Sensatori Resort Crete  

Our original Sensatori property brings you everything from sports to spa treatments with a touch of classic Greek style.

The first Sensatori resort, this place paved the way for all the others. The luxurious rooms here range from twins and doubles to family rooms and suites, and most are available with sea views, private pools or swim-up entrances.

Where Sensatori Resort Crete really excels is in the entertainment. It’s the best you’ll find at any Thomson hotel, spanning adults-only comedy nights, shows with West End sparkle, and laid-back live music.

There are seven stylish restaurants showcasing the A to Z of dishes, from stone-grilled steak to Thai delicacies. For children, new wave play comes courtesy of the Crazy Kitchen, Silly Science Lab and water-soaking Sprayground.

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Luxury holidays designed to fuel the senses

  • Standout pool scenes
  • At least 4 restaurants
  • Great sports line-ups
  • Modern children’s facilities
  • Top entertainment
  • World-class spas

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks
All Inclusive

Breakfast is served in the buffet restaurant, and an adults-only breakfast is available in the Red Saffron Tavern. Lunch is served in the Tex Mex and the buffet restaurant. Dinner is served in the buffet restaurant, Tex Mex, Red Saffron Tavern and Five Flavour Thai Oriental restaurant.  Branded alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks by the glass in all bars in between meals. Draught beer, house wine, soft drinks with meals in the buffet restaurant, Tex Mex, Five Flavour Thai and Red Saffron Tavern. 

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2 adults-only outdoor pools

With a neighbouring hot tub.

Buffet restaurant

For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Comes complete with buffet stations, a salad bar and a children’s buffet, plus an adults-only seating area during dinner. Gentlemen are asked to wear smart shorts or long trousers, smart polo or tee shirts and closed shoes in the evenings.

Red saffron Greek taverna

A contemporary Greek taverna that also offers buffet meals. When the weather’s nice, food is prepared outdoors on a stone barbecue. During July and August there's an adults-only breakfast. Reservations are required. Gentlemen are required to wear long trousers to dinner.

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double room with inland view,private pool and balcony or terrace

These smart double rooms feature a queen-size bed and balcony or terrace for that extra bit of space outside. Air-conditioning is available from May to October. And – for that added touch of luxury – you’ll have your own private pool.

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Really not what we expected at all...

