Hotel La Palma Princess & Spa  

It’s all about the pools here – the hotel has a jaw-dropping 11. Great sea views top things off.

Pools are a major focus, with 11 in all, including a huge one with bridges. Food-wise, there’s a buffet restaurant, a place specialising in Canarian cuisine, and a late-breakfast venue with fabulous sea views.

This cliff-top hotel is a real get-away-from-it-all place – you’ve just got the surrounding banana groves and the Atlantic Ocean below for company. When you want to get out and about, though, there’s a bus stop outside.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Full Board buffet meals. Late breakfast in La Choza.  Select alcoholic beverages and soft drinks - time restrictions apply.  Snacks 11.00-18.00.

Facilities ► View all

11 outdoor pools

All with sunbeds and parasols. A deposit is necessary for pool towels.


Offering a variety of massages, aromatherapy treatments, facials, body wraps and nails.

Daytime activity programme

Activities during the day such as pool games, water polo, aqua aerobics, darts, archery, pistol and rifle shooting, beach volleyball, aerobics and gym sessions.

Rooms► View all

twin room with sea view

Twin room with sea view sleeps 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children, with twin beds, a sofa-bed that converts into 2 beds and a satellite TV with limited English channels. Minibar available on request at a charge.

twin room

Twin room sleeps 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children, with twin beds, a sofa-bed that converts into 2 beds and a satellite TV with limited English channels. Minibar available on request at a charge.

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wedding anniversary

we got this hotel recomended by first choice, so went ahead and booked online, it was all 4/5 star platinum!! it was our wedding anniversary! there was a spa it was quiet! and its hot weather according to first choice its a canary island!! got there late at night!! and wow was it busy at check in!! we had a option off food then check in! we chose check in and then food! so map when check in!! and trying to understand her explaining the way! first impression off food!! cold!! and this didnt get any better!! our bags had been put in to room for us which was nice on return, but finding that room in the dark!! nightmare!! finally found room, and cant complain! lovely room, and spotless ( which it was kept for the week) can not complain about maids..they were fab! plenty of sunbeds! and after 1st day found a nice spec on lower pool.. very quiet and juat what we wanted! few sunbeds broken.. pool its self had black bits in!! on tiles now Spa!!! £10 euros to spend day in there!!! shocked to find this is not included and turkish bath also not free!! erm got impression all was free and part of holiday!! except treatments!! staff in spa awful and rude!! went and treated myself to a massage!!! awful!! staff so rude! sit there... so u wait and wait and then go threw!! waste off money! and lady was horrible!! Entertainment... well erm no comment.. awful, and at 10:30 its gone, 1 nite was disco! haha nope more like entertainment rep with a cd on! awful! so you sit in reception/bar... bar staff some ok.. cocktails are already mixed for all inclusive!! lovely from hotel on day off anniversary was a nice bottle off champane in our room on return from day trip!! recomended day trip... you do actually see dolphins!! hotel is lovely we new it was in the middle of no were.. that was fine but £19 euros for wifi was a no no!!we stayed in a 3 star in june and that was free and staff were nicer food was nicer and entertainment better!! defo not a 4/5 star platinum, and needa to sort food out!! only nice food was pizza place and that was just pizza as was fresh!! we may be all inclusive but we are no different we just paid in advance! so fresh food wouldnt go a miss! More


Relaxing Break

Stayed at the Palma Princess for two weeks late September early October 2014. The first shock was that around 90% of the people on the plane were also staying at the Hotel, three bus loads. I have to say the hotel was very well organised and check-in was not that bad, if you were on the first bus check-in, if your were on the other two go for your evening meal and then check in later. Do use the porter service for getting your bags to the room, it’s a large hotel on lots of different levels and slopes so you could do your back in if you are not fit. As I am sure you are aware this is a large hotel with 11 pools and many accommodation blocks, first impressions were very good but when you looked closely there were areas that needed repair or a deeper clean, after all it was the end of the season. The furniture in the bar area was very worn and could do with a refresh but it was very comfortable and clean. Good service from the friendly bar staff in both the main bar and the Disco bar in the evening. Less so from the pool bar but we mainly helped ourselves from there. The food in the restaurant was excellent quality and plenty of choice, a themed evening each night but be warned it is on a weekly cycle so if you ae there for two you get to try it again. Overall excellent, however, we did think the lunch menu dropped in quality the second week as it got less busy. Breakfast was excellent, we preferred the late breakfast restaurant by the pool side rather than the main restaurant, slightly less choice but it was peaceful. All in all very good food supplied by the hotel. We had a problem with the door lock of our room, it didn’t lock!!! The hotel were very quick to fix the problem but after it happened five times on the fifth day I insisted on a room move, I asked to see the manager after the third and fourth time but he never made an appearance, I am not sure there was one, Jay the Thomson rep came to the rescue. Door issue aside both rooms provided good accommodation that was again a little tired but certainly met our needs. To sum up, this is a very nice hotel that I would recommend to anyone looking for a break at the start or end of the year, there are steep hills to climb on the site so may not be suitable for people with mobility issues. We had a very nice relaxing time, well fed and well rested, just what we set out for so no complaints.More


