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Families have plenty to keep them busy at this hotel. And grown ups will love the extra pools, restaurant and chill-out area they can exclusively use when they book an adults-only room.

Getting to the beach is easy here – steps lead straight to it. Meanwhile, the tropical gardens are home to four big pools – three of them just for over 18s staying in the adults-only rooms. There's a big buffet restaurant for families, and a place exclusively for guests staying in the adults-only section, too.

On top of pools and restaurants, the grounds are home to tennis courts, a children’s petting farm, and an adults-only wellness area. In the evenings, live acts take centre-stage.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. 1 visit to the à la carte restaurant is included, and, if staying in the adults-only section, 1 visit to the Mediterranean restaurant.  Unlimited local alcoholic beverages and soft drinks 10.00-23.00. Afternoon tea also available.  Snacks, cakes and pastries at set times. Ice-cream 11.00-17.00.

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Wellness centre*

You've got a Turkish bath, Zen area, sauna, whirlpool and gym. And there's a variety of massages to pick from too.

Daytime activity programme

Various activities to take part in, such as water polo, darts, aqua gym and pilates.

Kids' club

It's a hotel-run kids' club for children aged 4 to 12 years with a mini-disco everyday.

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double room - adults-only section

These double rooms are in the adults-only section. They have a bright feature wall and colourful furnishings and sleep up to three with a double bed and a sofa-bed or similar.

double family room

The double family rooms are bright and colourful. There's a balcony or terrace for some outside space, too.

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Not anywhere near 4 star

You paid for what you get, some of the staff were very rude at times, the hotel I feel is very dated, it wasn’t the best hotel I have every stayed it. Food was good at breakfast evening meals a bit hit and miss I thought. Would I recommend this hotel to friends and family no.More

Dam10uk, Lancashire

A wonderful holiday

We have just returned from one of the best holiday’s we have had in many years at the Club Jandia Princess, this is a very professional run resort. Day one our arrival We were welcomed with a cold glass of Cava as we arrived at reception, the receptionist was very pleasant and professional, orientated us around the resort using a map and her English was excellent, in fact we visited reception two or three time during our stay and we always found them very helpful please pass on our thank Our room It was great before we arrived I ask would it be possible to have a room at high level over looking both the resort and the sea they delivered just that and it was not just the location that was great the room its self was bright and clean and was serviced every day of our stay to a very high standard, we did not always have the same maid so please pass on our thanks to the team in that area The Pools and bar in the adult only area The Pool team are great every morning when you arrived it was clean and serviced all the beds on perfect parade, the bar staff were very good and entertaining, always put a smile on our face Spa We used this two times during our stay, all I can say is I fell asleep both times is was a great experience Small restaurant overlooking the sea (I cannot remember the name) Breakfast and lunch every day of our stay, great choice and great food keep up the good work Main restaurant The food and selection are great no problem with that what so ever, however the service? and this is simple it is down to language, so please do not let this put you off,this resort is great value from money run by a 1st class team, please keep up the good work we are planning to see you again later in the yearMore