For a cheeky week away, this hotel looked like it had it all.. good reviews, a selection of restaurants and good rooms... however, the reality was somewhat different... Let’s start with the arrival process at the airport... not in resort, but at Gatwick... for booking a premium branded experience with Thomson on their “signature” brand, one would think you would get a signature service. Well, one would say they didn’t. Check in at Gatwick Airport was long and painful. The staff didn’t care about anything apart from getting that damn long queue down as quick as possible.. because it was.. it was really long! Everyone flying that period of time to all parts of the world sharing the one check in line... understand that some airlines now operate this policy, but surely get enough staff to cope with the numbers! You know how many people have booked and are due to travel! Anyway, with this in mind, you would think that this “signature” experience could be improved with a dedicated check in for Sensatori guests.. After all it is a unique product concept... Fast forward to the boarding gate after having a nice breakfast in the terminal...yes, the area you wait to board the plane... guess what... on this occasion, they didn’t use it to wait. Why not? No idea. Therefore this resulted in everyone queuing in the communal walk way... as soon as they let everyone through; it was straight on to the plane... The flight and the Dreamliner experience – really good experience... good seat pitch, ok entertainment available on the seat back screens but unfortunately miserable crew... No energy or enthusiasm and giving off a bad vibe for people going on holiday. Now on to the arrival at Crete airport. One of the smallest airports I have been to. Yet we end up having to wait over 50 minutes for our bags to come through... the airport obviously only opens at certain times of the day and is in a critical situation as it is definitely overcrowded and beyond capacity. Here is another tip Thomson – you know when international airlines tag your bags with priority tags (like in business and first class) this might again be another service level to offer – priority bag collection/removal from the aircraft. After all it is a unique product concept? Now we move on to finding our welcome host... oh there they are, happy and welcoming! Not. “name” he asked.. Hello to you too...! Welcome details collected and away we were ushered pointing vaguely towards the many buses! Transfer lottery? Finally we see the Sensatori sign! Now, lets get ready for the journey to the hotel... oh no, not quiet yet... waiting for some more people to arrive. Thats fine, we understand.. However what we don’t understand is why there is no AIR CON on, in the bus whilst waiting! Even after asking the driver to put it on, it wasn’t pleasant and another 30 minutes later waiting for the delayed passengers we were finally ready to leave... (after the rep comes on board and explains they lost their bags and have decided to put them in a taxi instead of keeping us waiting anymore! Surely this should have been done after maybe 10 minutes of looking into where the bags are?!)... During the wait we were entertained as we were asked to fill in our arrival/check in forms... “please fill this in”... papers in hand but nothing else... What do we fill it in with, do i just magic up a pen to use? Just simple little things that would make the whole customer journey more enjoyable and easier! Now we are finally at the hotel... don’t go to the check in desk and get your room key – as you already know your room number when you arrive at the airport and meet the rep...But go straight for lunch if you make it in time (around 3pm) just when the restaurant closes, you might be able to get some lunch! But like i point out, you will need to be quick! Other reviews suggest they say they keep it open, but i feel they might have just arrived earlier before 3pm and used that line as a good bit of customer service.. it didn’t look like they would or could keep it open past 3pm.... After lunch, go get your key from reception... you will then be escorted to your room... just hope that you don’t get a room in the staff block at the front of the hotel (which is at the back as you arrive which is near the busy road and near noisy some bars and restaurants)..if i remember correctly it was block 9. Unfortunately the hotel itself is rather large and the images online and in the brochure are rather misleading. Please refer to the resort layout and understand that you could possibly be located at the back of the resort which isn’t part of the hotel experience at all. When you look at the images, you see a lovely pool and it looks like a great resort area. However there are a few extra buildings at the back of beyond and these buildings have a few room types eg swim up, but be aware, your swim up room could be connected to the smallest pool and not the main hotel pool (which the pictures make it look like, or at least look like its close and centrally located to the main pool in the heart of the resort). Some buildings are really separate and you are not in the heart of the resort.. Some might like this, so each to their own. So the room... definitely not the room type I booked, upgraded and paid for... smaller, unkempt, unloved, and in a dark cold corner with no sun. And again, located away from the heart of the resort and near the busy road... tour buses can see straight into your bedroom! Opps, keep the curtains closed, they might see you changing! The couple who checked in on the same day also ended up moving rooms/blocks, as they too were not impressed. This pool area wasn’t used at all by anyone, it was that small and in such a poor location. If you like the idea of not being within the resort then this is fine, but i would suggest you book a villa instead as you will get better value for money than staying here. We actually asked to move rooms when we got our welcome pack at the airport as we knew we didn’t want to be in this block and didn’t want to see the room as it was in the doomed 9000 block. This was rejected as they were “full” until a few days later when they found a much better room and location for us. The concept of a swim up room is great but the reality of getting a decent location is slim and also we found there to be no sun on them until late afternoon and this is referring to the newly moved to room. Upgrading to a better room doesn’t actually get you a better location, room or experience, even though we thought it might, just goes to show how the resort can be so easily miss sold. I cant stress it enough, consult a resort map and be prepared that you could be located in the back of beyond... really wish we knew the resort layout. If you can afford it, upgrade to a swim up room, or a room with a private pool.. but again we saw private pool rooms which were in a very poor location within the resort and also had no sun or views or privacy...Top floor private pool rooms looked like the best option. