Hotel Fuerteventura Princess  

This sea-view hotel hugs the beach and comes with a great pool scene, too. Plus it’s got 3 top restaurants.

The grounds at this smart, whitewashed hotel lead straight on to the sands of Esquinzo de Jandia Beach. There are 4 pools, too – 3 for adults, 1 for children. One of them even has an island-based cocktail bar.

For meals, you’ve got 3 choices – a buffet, a pizzeria and an à la carte place on the seafront. After dinner, there are live evening shows, and a choice of 4 bars.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local alcoholic and soft drinks 10.00-23.30. Coffee, tea and cakes 15.00-17.00.  Snacks including toasted sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers and scoop ice-cream 11.00-18.00.

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3 outdoor pools

Surrounded by large sea view sun terraces, with lots of sunbeds and parasols speckled around the area.

Principal restaurant

For breakfast and dinner. Buffet service with open kitchen. Enjoy the themed dinners which take place twice a week and sample the Canarian and Spanish cuisine. There's also the possibility of special diets and vegetarian menus on request. This place comes with a dress code for dinner, it's long trousers and a shirt with sleeves for gentlemen. This is a non-smoking restaurant and highchairs are available.


With 2 stretching machines, 1 chest expander, 2 fixed bicycles, 1 running machine, freehand weights and more.

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twin room

Twin room sleeps up to 4, with twin beds, a sofa-bed for 1 adult or 2 children up to 12 years. This room comes with satellite TV with limited English and radio channels and a mini-fridge.

twin room with sea view

Twin room with sea view sleeps up to 4, with twin beds, a sofa-bed for 1 adult or 2 children up to 12 years. This room comes with satellite TV with limited English and radio channels and a mini-fridge.

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Fuerteventura Princess...The NAKED Truth!

We arrived on Friday 10th April 2015 to a warm welcome at check in after a long Jet2 flight and transfer to the resort of Esquinzo, Jandia. After reading the negative reviews we were anxious as we walked to our room (1206) and were extremely disappointed with our very old fashioned, tired but clean and functional room. We went straight back to reception asking to be moved nearer to the pools and complained that our room wasn’t as per the images from the Princess Hotels web site. We were told to speak to the manageress in the morning which we did and we relocated to a modern, refurbished modern and bright room (8105) in the French block of rooms. BE WARNED; they give other nationalities the best accommodation and put all UK guests in old fashioned rooms with a view of a busy road and rocks! FOOD & DRINK We really enjoyed the food with a wide choice of dishes and desserts and couldn’t fault the service from the attentive staff. We enjoyed the half bottles of wine served at your table and bottled beer etc all available All Inclusive! BE WARNED; I was refused entrance to the restaurant because I was wearing ‘smart’ shorts. Since then I observed a girl in hot pants and a guy in sport shorts who obviously slipped the net! ENTERTAINMENT The entertainment started early for the Kids disco followed by a main act. The majority of the entertainment was performed by the hard working Princess Animation team and a few professional acts filled the gaps to complete the week’s entertainment. Everyone really enjoyed the Bubble Clown so make sure you DO NOT miss it! There is a pianist on twice a week at the nice bar opposite reception which we really liked! POOLS etc Yes this area (and hotel) could do with a good refurbishment but we really grew to love the whole place. We set up at the side of the large .45 metre pool that was ideal for our 3 year old that was mostly nice and quiet. The other pools were also in need of a refurb, especially after seeing the Esencia heated pool that was immaculate with an inviting sand coloured rendered base that turned the water turquoise in this Esencia upgrade section. NATURIST POOL If you want a quiet sun trap sheltered by the wind then this is the place to chill out. It’s situated down the steps near the Spa and out of the way of the busy pools. There is a lovely little pool with two large saunas and a steam room. There is also a shower block with shower gel dispenser and a sanded beach section with sea view…perfect! NOTE; We DID NOT experience any of the negative comments mentioned in a lot of recent reviews and LOOKEA Club occasionally did play music at a very sensible volume. THIS IS A VERY GOOD HOTEL!More

mtbtlr, Scarborough, United Kingdom

Bring your earplugs!