Paul C, Woking, United Kingdom

Enjoyed our stay but would not recommend

My partner and I have just got back from a pleasant week in Fuerteventura at the Club Jandia Princess. I describe it as 'pleasant' because it wasn't excellent, although, not awful. We are a young couple and were really looking forward to a chilling break with plenty of sunshine. We booked our holiday a year in advance via First Choice and fell in love with the images of the pool and hotel surroundings. Please know that we are not usually difficult customers to please and this review was written because we came away a little disappointed, despite making the best out of our week away. I know that there are often very picky reviews, but I wanted to outline each of the features we felt were equally good and bad about the hotel (compared to our experience of other holidays) to give an authentic account for others. It is also worth mentioning that we discussed similar points with others at this hotel and it would seem most customers shared the same perspective. Weather - We (especially me) are sun-worshippers and were told by many friends, who had visited before, that the island is very hot and we would come away nice and brown. Brilliant! Or so we thought... 7 days later, I have not tanned a lot more than I would have sat in the garden in England. But, bizarrely, this is not due to the lack of sunshine. We only had one cloudy day throughout the entire week and the sun was blistering hot on the rare occasion you could feel it on your skin. The barely existent tan was purely a result of not wanting to sit in the sunshine. Again, I must emphasise that I WORSHIP the sun, therefore, me not wanting to sit in it is sure to ring some alarm bells! The overall reason behind this was that it was just too windy. Sounds ridiculous right? Well, we didn't realise wind could be such a problem either. We were aware the island was 'windy' and were warned about a possible 'breeze,' but neither of us were prepared for the non-stop gusts that swept across the hotel grounds ALL DAY LONG! Palm trees were even growing in the direction the wind was blowing - yes, it was that bad. Nobody wanted to jump in the pool (which wasn't heated) because it was just too cold. Towels were blowing about, you had to put something heavy on your flip flops just so they wouldn't blow away - just not ideal at all! Of course, this wasn't the fault of the hotel. There isn't a lot they could really do about the weather/wind. Unfortunately, however, it is the main reason we won't be returning to the hotel... or the island for that matter. Hotel grounds - Beautiful. Visibly, this is one of the most gorgeous and picturesque places I have seen. For a 4 star hotel, the pool is very clean and looks lovely in front of the deep blue ocean and sandy beach it sits on top of. You are surrounded by mountains and bright blue skies and it really is lovely and peaceful. (But as previously mentioned, this is quickly ruined by the cold wind!) The hotel is well maintained - rooms aren't wonderful but are acceptable. Cleaners did a good job each day making your bed and tidying your room, replacing towels, etc. If you have already booked this hotel, we would strongly advise that you reserve one of the private beds dotted along the wooden balcony, overlooking the sea. (I'm not referring to bedroom - but beds you can reserve during the daytime). We assumed they would be expensive and a little pompous, but when we enquired at reception, they only cost 20 euros per day and you can hire them from 10.00am-6.00pm. This is something that really improved the holiday for us. It was a shame we only enquired about them during our last few days. You had an amazing view, you received complimentary champagne in an ice bucket, along with water, glasses, and fresh fruit. And above all else, YOU WERE OUT OF THE WIND!! This is when we realised the heat from the sun was actually very powerful. Spending a week on one of those beds would have developed a tan like no other. It really made all the difference. People thought we were crazy when we were running up to the pool side and jumping in because we were too hot. They, on the other hand, were battling to lay down their towels and covering themselves up because they were cold! Beach - We were surprised that not many people were laying down on the sand as you would usually expect. At least, we were until we went down there for a walk. Same old story really - it was too windy. Frequent gusts meant that the lovely soft sand was picked up and whipped against you, stinging your legs and blowing into your eyes. Recommendation: wear sunglasses and travel in the direction of the wind, rather than against. Food and drink - To be fair, the hotel did offer a decent variety of food types. We didn't go hungry, however, it would have been nice to have the option of food by the pool side. Other hotels we have stayed at offer ice cream during the day, watermelon, and waffles, etc. They did have crepes but these weren't very appetising. The a la carte restaurant we dined in was rather poor. We wished we hadn't bothered and instead resorted to the buffet restaurant for our last meal. We did have blue bands, though and there seemed to be a divide between these and limits on which restaurants/areas you could go to. In some ways, we wish we had upgraded to the grey/black bands because we felt a little disadvantaged - however, by the end of the holiday, we had come to the conclusion that others with these bands weren't much more impressed than we were overall. Entertainment - Very poor. They offered an entertainment programme with your standard daytime activities (water polo, darts, volleyball, etc), but the entertainment team did not make much of an effort to get us involved. We found this very surprising because we are young and are usually targeted to participate. Music played on some days around the pool, which makes such a difference to the general atmosphere of the place. We understand that this may not to be everybody's taste and they should switch it off at some points throughout the day to cater for elder customers, however, there didn't seem to be a set schedule. Music was dimmed randomly and was very dated. Old pop music and limited mixture of artists. They seem to love Beyonce and Rihanna songs from 2009. Evening entertainment was not very well considered. They put on a performance every evening in the downstairs theatre (indoor), but it wasn't up to a very professional standard. I assume they recruited a local dance school of some sort for these shows. The best production they put on was the Lion King. They also hosted a typical audience participation event, where men had to battle it out over a range of tasks. Humorous but slightly tedious. Upstairs, they had live music playing, which most of the older customers sat and listened to. On some evenings, we sat there instead and played cards but there wasn't really much going on... and again, no lively atmosphere. An adult disco or something would have been great. After the shows were over, everybody felt inclined to go back to their rooms and to bed. If you did want to stay out for a drink, there was no music downstairs and you just had to sit there with whoever was in your party. Trips/Excursions - Usually, if you're having a wonderful time at your all-inclusive hotel, you don't really feel a need to leave and explore elsewhere. We often like to visit the main town and go on one outside trip or two, but there wasn't much to see or do. The trips were mainly revolved around eating/making goats cheese and none of them really appealed to us. There was one trip offered to go to the local zoo, which we would never have before considered on a holiday. But, it was the only one that stood out and we just had to get away from the hotel for one day so we booked it. And, thankfully... we had an amazing time! The zoo is one of the best I've been to (even compared to those in England!) I mainly think this is because English zoos are too populated and controlled. Too many guests and too many zookeepers watching your every move. Whereas, here, at Oasis Park in Fuerteventura, it felt like you had an entire zoo to yourself and you could spend as long as you liked looking at each animal and their enclosures. This was certainly the best thing about our holiday. I would definitely recommend going there if you do go to Fuerteventura and want to escape the wind. Couldn't feel a thing there and it is highly shaded so you don't get too hot walking around. You are allowed to feed the animals - from giraffes to elephants to zebras and camels. We were really impressed, made some lovely memories and took fab photos! Towards the end of our week away, we decided to eat out one evening in the local town of Jandia. We weren't expecting a lot here because the island is rather quiet and un-established, but we came away a little upset again as it really didn't have anything to offer. Not much to see or do at all, besides a few market stools (trying to flog you some rubbish). We were fortunate to find an Italian restaurant, hidden amongst the shops, which was the only good thing about the place. After eating there, we just wanted to get a taxi and go back to the hotel. General view - We tried to make the best out of this holiday and we would say we have had a good time. But then again, I don't think you can come back from a week off work and out of the ordinary and say it was all bad. I forgot to mention I had to complain about our room on the first night. After booking the hotel over a year in advance, we were greeted at reception and directed to a room right at the back of the hotel and in the corner (away from everything), with a view of a main road and staff smoking/bins and waste. This was truly unacceptable and I presume they thought because we were young, we wouldn't mind or perhaps wouldn't say anything. Our other assumption was that they fill the rooms outwards, working in. If so, it should definitely be the other way round and last-minute bookers should be given the undesirable rooms! After complaining though, I will add that reception dealt with it rather well and moved us immediately. (I did have to push this a little and the first staff member I spoke to said they were 'fully booked' at first, which was blatantly a porky!!) Generally, I think the hotel has potential and if it was placed somewhere like Turkey, it would be glorious. (Adding a few improvements to the entertainment and restaurants) As the title of my review suggests, I would say we enjoyed our stay, but we wouldn't advise others to go here. If you have booked this hotel, though, I hope I haven't put you off - you can still have a satisfactory holiday - just please bear in mind the recommendations entailed above.More