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee a sea view.. but if it changes and you can, do it! Then you will be in the better location of the resort. Now for the communal pool areas... There are a couple of areas you can be... one section is also an adults only. Salt water pools. Clean and good. There is a kids pool and play park at the back of the resort. Great for families. The resort is on the flight path. The floors around the swimming pools are slippery and we witnessed many people fall. There was a couple of broken slabs which were fixed instantly which was good to see. Now we get onto the hot topic of sun beds... there are notices hanging on the umbrellas asking people not to reserve sun beds and its being policed... well here we go.. even at 7am, you would be lucky to find a few sun beds free in the same area! So many of them are reserved with towels on but no bodies! Most of the time they don’t get occupied until around 11am... Come on hotel... sort it out and don’t let this happen! But also, if you don’t police it, people if you do reserve the sun beds but don’t want to get down until 11, please think twice! People who have booked swim up rooms don’t have sun until the afternoon, so they will be round the main pool for the morning and then leave for the sun on their own balcony in the afternoon! Your sun bed will then be available! This will then mean you can share the day’s use of a bed between 2 sets of people instead of wasting the subbed with an invisible lodger on it until lunch time! So being on Full Board here is something to be desired.. it was good that you can have drinks with your meals (not sure there is much alcohol in the drinks) the booking system is a good idea in theory, but a pain in practise. You can only book at 10am. And for 3 days in advance only. So you book a time slot, and then arrive... don’t worry too much about the time you booked as the timings aren't strict and you can arrive earlier - we did on many occasion around 30-45mins. Obv if high season, might be an issue... Most nights, many tables are still free before 830. Food quality is ok and edible, you wont have any amazing culinary experiences here, that’s for sure. I would imagine you would get bored of eating in the main restaurant every day, so the fact you can dine around is good and welcoming. The main restaurant offers a great variety, but service is poor. Only the host at the entrance is friendly. For a better customer experience, the Mexican is a better choice – much friendlier! Food here is ok for lunch and the burgers were the best option. The Greek was really bad and didn’t really offer a true local experience like you would have hoped and expected. We had the better experience at the Thai restaurant, however the Pad Thai was the worst i have ever tasted! Someone needs to learn how to cook a proper tasty Pad Thai! The rest of the dishes were fine, especially the ribs (really a staple Thai meal?!) anyway, they were tasty. Japanese restaurant is shared with the Thai, but we ate there 3 nights and never saw anyone having the Sushi... There is a dress code in place... no shorts... long trousers and shoes. So its ok for people to wear tracksuit bottoms (not a good look) compared to someone who would wear tailored shorts.... go figure. Venture out to the local town, (turn left as you leave the hotel when facing the sea) as its only 5 minutes walk.. there are a selection of local spots to eat in. Also a couple along the beach front. The beach is fine and is shingle. There is an outside provider offering 2 chairs and umbrella for around €5 a day. Don't book AI with the tour operator. The hotel offer this for a heavily discounted price when you arrive. It was around €30 per person per day. Only really worth it if you want to drink all day long. If you only want the odd drink during the day, outside of the meal times, then go to the shop in the resort and get a bottle of coke or something for around €2 each time... it really isn’t worth spending all that money for just a couple of drinks a day if you’re not a big drinker – and remember at meals, you get soft drinks and white, red or rose wine with dinner. If you’re on FB and don't finish your bottle of wine or beer, take it with you to watch the show. The show starts around 2145, and we agree with many of the other reviews that this should be starting around 30 minutes earlier... there are lots of families here so surely, a little earlier would be better for the kiddies?! Singers are ok. Out of the 5, only 2 of them could really sing and made it worth waiting around for. Good entertainment overall. Well, you think having a check out service at your hotel is a good thing, but when you are woken up at 730am for your bags to be collected, and your flight doesn't leave until 1440, it sure does make you wonder if this process is really a "benefit". Anyway, we chose to reject this part of the service as we were happier to take our own bags to the hotel check-in desk at 10am... However to reject this service, there is no such process/option as you automatically opt in for it without choice, so we thought the simple method of pressing the "do not disturb" button would suffice. You guessed it, it didn't. So to be woken at 730am. To be woken up rather early on your last day isn't great. Anyway, we proceed for breakfast and a final fight for the sun beds before we check in and vacate our rooms.... The wait begins in the lounge at the hotel. Then again queuing to get on the bus to leave. All we seem, to do is queue and wait! I don't feel the process or holiday experience has been fully thought out and someone from the company hasn’t actually gone through the customer journey. Anyway, before we get on the bus we are waved goodbye by the management team, of which none have bothered to make an effort on arrival or during the stay, apart from at the weekly cocktail management evening. This is a good touch, but would need to be done from the start to make it feel worthwhile. Then we get to the airport... The wait continues again... so the idea of checking in early would suggest we don't have to wait at the airport, but we get here with ample time for our flight, when through immigration and security, there are already way too many people in the terminal (again) for the airport to cope with and also to house with sufficient seating. Many families sprawled around on the dirty floors. Your ideas are good, but situations outside your control effect the purpose of them and with some fine tuning, these extras would be far more welcomed eg, leave the hotel (which is only 20mins away) a little later. Just an extra 30 minutes would still be fine for example. There is a small duty free shop, and only 1 real place you can get food at the airport and this is fast food. Get lunch at the hotel before you leave, as the flight will likely run out of hot food to sell... you would have thought the Dreamliner surely has enough to space to cater for the inbound and outbound service and have enough food loaded before they left LGW. But no. Overall i would class the resort as 4 star not 5. Standards, quality and service are nowhere near that of a 5 star standard. I wouldn’t suggest this hotel as a honeymooner’s option or a special occasion hotel. It’s a good family hotel. If you can spend a bit more money and are a couple, I would look at other better and real 5 star options instead of this hotel to enjoy your time together. All in all, i think we must have had much higher expectations of this brand and experience and were left utterly disappointed. It wasn’t a cheap holiday and we thank god we only booked one week as we were considering two.More

