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There’s no need to go to Tahiti – here you get Polynesian style in spades. And there’s a waterpark in summer, too.

This hotel comes with a huge, lagoon pool. And it’s just a really short shuttle bus ride to the beach club and waterpark. There’s a buffet restaurant that serves internaltional cuisine and a lunch place over at the beach club.

The hotel’s in a gated complex with 3 other hotels that make up the Holiday World Resort. It’s at the top of a hill, overlooking Caravajal beach, which is a 15-minute walk away.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, until 23.00 in winter and 24.00 in summer.  Snakcs at certain times.

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Outdoor pool

A large, lagoon-style pool takes centre stage at the hotel. Lined by a terrace with sunbeds to enjoy the sea views from.

Buffet restaurant*

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with children's options, this restaurant makes a statement with an arched, glass ceiling. When the restaurant is closed for lunch it may be taken at the beach club. Special dietary needs and vegetarians can be catered for if prior notice is given. Highchairs are available.

Beach Club

Open during the summer, the Beach Club waterpark overlooks the sea. There are rapids to float around on, waterslides, a pirate ship, splash zones and even giant sandpits with equally giant elephant statues. If that sounds too much like hard work, there are quieter areas with in-water sun loungers too. A shuttle bus service to the Beach Club is provided and the journey takes just a few minutes.

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junior suite

Junior suite sleeps up to 4 with 2 beds and a sofa-bed. Cots are available on request.


Suite sleeps up to 4 with whirlpool on the large terrace and sunbeds. Cots are available on request.

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Great Hotel

I stayed here with my family last year. One of the best all inclusive hotel restaurants I've eaten in - so much choice and never got bored with eating there as I do usually if staying a whole two weeks in one hotel. There's so much to see inside the hotel, staff are very helpful. Entertainment could be better - same each night week in week out so if you're staying a fortnight, you see each show twice which is a bit annoying and unfortunately for the hotel, for this reason we went out more in the second week at night. I'd definitely go again (even if just a week this time).More

Nic B, Leeds, United Kingdom

Highly recommended

Stayed here for 2 weeks at the end of august. Its the perfect family hotel. My girls are 3 and 1.5 years old. They loved the child friendly pool. Entertainment was excellent and mainly aimed towards children. Food was good, plenty of choice, does get samey after 2 weeks but if you have been all inclusive before u will know this. Hotel is spotless and design is breathtaking. Never stayed somewhere with such dramatic interior. Fish in the lake, turtles and birds all impressive. Beach club is down a hill but unless ur lazy or less abled this isnt a problem we wud walk down in about 5 mins then catch the shuttle bus back up which circulate non stop all day. Rooms are spacious and comfortable. Top of range bathtoom suite. Maid service everyday. Faultless. Highly recommendMore

AlexanderSwansea, swansea

Great family holiday, beautiful hotel, fabulous food - we'll be back

We were very worried after some reviews that had been left here but we arrived back today and we had a wonderful time. The hotel really has the wow factor, the staff are extremely helpful, our Thomson reps went above and beyond, the food is amazing, the rooms are spacious and the hotel has so much to offer and is very well maintained and cleaned... we went to the beach club for the last three days as we couldn't get enough of it - and that is where our one criticism of the hotel comes - the hotel pool - we complained that the water wasn't as clear as it should be, especially after the sparkling clear water of the beach club but in fairness it was sorted the next day but tut tut - it should be that clean all the time!! Also the only other downside was how loud the music is poolside for the majority of the day, we preferred the quieter beach club.. but that's the beauty of it - you have the luxury of that choice... It is definitely a family resort (very good security also) if you don't like children go somewhere else!!! There is a lot of planned activities for children and also some for the adults, again, you join in only if you want to... We would go back again using the all inclusive, we were all impressed.. thank you Hotel Polyensia for a memorable and enjoyable holidayMore

figgy2014, Mansfield, United Kingdom

Fantastic week, ignore negative reviews!