ChloeG1994, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Excellent Hotel & Friendly Staff

The hotel was very clean. Staff very friendly. It was very clean and kept clean. Excellent food choices for all tastes. Animacion team very professional and not too pushy. Evening entertainment good. Their own production of Lion King very well presented considering amateurs.More

Tina R, Bristol, United Kingdom

Fab 11 night break

Just arrived back from an excellent eleven night holiday. We arrived by coach transfer at about 8pm and there were only three parties being dropped off so we got through reception quickly, but we did see queues later in the week, but the people in these were given a glass of cava whilst waiting and queues seemed to move quickly. The views of the beach from the pool/bar/restaurant areas are great (lovely turquoise sea) although there didn't seem to be too many rooms which enjoyed the same (full) sea view. The room are spacious (massive bed!) well presented, clean and airy and ours had a balcony with nice view of the gardens. The main pool is a fantastic big pool, but we tended to spend most time at the smaller "chill out pool" in the adult only area. This is a slightly smaller pool, but the water is warmer and as well well as there being a main seating area for the bar, there are buffets in the water at the other side too! (Lovely for a nice cool time sipping a cocktail served out of a scooped out melon!) The staff throughout the hotel work very hard to provide an excellent service, but none more so than those at the chill out pool and a special mention is deserved for Miguel and Elisa, who were so friendly. The main restaurant offer a very good choice of good quality food which changes every day. Plenty of choice at breakfast time and the bacon (which in Spain is not normally so good) was lovely! (And as well as freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee etc, there is cava every morning... There are two restaurants which serve an a la cart menu, and "Adult Only" guests can visit both of these once each per stay. There isn't too much else near to the hotel (except a Mercadona supermarket) but if you want a relaxing, away from it all holiday, this is perfect. (Or a taxi into Jandia takes about 5-10 mins and costs under 8 euros). The beach is a bit shingly at the top but towards the sea, it has nice golden sand and it's worth a visit, if only to have a paddle in the waves and.... feed the chipmunks! All in all, the hotel is well maintained, offers a great choice of food each day and the staff give great service. What more could you ask for?!!!More

simonmeek1, Belper, United Kingdom

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