TheLuckyWonderer, London, United Kingdom

Top quality resort !

We regularly go abroad in summer normally to Spain but this year we chose somewhere different it was a bit of a risk but my it was a good choice we had the most fantastic time ! The rooms especially family suites in the 7000's are beautiful lovely sea view . The pools are excellent the family pools are not chaotic and there are no typical rude children splashing and jumping it was relatively quite for the whole week , the splash pool looked very entertaining for kids under the age of i would say 9 ish and the adults pools were very calm and tranquil . The restaurants are fantastic the main buffet is still very nice with a different choice every night but our favourites were definitely the thai and the aroma stone grill (pay extra) we did visit the greek and it was nice but unless you are willing to try a lot of interesting looking things i wouldn't go for fussy eaters not a good plan . Our overall experience was excellent and the only little thing we didn't like was if you have a late night flight you may choose to keep your room on for an extra 2-4 hours or so for a bit more money be warned you may have A room till you leave but it may not be your actual room so there is no point paying more when you can get a courtesy room for free for the same amount of time , but we will definitely be coming back ! More

merlin954X, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Very nice resort spacious rooms

We stayed here in May booking up last minute and getting a great deal, we paid around £900 for 2 people for 7 nights. There ins't a lot to do in the area but ideal for a pure relaxation holiday. Nice touches are that the cases are taken from the room on check out and then the next time you see them is at the airport back home. The hotel is well kept and has a luxury feel to it that is hard to find on such a big resort, the pools were nice to look at but icy cold all the time, the food was mediocre and we couldn't get booked into all the restaurants and the staff were not willing to accommodate this fact. Overall good holiday for a relaxing week but would be disappointed if we had paid what we heard some people had paid. PROS: Lovely surroundings Spacious rooms Bargain price (for us) CONS: Not much in the area Hard to get booked into the restaurants Ice cold pools in MayMore