In my opinion the hotel has now been spoilt by the dominance of the French holiday company called Look Voyages who seem to think everybody likes the 18-30 Club experience. They have set up a Club called Lookea at the hotel and insist on playing very invasive and loud music around the lower pools which disrupts the previous peace and quiet of the adult and Spa area. They also seem to take great delight in shouting into a microphone, also at a very loud volume, when making announcements or playing silly games. As a comparison the sister hotel, Club Jandia Princess, has absolute peace, quiet and tranquility in their adult/spa areas. The same applies to the adjacent Club Magic Life hotel. When I say loud I mean LOUD!! A lot of guests have complained about this and may not return, myself included .... unless the management do something to curb this unnecessary noise invasion. I have spoken in person to the new deputy director of the hotel, a nice lady called Dina, and she says they are looking at ways of reducing the noise. OK, I appreciate that the hotel has always had daily music and entertainment but this took place around the 2 upper pools by the Mini Club. This was fine and could not be heard from the Coco Loco pool area and the adult/spa area. Nobody complained and the kids loved it. May I suggest that Club Lookea move their camp up to that area which would please very many guests of all nationalities. I write as a guest who has visited the hotel on 33 occasions and I am very disappointed that the Princess is being spoilt by this LOUD invasive noise. I hope Tomas, the hotel boss, reads this review and responds to my request.More

Bob B, Epsom, United Kingdom

Getting rather tired

We have visited this hotel for the last 10 yrs. or so. Visitors should be aware that the hotel has changed significantly over the last 2 years. Firstly, one third of the hotel rooms, those in blocks 1 to 3 have been sub-contracted to Esencia and this area is now fenced off from the rest of the hotel with security access. Secondly, a French tour company (Lookea or Look Voyages ) have obtained some form of block booking and now have set up camp in the centre of the leisure area comprising the Coco-Loco bar and what used to be the Pizzaria. This company also seems to be in sole charge of the "entertainment and animations". They are noisy but that is not the main problem - perhaps someone can say why it is necessary to play disks or tapes at full volume of crowds cheering in order to attract their customers. Over the years, there has been a good mix of British, German and other national clients . This year, we spoke to both German and British visitors who are all pretty unhappy about the direction this hotel has taken. Our impression is that the staff are trying valiantly to keep the place going but we also feel that there are fewer staff employed than in past years. The gardens have been modified to be less labour intensive but they have utilised a lot of crushed lava as a weed suppressant, unfortunately, this has a nasty habit of getting into sandals and other footwear. As stated above, much of the hotel needs some TLC. The swimming pools seem to be a deserving case, as several of them have broken and missing tiles with mould and sharp edges everywhere. This would be simple to fix but would also mean draining the pools which is probably not commercially viable. Conversely, our room had a toilet pan that had damaged vitreous enamel which would have been simple to replace. Our complaint to the management met with silence. We feel that the hotel should be closed and refurbished throughout as Princess Hotels did with the Club Jandia Hotel next door. Next, we come to the thorny issue of “all inclusive”. We were told by our tour operator (First Choice / Thomson) that this hotel currently offered no deals apart from the “all inclusive” option. This is NOT the case. We would have preferred Half Board but we were not aware that it is impossible to buy food on the site – this would make a big difference if you have a young family. The other niggle we have is that if buying different wine or drinks to that offered under “all inclusive” it is necessary to pay in CASH euros as there is apparently no means of running an account or paying by card. The dining room remains much as it was but is a little overcrowded as one of the dining areas is reserved for Esencia clients but they do not seem to use it, instead preferring to use the other areas which are then overcrowded. The lunchtime meals served at the “La Choza” restaurant are really pretty basic, cold and dried out – perhaps we were unlucky that the salads and cold meats had disappeared by the time we went there. In spite of these problems, this remains a potentially super hotel – as it always has been. As far as we can tell, the naturist area is quite unique for hotels of this type as it is really quite large with a decent sized swimming pool. So, come along Princess Hotels polish up the old place and allow it to regain the affection and support of its past regular customersMore