A relaxed and worry free week at La Palma Princess

We arrived at the hotel on Friday 17th October after a 50 minute transfer from La Palma airport with no other drop offs. Great! The transfer itself is slightly daunting, and I am not one to suffer with travel sickness. If you are, definitely take something beforehand as even I felt a bit nauseous. Thankfully we had a very skilled driver who transported us down the mountain to our resort with no issues at all. Jay the rep gave us the option of going straight to check in or going straight for food and checking in later. We opted for food first and were checked in straight away afterwards. Unfortunately, it was at this point we encountered a bit of an issue as we couldn't find our room despite being given maps. The resort is huge, much bigger than we had first anticipated. Our room number was nowhere to be seen when we looked at the signs. It wasn't just us being dense as a number of people were walking around looking confused holding maps. Eventually we had to flag down a passing member of staff who personally showed us to our room and carried our bags also which was wonderful of him. We were allocated a room in block six and once in the room we were pleased to see it was spacious and comfortable. We opted in to hiring a safe which was €2 per day or €14 for the week. The television had a number of British and German channels which I imagine would suit most. The bathroom was a nice size with a toilet, single washbasin, full sized bath and separate shower. The room itself and its surroundings were very quiet (except for the katydids chirping outside!). The quality of food throughout the week varied; some dishes we really enjoyed, however others were not as enjoyable. We liked the idea of themed nights with dishes from different countries, this meant it wasn't the same old stuff every night which can become a bit repetitive. We overhead a fellow guest saying that this was his fifth visit and he comes back every year for the food alone. This surprised us as it isn't the best food we have had a hotel, and we certainly wouldn't rush back for the food alone. It was OK, sometimes good but never tremendous. The restaurant can become a bit like a canteen and it can be annoying when you are queueing for something only for someone to come along and push in as their culture doesn't observe the very British tradition of queueing. By the end of the week we put our morals aside and were pushing in with the rest of them! Lola at breakfast time does a wonderful job although we felt she could have done with some help during busier periods, she worked tirelessly. Her pancakes and eggs were spot on and she always greeted us with a cheery ¡Hola!. The drinks were good, particularly the self serve drinks in the dining room and lunch bar which included branded soft drinks, water (still and fizzy), Estrella beer, red, white and rosé wine and a hot drinks machine. We also really enjoyed the cocktails, particularly the Mojitos which we must have drunk our body weight in! The honey rum was popular with my other half too. There is bottled water available over the bar and we had no problem in getting this. There were always plenty of staff at the bars and we never waited too long to be served, in fact we were usually served straight away and with a smile. Do remember to tip for good service, a lot of the time people forget to do so being all inclusive. There is lots of room around the resort which meant that we didn't need to sit right next to other people when sunbathing. The pools look lovely from a distance but up close aren't quite so good, most of them have a thick black coating on the walls which I assume is because they haven't been cleaned. We particularly liked the relaxation area as it was quieter, although some people (adults, not children) didn't observe this and were still bombing in the pool and running around... The poolside snack bar is good if you don't fancy the hike up to the dining room for lunch. There you can have burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, wedges, soup and salad. You can also order pizzas which are made to order and can be eaten there or taken back to your lounger in a box. We thought this was great except for the number of flies which were on and around the food which did put us off a bit. If you aren't the most mobile of people I would give this resort some serious thought. It is very hilly and there are a lot of stairs. Our block didn't have a lift and I think that is the case with other blocks too. We were on the second floor of our block and the stairs did become a bit tiresome - we had come to relax and unwind after all. We didn't partake in the day time entertainment, however we did see a few of the evening shows which were slightly hit and miss. The shows the Animation Team put on were mostly dancing and miming, however we really enjoyed the Spanish Folklore night with the live music, singing and dancing. Unfortunately once the entertainment had finished (around 10.30pm each night), you were left with much else to do as the hotel is very isolated if you're not driving. Karaoke was slightly odd as it was held in the 'piano bar' - surely the hotel should be making use of the main entertainment room with the stage once the entertainment has ended. I had a look at the song book and found nothing in there that I wanted to sing as it was all pretty obsure. For example, there was one Fleetwood Mac song and around five Nirvana songs. Not quite sure this hotel is the right scene for Smells Like Teen Spirit! Contacting home proved difficult as the payphones weren't working. It wasn't until we got home we found out about the terrible flooding across Tenerife, which I assume is why the phones weren't in service. A lady who seen us struggling to use the payphones told us that the phones in the rooms were cheaper to use. Unfortunately when attempting to call we were receiving a message back in Spanish and the call wouldn't connect. A staff member came up, listened to the message and told us this was a Vodafone fault and would not be fixed for at least a few days. Thankfully, a member of staff on reception took the telephone number I was trying to dial, called for me and transferred the call to our room which I then picked up, very kind indeed. To give you an idea, I paid €2.50 for call which was just over five minutes. Overall, the La Palma Princess is a lovely resort, staff are great and the all inclusive package truly is what it says. Overall we feel the value for money was great and that we definitely got our money's worth. I would recommend the hotel if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing stress free break.More