Adpaj, Sunderland, United Kingdom

Quality Hotel in the Wrong Place

We travelled to Crete for a fortnight in Sept/Oct 2015. Had the bonus of a nice flight on the new Dreamliner from Gatwick and the added advantage Thomson provide with Sensatori regarding luggage collection to/from the airport and check-in on return departure from the hotel - all very good and avoids queueing at the airport (which incidentally, in Crete, is actually quite small and out-dated). The hotel is large and does take a few days for you to get your bearings. There are 9 blocks, 7 restaurants and 6 pools. We were allocated a ground floor room in block 3 which is actually a small block (12 rooms) at the back of the complex. We weren't over-impressed initially, (no sea view or pleasant outlook), but the room was fine and as with most ground floor rooms we had our own lazy river outside for a quick dip if required. The maid service was very good, two visits per day, the normal morning cleaning/bed making etc and a visit in the evening to turn back the bedclothes, leave water and sweets etc. Gowns and slippers are provided, so no need to pack them. The service in general was very good in all areas of the hotel. All staff were very friendly and polite and went out of their way to help. We stayed on a full board plus basis which basically covered all food, plus beer/house wine with lunch and evening meals. This worked well and unless you drink lots I can't imagine that paying for all-inclusive is worth it. Most people including us took the remainder or our wine with us to the entertainment after our meals. Food was excellent. In the normal buffet there was a varied selection of food all of which was very palatable. If you want to try somewhere different then I'd recommend the Mexican, Greek, Thai and Aroma Stone restaurants (all on site). The first three of these are included free, whereas the Aroma Stone has to be paid for, though you get a 15 euro allowance per person per visit, so it doesn't work out too expensive. In the Aroma Stone, you cook your own food on hot stones, which was interesting and proved to be very delicious. We did try the A la Carte restaurant on one night, and although being very nice, it was also quite empty and expensive, so we didn't go back.. One of the best aspects of the hotel is the entertainment, a combination of quality acts flown in from the UK (tribute acts, soul singers, comedians), plus a very talented resident group of 6 singers. We went to virtually all the performances throughout the fortnight and I have to say the acts were all very professional and enjoyable (much better entertainment than I've experienced anywhere else on holiday. The hotel has plenty of choice of swimming pools and we had no problem getting sunloungers around the pools (pool towels are provided). As with most hotels, you'll always be able to book car hire or trips elsewhere at cheaper prices. We did both, hiring a car from outside the complex and a day trip from the local trip provider just down the road opposite the beach. Whilst talking of day trips, I would recommend the trip to Spinalonga, the trip that includes a boat trip from Elounda, time for swimming, a barbeque and time in Aghios Nicholaos on the way back. A really enjoyable value for money day-out. Now for some of the less good points, but don't let these put you off - we had a really enjoyable time. We weren't over-impressed with the cleanliness of some of the pools/lazy river. The water quality looked OK, and certainly we did not suffer any illnesses, but some of the pool edges and bottoms seemed to have a dirty film on them (maybe, because we went near the end of the season). There is no onsite access to sports TV - we had to go to the Greek bar across the road to watch the rugby world cup. Lastly, and probably the biggest issue, is the location of the hotel. If you plan to stay in the hotel complex all the time, or go on organised day trips you'll be fine. However, there is not a great deal to see or do in and around Analipsi. The beach is disappointing - whilst it look OK, most access to the sea is difficult due to the rocky entry to the water. The sea was also a little rough whilst we were there, so in fact we stayed in the complex pools most of the time. Locally there are a number of bars, tavernas, souvenior shops and fashion shops, but nothing special. In summary, we had a great time and considered the holiday good value for money, bearing in mind we had a late deal and saved a fair amount of money (I wouldn't have been happy to pay full price mind you). We wouldn't go back again having been there and "done it" now, but we were impressed with the "Sensatori concept and level of service and will definitely consider another Sensatori hotel someone else.More

RobPole, Bristol, United Kingdom

Mediocre because of the weather

The hotel rooms were great but we went 22nd October weather not good rainy and u had to go out in the rain to get to main building staff really good good food and different restaurants Swim up rooms were fantastic ,hotel well placed to get around right on the beachMore

Gordon a,

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