La Gomera

The quieter Canary

As far as the Canary Islands are concerned, La Gomera is one of the quieter ones. Covering an area of just 146 square miles, this tiny lozenge of land is often overshadowed by the all-singing all-dancing reputations of the larger Canaries.

Unspoilt resorts

Despite appearances, there’s more to La Gomera than meets the eye. For starters, it’s a bit of a rebel when it comes to the mass tourism market. Brit pubs, high-rise hotels and neon strips are as uncommon as cold weather here. Holiday resorts, like Playa de Santiago, are pocket-sized affairs with single-story accommodation and family-run restaurants.

Walking and history

On top of traditional towns, La Gomera offers up tangled rainforest, unexplored beaches and volcanic mountain ridges. As such, walking is the island’s bread-and-butter activity. But there are plenty of other ways to occupy your time. You can follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, who lived here in the 15th century, or dive with barracudas in the island’s unspoilt coral reefs.

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