The unknown island

Meganissi has taken a back seat as far as Greek tourism is concerned. In fact, it’s one of 3 islands that are often only referred to as Lefkas’ satellite islands. Fortunately, this lack of lip service has protected it from development, and it remains blissfully ignorant of high rise hotels, gaudy souvenir shops, and neon bars.


There are only 3 villages on the island. Vathi, on the northeast coast, is the capital. There are no signs of the rat race in this harbour-side settlement. Sail boats bob at their moorings, while locals tend their olive groves and small-holdings on the hills behind the town. In the tavernas, chefs take their time preparing Greek food to time-honoured recipes.

Off-the-beaten-track beaches

Beach safaris are the main activity on Meganissi. Most of the coves and bays are untamed out here, and tracking down your own plot of sand is all part of the adventure. The most remote ones can only be reached if you hire a boat and stake them out along the coast. That said, not all of Meganissi’s beaches are so hard to reach. Pasoumaki Beach is just a couple of kilometres outside of Vathi, and is easily accessible by car.

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