providence2015, London, United Kingdom

Wouldn't reyurn

The hotel was nice and clean. Room was quite clean but the floor was dirty. (After 5mins my kids feet were black) Food was good and entertainment was ok. Said it was child friendly? There was not much for the kids (6yrs and 2yrs) to do. Didn't help that weather was awful and cold and pools not heated. The kids pool was freezing. Toddlers park was really run down and did not want to leave my children play as most of it had jagged broken edges which was really dangerous. Felt really segregated as all inclusive as not 'espire' or club lookea who seem to have the main contract with the hotel. When we arrived there was no one to greet us and really left to get on with it ourselves. Did not feel welcome and therefore will not be returning. Will stick to Elba and Rui chains next time.More


Heaven or Hell?

Well IMO it all depends on whether the new French company: Club Lookea is broadcasting, and if you are in earshot (which you will be as the catchment area is huge, as their speakers are big!). I'm returned home at the end of March after my 10th holiday (20th week) at this great hotel, and I did enjoy my stay in spite of Lookea's best efforts to deafen me with their over-the-top Club 18-30 style announcements and music from the centrally situated Coco-Loco bar. So what's good and bad about the hotel? Well if you want to know about daytime entertainment, or you think people miming to stuff in the evening is great entertainment, this review isn't for you - please save yourself 10 minutes and jog on by. Well, let's get the bad stuff out of the way first. I love this hotel but it seems to be suffering an identity crisis at the moment, and is torn between crass and class? It's great to see that guest numbers have picked up again after a few years of decline. Sadly, this is coming at a cost: a new company Lookea has taken over much of the entertainment. Having paid for the best sea-view accommodation, I had a great upper-floor room with a nice view of the sea and the main pool. Unfortunately this meant I had a Lookea speaker at the Coco Loco bar pointing directly at me, and the noise was unbearable anytime from 10:00 onwards - even with my patio door firmly closed. To cater for a very small number of guests incapable of entertaining themselves, Lookea announces activities at an extremely loud volume level. Sometimes background music plays at a pleasant level, but mostly from mid-morning onwards it was far too loud! Friend's down in the naturist area complain that the base notes even penetrate the saunas, steam room, and also the lunchtime restaurant: La Chosa. Just when you think they are running at maximum volume, levels increase still further for a lunchtime Lookea dance routine for a small number of guests in the old pizzeria restaurant. If you want to sit quietly on your balcony at all during the late morning or afternoon, make sure you get a room as far away as possible from the Coco-Loco bar, or bring a large supply of earplugs with you, or both! Incidentally, I booked this year via Travel Republic, having given up with Thomson. Last year, wanting a 4-week stay, I had to book two 2-week holidays in order to avoid Thomson's bizarre buy-4-weeks pay-for-10 pricing structure on long stays. This year Thomson's website offered the hotel, but claimed that there were no rooms. An email enquiry produced a worthless response. They failed to point out that the hotel was now available to book through their First Choice sister company - on an all-inclusive basis. TR's website worked well and offered the full choice of options and weeks at sensible prices. Friends also now book through other companies. Thomsons through their ineptitude are losing a huge amount of repeat business. But I digress .... I mentioned that the hotel is suffering from an identity crisis. When I first visited the hotel it was in Thomson's Platinum range. It's since been downgraded. The hotel started it's own Platinum service with refurbished rooms and special dedicated area with a warm pool and separate eating facilities - though I hear that the rooms are poorly equipped with storage. Since last year their Platinum range has been relabelled Ascencia. I welcomed the change of direction, the hotel seemed to be trying to regain it's lost status as a superior place to stay. Sadly in search of higher occupancy levels, the hotel now seems to have started a downward spiral: All-Inclusive seems to be the main option on offer, and extremely noisy daytime entertainment has been introducted for a very small number of guests at the expense of the enjoyment of the majority. At times, it seemed the Lookea staff out-numbered the guests they were entertaining. Safes & Wifi: What else don't I like? Sadly safe's