SapphireGrey, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Butlins in the Sun

I've thought long and hard about this review, so let's start with our reasons for travelling. My wife and I were meant to go to Mexico but changed the holiday due to us expecting our first child together. Having read the reviews, we both liked the idea of a relaxed resort with great food. We don't usually do all inclusive, we always do Villa holidays, which gives us plenty of freedom. Baring this in mind and my wife's condition, we decided that all we needed was Sun and a nice room for relaxation where we could potter, do a bit of sunbathing, I could use the gym, we could watch a bit of TV, use the WIFI etc. The room: Nice big sized clean room, lack of sockets for phone charging next to the bed. Old TV not compatible with any of the multi media devices I took, and about 5 very poor English channels. I packed a 750gb hardrive full of TV series and films, however the TV was incompatible with modern devices. As such I asked the reception if they had rooms with more modern TV's but the answer was no. The room has a completely free (empty) minibar, so I asked if It was acceptable to take a caraff of wine back, or if not, to fill a small bottle of water up with wine, however the reception staff said no, that the drinks were only free at the point of purchase. This is an odd point because we purchased the holiday in advance and pre paid for all of our food and drink in the all inclusive package. . The Canteen: Breakfasts were nice, good selection of bread, cheese was slightly odd, the coffee is horrendous. The food was mainly cheap ingredients, salads,, some nice fish, but it soon got boring. The theme nights failed to live up to expectations, however there was always something nice to eat. Compounding the average food was the mad rush to get to it, lunch times and evening meals had a kind of prison feel, people jostling around in random directions to attack their grule. The main problem with the food is that the hotel has to try and please everyone, so what happens is that there is an average standard rather than a few oustanding meals, we observed over a few nights that people sat and very rarely smiled whilst eating. We booked the 30 Euro Tapas extravanganza! We received exactly the same food that is available in the canteen but served on fancy pieces of slate etc. The pizzaria around the pool served up some nice fresh pizzas, however they really do need to cover the chicken nuggets, chips and beefburgers.....that's right I said chicken nuggets chips and beefburgers. Not only do they serve up (one more time), chicken nuggets chips and beefburgers, they also serve these delights up, absolutely covered in flies. We were amazed that people ate it! The main bar: Essentially it's a bar that is also a reception, and as such it lacks any sort of atmosphere. The drinks were OK but the cocktails had a homeopathy feel, as in 1 part vodka in a million parts orange. If you order coffee, order a fresh one or you get the rancid stuff out of the machine. The Entertainment: On the first night the entertainment team of three put on a production of CATS in both English and German. Not only was this a bad production and weird, it was being fed to us through a TOMY sound system. The movie quiz was not a movie quiz, the Poker tournament never happened, the Bingo was soul destroying and If you are travelling with kids, I hope they like the Birdy Song or any other "party track" from the early 80's (mainly from black lace). The resort: Stunning, very well kept with lovely pools and a view to die for. The architecture of the building is slightly odd, it ranges from traditional Spanish to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Good pools, needs music playing around each pool. Daytime Entertainment: Shooting, Archery blah blah blah. We did play football on one occasion, England V France, we won 6-1 :-). There is a gym, however it could use a bit of TLC. It has no treadmill, and what do you really need when you are working out? Water! The gym needs a fridge with bottles of water, and seeing as though it is quite far from the only bar that will hand out bottles of water, this is a problem. The saunas were great although a bit of a sausage fest. I don't personally care if people want to get nude, but I'm sure some people would be put off from using the saunas for this reason. Put it away Fellas! To summarise, this hotel is really putting all of its stock into the pools, the surroundings etc. Without the pools it is really struggling. It has serious delusions of grandeur. To improve, update your TV's, even the worst hotels in the UK have up to date technology. Update your WIFI, fragment the canteen and improve the quality of your food (less is more), put BBQ's on around the pools at night, have smaller gatherings of people rather than trying to please everyone, take advatnge of the excellent sunsets. Allow people the freedom to enjoy the hotel at their own will, not hurd then to one central point. Allow people to take drinks back to their room, not one drink. Do not try to put West End Musicals on in a small dining room, piped through a poor sound system. Update the gym, add a fridge with bottled water, a small TV with a music channel, a treadmill. It doesn't take much, and wouldn't take much to improve on what this hotel has already in its favour, the staff are excellent and work tirelessly. It is a beautiful resort that needs a kick up the backside.More

albini13, Stoke-On-Trent

Fantastic all-round

This was our second trip to La Palma Princess. We thoroughly enjoyed our first trip, but thought a week wasn't long enough! Going back for 1 week later in the year reiterated this. We're planning to return yearly now. Great staff, great food - paradise! The onsite activities are fantastic, the pools are relaxing and spacious. The rooms were really clean and the staff so friendly. I cannot fault this resort at all! I can't wait to get back!More

Achaplain, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

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