Just back from an amazing week with my husband and 2 daughters aged 11 and 7. Really have no idea where some of the negative reviews are coming from I can't think of any. We knew the location before booking, we knew being August it would be busy neither of these things spoilt our holiday. The staff are really hard working and extremely helpful and welcoming. Reception staff answered any questions we had even tho the Thomson reps were available a lot. The catering teams are amazing serving a great variety of delicious food at all times, I have a fussy 11 yr old who never went hungry. The restaurants run so smoothly and never had to queue just wait for fresh food grilling which is to be expected. The entertainment staff again work really hard with a good choice of activities well advertised and announced around the pool but never too pushy to join in, loved doing things with the girls or they were happy to join in on their own giving me and my husband some us time. The beach club looks stunning but the sea views from the poolside and activities made us prefer to stay there. Getting the bus in either direction is easy but they can be pretty busy at peak times so go early, especially on market days. Would definitely recommend this hotel and ignore any negative reviews you'll have a great time.More

Nix20132013, Pontefract, United Kingdom

Far better than I was expecting...

So not long after booking a 2 week stay for 4 in this hotel we read some pretty terrible reviews - to the point that i had to stop using trip advisor before I started contemplating asking thomson for a refund before we even left the UK. Turns out the Polynesia has a lot going for it. Before I weigh in though, theres something most reviewers seem to miss out that I think is pretty crucial and adds some much needed context to opinions - a bit about me (us). We are a family of 4, 2 adults (allegedly), a 2 yr old and a 7 yr old, professional couple, educated to a fairly high standard, in relatively decent jobs. Neither of us are your typical 'lets sit on a beach and clap along with eviva espana' types. Our last four holidays have comprised trips to Orlando and a biking holiday around the alps. Our little nipper being just under 2 is the reason for a chilled out beach holiday but frankly I get itchy feet if I havent ridden my bike for a week. I say the above not to be a smug smart bottom, nor to judge anyone else but merely to provide a measuring stick against your own opinions on what constitutes a 'good holiday'. Right, that dealt with, moving on (This is my first hotel review by the way so bear with me): HOTEL - Spacious is the main impression of this hotel. Its very pretty inside with turtle pools, an aviary and plenty of fish knocking about with a unique architectural bent all of its own. Cant say im well versed enough in polynesian culture to grade it in its rendition, but it is very impressive none the less. the rooms are laid out over five floors with all of the facilities being hidden away in the 2 sub floors, thus keeping the noise and bustle at all hours out of the way. This works very well with the main hotel feeling relaxed and quiet at all times. Reception seems understaffed by one person at all times, but that could be my lack of patience. When you do get to speak to someone, they are always helpful. The Thomson reps are about as useful as reps generally are from my experience; If they can help you while they are there, great, if you have to rely on them to come back to you with anything, dont hold your breath. They also seem to have chronically bad spelling... shop, laundry all working as intended. shop has the usual overpriced reprinted UK papers, essential if, like me, you cant go a fortnight without hearing of Katie Price's latest offspring. Kids club was ok and the people in there looked after the children ok, though I got the impression that it could desperately benefit from a native english person. I spied upon my son in there a few times and he looked hopelessly bored. Aside from that he said he enjoyed it. I wonder if that says more about my company than the kids club syllabus... ROOM - Room was good and spacious, the extra bedroom is very useful if you have a little one to get to sleep but dont want your night to end there. Complaints? the toilet smelt strongly of urine....'well stop weeing in there, Ad' they said to me. A good point, but I wee in the one at home and it doesnt smell like this one. the only other thing that is worth a mention is the terrible bed. We just brought a new bed a month ago at home, tearfully waving our trusty, sprung matress and divan away, even though it gave us terrible back and neck ache, god it was lovely when you sank into it first thing at night. Only to be replaced by some spaceaged memory foam thing. night after night my good wife and I lay in bed blaming each other for our new super firm matress. I didnt know whether I was about to have a nights sleep or experience waterboarding before an extraordinary rendition to the