and wifi still aren't included in your room price - even when you are there on an all-inclusive(?) basis. Wifi is expensive at €19 per week. You can buy shorter periods at a higher rate, but no deals are on offer for longer periods. It's not all bad news on the WiFi front though, I'm pleased to report that recently coverage of the pay-service has now spread around the hotel, so you no longer have to climb the hill in order to log-in. Last year I discovered how to get a good service for half the price: I registered with the Esquinzo Beach hotel's service up the hill (WiFizone signal), and was able to log-in to the Club Magic Life's service from my room. The CML hotel is next door across the barranco. The signal from the CML was strong and I'd noticed that the same company ran both services. I was able to get a signal everywhere for half the FVP's price. The Wifizone signal is still available in the main building at €20 for 2 weeks, but CML now provides free Wifi to their guests (3 devices per room). Reluctantly I used the FVP's pay service this year - whilst it was still expensive, at least their coverage had improved, so at least I was getting a little more for my money. A free service is also available at the hotel! It's a poor service, and it is only available in the area of the Piano bar, but it's free! OK though if you just want to pick up a couple of emails. Not good enough for me though, as I want to listen to BBC Radio and do other stuff. Actually the free service is only intended for Lookea guests, but lots of non-Lookea guests seemed to be using it, so it shouldn't be too difficult to discover the password. The signal is WiFi Lookea. So .... to avoid the hotel's expensive WiFi service, my advice would be :- 1. Stay at the CML - its WiFi is free! 2. Register with the WifiZone - it's cheaper. 3. Discover Lookea's password - the service is poor but free. The good stuff: Enough of the moaning, what do I like about the place? There's obviously a lot, as I keep going back! Location: As long as you don't want outside shops and bars, like me, the location is fantastic. I do a lot of walking when I'm there, and there are miles and miles of beautiful beaches and coastline to discover on your doorstep - just outside the hotel's beach exit. In addition to the wonderful coastline, there are a number of interesting barrancos to explore inland - either in walking distance, or a short bus ride away from the hotel. .... and yes, there is a good bus service! Sadly the hotels did lose, a couple of year's ago, the blue'n'yellow buses which used to pass directly by the hotels, but the coastal Tiadhe service still runs along the old main road - though the stop is a tough 15 walk uphill, but hey, you need to do something to compensate for all those G'n'T's. Get yourself a pre-payment Bono (or BTF) card off the driver for €2, load it up with at least €15 and then enjoy a 30% discount. Couples and families only need one card too, not one each. Credits stay valid, I've had my card for two years now. Rooms: The old rooms are really well fitted. Yes, some of the fittings are starting to look a little faded, but the storage is brilliant. Well done, whoever designed the original rooms. Huge wardrobe, 8 additional drawers, and a massive sideboard housing your fridge and yet even more storage. My room was a mess whenever I was in there, but when I went out for the day, I could easily tidy everything away and make the cleaner's job easier. Staff: Occasionally, I've read complaints about the service. I think such complaints say more about the writers that the staff. I've always found all the staff to be superb: friendly, helpful, yet professional. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to drinks, and I was surprised how many staff would remember what I drank when I went to dinner or approached the bar. Well done to all the staff! The hotel is great at fixing stuff too. Tell that one of your bulbs is out, and it'll be fixed the same day. Dinner: Sometimes I've read about queues, but when I eat late, as I normally do, I think I'm having a bad night when there is just one person in front of me at the soups, or wherever. Dinner stops at 9 but I've always been impressed that the full range of dishes is available until the very last minute, and the range is huge! I've never struggled to find something nice to eat, and being spoilt for choice, I often ended up sampling two or three meats at the same time. All Inclusive: I was sad to see this introduced as I feared trouble from all-day drinkers. I'm pleased to report I didn't see any this year. I was also pleasantly surprised by the wine at dinner - it was OK, and actually came in (half) bottles. I'd expected carafes of wine from some massive vat of cheap wine in the