated it, we would go for breakfast and leave stressed out! You need to get in as soon as the doors open. It's not what I would expect from a platinum hotel at all. There are a lot of rude people too which doesn't help. The staff were mostly friendly in there, your plates are taken from you before you have taken your last mouthful, they are under pressure for a quick turn around so you can't just sit and enjoy your meal time, your very rushed! We booked to go away on a relaxing break for two weeks, however it wasn't relaxing really, too busy, overcrowding by the pool, mealtimes is like a cattle market, evenings are ridiculous, if you want to sit down at a table you need to get there by half seven at the latest. If the hotel wasn't so busy and we're not all crammed in everywhere like sardines it could have been lovely. More


Thomson Holidays Must Review Their Standards.....

Three months prior to our holiday at the Paraiso Hotel Riu Lanzarote I read daily / weekly some quite mixed reviews on Tripadvisor. We have recently returned and we stayed from the 10th - 20th August 2015. I never normally write a review because what is one persons ideal holiday is the next persons disappointment and so although I had read mixed reviews I went with a completely open mind and fully prepared to enjoy our family holiday. Our party consisted of my husband and I, our children of 7 and 16 years. Our rooms were basic and clean and located within the ‘Main’ part of the hotel which proved to be our preferred choice and although we made sure we had a lovely holiday there were, unfortunately, incidents that I feel I have to write and I also truly believe that Thomson must remove this hotel from their Platinum range for the reasons I will list below: - On our second day I returned back to our room from poolside around 11am, the room had been cleaned satisfactorily and the door was locked, there is reason for this statement. I returned back down to the pool and our family remained there for the duration of the day. We had two separate rooms next to each other, my eldest son and I shared one room together and at the end of our day he returned first to shower for the evening, the rest of us followed shortly afterwards and my husband came into my room with me where I discovered a thick rope with two hooks on either end left on the bed. My eldest son advised that when he had returned the rope was round our door, one handle attached to the inside and the other attached to the outside…our door was open…we checked around and nothing seemed to have been taken, all our important documentation etc was locked in the safe. I asked my son to take the rope to reception and hand it in as I assumed this was a mistake, however I did feel unnerved as I knew the room had already been cleaned earlier that morning and so for some unknown reason our door had been left open throughout the day? Conveniently I received a courtesy phone call from reception asking if everything was to our satisfaction and when I mentioned the incident she seemed quite surprised……clearly something was not right here. Not only did I have to lock the patio doors whilst inside my room but I felt had to double lock myself in from the front door and leave the key in the door, which is not recommended in the hotel safety guide, but what else would you do? It was on our second evening that my son asked me what I had done with his wallet? I hadn’t seen it and told him he should have put it in the safe but being 16 he had not even thought and had left it by the television…..We looked everywhere but and it soon dawned on us why the rope had been left around the door, it had been stolen. The wallet only cost him £20 and in it was his bank card and local football season ticket, no money, but that is not the point. We felt violated and was victim to a robbery. When we approached our Thompson reps they were genuinely surprised and concerned but they could not do anything, which I understood. If we wanted to report this to the police it would cost us €30 for a crime reference number and then the excess on our insurance. We cancelled his card which had not been used, so there was no point, the theft was not a costly one….but it had left us feeling very unsafe and completely violated. The management in turn did nothing. The manager of cleaning phoned to ask for my report and said he would come back to me, but did not. In fact nothing was done…..we were left completely alone. On our second to last day my husband went to see the Director. My husband was appalled by his lack of concern and his not bothered attitude. In his books he had done all he can by phoning us…a tick box exercise…..Therefore I feel compelled to advise this does happen at Riu Hotel Parisio and so be on your guard! If you do encounter a theft of this kind you are on your own and the staff will not be interested or compensate you whatsoever. Is this a Platinum service you would expect? - Safety is paramount anywhere and everybody talks about it; however on Tuesday 18th whilst my husband and I led on the sunbeds and our sons were roaming the grounds we suddenly heard the most awful sound of incredible glass smashing and the loud sounds of something very hard hitting the floor. With the most recent atrocities that have gone on you could only imagine the terror and fear of every single person in and around the poolside. The pool vacated, people were running and crying and I froze with absolute dread and fear. After a few terrifying minutes it revealed that half of the bar’s roof had collapsed. How anyone was not killed let alone harmed is truly a miracle as this area was a walkthrough for everyone and was always a busy area….absolutely appalling. I have attached a photo of this so you can see for yourselves. I understand accidents do happen but this accident could have killed many and could have been avoided if the necessary risk assessments were carried out and identified. Not one person from the hotel management or a member of staff or even the entertainment staff spoke to any person about it or made us feel safe. It is just disgraceful. Again, is this what you would expect from Thomson’s Platinum range? Thankfully we met some lovely people and our children made some wonderful, lifelong friends and we will always cherish these good memories. Other minor points, in contrast to the rest, are; Don’t be astonished to find, often, cockroaches during the day scrambling under your sunbeds (so be careful not to put your pool bags on the floor). The white, rose and red wines are revolting. The food is okay, however the other restaurants; Asian and Mexican were very tasty. The only drinks you are served with your meal in the main hall is water…get your own if you want anything else. Platinum service? Although the animation team were wonderful and worked hard it wasn’t the best and our boys wouldn’t attend after a few visits. In summary and with sincere regret, unfortunately for our family, this hotel has been the worst experience that we have ever endured and we will never return. Thomson you must review your standards!More

Colette P, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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