nearest Bensons for Beds store. It all paled into insignificance, though, after spending a night on the bed in our room. I suspect the mattress had long been replaced by scaffold boards, perhaps in a cost saving plan to fund the purchase of more turtles. You may get the impression that the bed thing ruined my holiday somewhat.... ALL INCLUSIVE 'STUFF' - So we get to meat of the whole thing. Youve spent a few grand on a holiday so you dont have to shell out more money for booze and food but then you made the mistake of reading tripadvisor and now youre worried that youre going to have to spend more money on eating out because the food is horrifically bad. DONT PANIC! its ok! Without going on about ME ME ME again, I like my food as my waistline will attest to, I do all of the cooking in our house but am not particularly precious about food. Ive eaten well in greasy spoons and ive eaten well in multiple Michelin starred restaurants. I read all of the 'cold food, no choice, etc etc' reviews that you probably did. what I found was the following: 1. You can always get HOT protein. this might be fish, chicken, beef, pork on its own. 2. You can always get protein in sauce - Im not mad keen on this, I like a tangible lump of protein that I can see, rather than 'stuff in sauce' when I eat out, I know, I know - its a trust issue and I need to get over it, but there you go. 3. You can always get some carbs - there is always either rice, pasta, potatoes ( in various forms) available 4. Puddings on all inclusive are almost always naff - get over it. 5. if you insist on being 'that' Brit. Yes, they have burger and chips.... but god is watching, and every time you have burger and chips while on holiday, he kills a kitten. So, important facts aside, the food is very good, plenty of options, and as expected, plenty of fish. In th e first couple of days we had shark, swordfish, mussels, langoustines, prawns. lots of nice rice and paella. some of it very hot, some of it warm. You need to keep a sense of reality here. there are hundreds of people to cook for and you cannot keep all food red hot. In addition, there are people cooking to order, chicken, fish, steak. I took advantage of this as often as I could. The smack bar thing, and I mean snack, not smack, this was NOT that kind of holiday was ok, they just kept shipping the usual burger,hot dog, spag bol, toasties down all day for us greedy brits to shovel into our fat faces, and by jove shovel we did. i could go on about this as food snobbery does my head in, but in a nutshell. The food is good and, unless you are painfully awkward when it comes to food, you will not struggle to get a meal, every single meal. ALL THE OTHER STUFF THAT YOU WERE AFRAID TO ASK ABOUT - oh god, 6000 words already. I didnt write this much for my GCSE. Ok, lets hurry it up. Bullet (point) time.. 1. The beach club is great - dont forget to book your spot in the restaurant the day before you plan to go or your family will look upon you, as you trudge wearily back up the hill to the hotel restaurant at lunchtime, like you have failed them utterly...well,mine did, anyway. 2. The walk to and from the beach club is not that bad, I had visions of it being a giant cliff that even Elvis would baulk at diving from, judging from the comments on here. It isnt, its a fairly harp hill that all but the sick and elderly can manage comfortably. I used it to work of the previous meal. If you cant be bothered though, there is a frequent shuttle bus. 3. the themed restaurants are 'ok'. you can go there 1 time each restaurant per week. the polynesian one has a limited menu, but i did have a really well aged, nicely cooked and rested steak there that really surprised me. The URU wok place however had the most worrysome looking satay chicken skewers ever, just abandoned spears of chicken, lanced into dence, forboding peanut butter. I still shudder at the thought. however, I had the red thai curry in the live cooking area and it was very good. Important lesson, always trust the live cooks, They have a vested interest in not poisoning you as you can go back for revenge the following day..if you make it... (kidding) 4. Staff are good on the whole, sometimes busy (they work REALLY long shifts, especially the animacion team - who are always cheery) but when not busy, happy to help a numpty like me get better grasp of spanish. 5.Drinks are decent quality - after trying pretty much everything I settled on fake malibu and coke as my weapon of choice, the lager is drinkable 6. nighttime entertainment is typically spanish. theres a bit of bonhomie and some knowing winks and chuckles involved to get the best out of it. general family stuff by the stage at the side of the hotel and somelive music mot nights by the bar 7. my wife just reminded me that 'noone wants to read 9000 chars on a hotel review, thats ridiculous' so im leaving it here. message me if you want any specific information. sorry for rambling!!More


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