back. Water at dinner was still in the nice chilled heavy glass bottles. Water from the Piano Bar for your room or outings came in handy 1/2 litre plastic bottles, and I was also pleased to discover that sparkling water was an option. All-Inclusive tonic at the bar for G'n'T's was however from a dispenser. I missed the nice heavy glass Nordic Mist bottles, but in a blind tasting I don't think my palette could tell the difference. Naturists & the Naturist Zone: To all those British guests who complain about encountering naked people, I ask "Are you actually aware that Fuerteventura is not part of the UK? Didn't you do any research when you chose this hotel and location?" Fuerteventura, and especially the southern end of the island, has been extremely popular destination for naturists for decades. You will encounter them in all directions on the beach when you leave the hotel, and obviously within the hotel's naturist zone. If it's a problem for you, maybe this isn't the location for you! Whilst hotel rules allow the saunas in the naturist zone to be used by people in swimwear (whilst also sitting on a towel and having your feet on a towel), don't be surprised if other people comment, as many nations think it is smelly, disgusting, and unhygienic for people to sit sweating in a sauna in swimwear. As a naturist, I think the location of the hotel and its naturist zone are brilliant. I can return from a wonderful day on the beach, wrap up briefly to pass through the hotel's non-naturist entrance, strip off again shortly afterwards for a nice shower near the saunas, then dump my stuff in my room, and return for a sauna before dinner. I'm then set to walk up the hill to dinner (clothed) feeling fantastic! Mercadona: Although I was on the All-Inclusive package this year for the first time, I still like a stock of drinks and nibbles in my room, so that I can have a relaxing drink whilst dressing for dinner. The arrival of the Mercadona supermarket, just 5 minutes walk away, was brilliant for me, as I no longer have to struggle back from Morro Jable with a rucksack full of drinks & nibbles. Other friends like the small Spar in Esquinzo - about 20 minutes away by beach. Wildlife: Fuerte' is pretty barren, yet in many places along the beaches, if you enjoy such things, you will yourself feeding lizards, ground squirrels, and impressive ravens - not to mention the hotel's resident cats and birds. The squirrels love nuts and fruit and a little freshwater. The ravens love nuts, cat-biscuits, fruit, freshwater - well, just about everything. Car Hire: For a number of years now, I've rented Jeeps from Autos Soto, who have a desk in the reception area. I always go for a hard top, as journeys back at the end of the day can be cold in an open-top jeep. Having a jeep enables me to explore and walk in the wilder areas on the other coast, where there are even more fabulous beaches and walks to discover. No swimming though - far too rough! All the jeeps I've had from Soto have been great, and at the end of your hire you can just hand the keys in at the reception desk ie: no hassle driving into Jandia then waiting for a lift back, as with some other companies. Note to management! Though I expect you will have added your stock reply long before reaching this point. Why do I rate the hotel one-star when I love it so much? Well, hotel Director please note, you are going to lose your loyal repeat customers from Germany and the UK and other nations unless you control the excessive noise produced by Lookea to entertain a proportion of their guests, whilst angering the majority of the hotel's guests. A few days bad weather at the end of my stay was a blessing in disguise, as the Lookea sound system wasn't deployed when rain was expected. I didn't see it for myself, but Lookea staff's behaviour was apparently also shameful, by all accounts. I gather they were always the first in the queue for lunch, sometimes racing each other to the front rather than letting the 'guests' eat first. On one rainy day, they also invaded the tranquillity of the Piano Bar ignoring the majority of guests who had been enjoying a quiet chat and drink. I also heard several reports of another incident where Lookea staff led a large party of giggling/laughing agents(?) on a tour through the busy naturist zone. Not a problem for the experienced naturists, but highly embarrassing for anyone nervously trying the freedom of without swimwear for the first time. I'm more than happy to tolerate other people music and tastes. It's impossible to please everyone at the same time, but very easy to anger most of the people for much of the time. Please tame Lookea before it is too late!More

Ivorbeen2, Telford, United Kingdom

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