Grand Sirenis Resort and Spa  

Thanks to pools with sunken loungers and a long list of à la cartes, the beachside Grand Sirenis Resort and Spa is in the lap of luxury.

The Grand Sirenis Resort and Spa is right on a palm-backed beach. Beyond the shore, the green of tropical and botanical gardens wraps up the hotel.

Junior suites come as standard at this hotel. Every one comes with a whirlpool bath next to the bed and a massage jet shower.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. 3 visits per week to the à la carte restaurants.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Minibar restocked daily.  Snacks at set times. Ice-cream.

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Main outdoor pool

Surrounded by a huge sun terrace with loads of sunbeds including Balinese beds. Open 8am 'til 6pm during winter months.

El Patio Mexican à la carte restaurant

Open from 6pm until 8.45pm during winter months.

Las Barcas Mediterranean à la carte restaurant

You can book in advance here. Open from 6pm until 8.45pm during winter months.

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junior suite

Junior suite sleeps up to 5, with 2 double beds or 1 king-size and 1 sofa-bed. With a fan, double whirlpool bath, massage jet shower, pay-per-view films and an iron and board.

junior suite with sea view

Junior suite with sea view sleeps up to 5, with 2 double beds or 1 king-size and 1 sofa-bed. With a fan, double whirlpool bath, massage jet shower, pay-per-view films and an iron and board.

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Review by a family with three small kids

We're a family with three kids: one is almost five years old, one is almost three, and one was just two months old at the time of travel. This review is therefore mostly for those travelling with small children. Vacationing couples or families with older kids can expect to get a different experience than us. Before I go into the details here's an overall opinion: keep this hotel on your consideration list. Whether you book this one or another may depend on the price you can get at time of booking. It has many good things going for it but it won't blow your mind away either. We booked through Transat because service and prices are better than competition. Their charter plane is modern and clean, with personal tablets in every seat that managed to entertain kids with cartoons/movies/games for the entire duration of the flight. Grand Sirenis is one hour twenty minutes away from the Cancun airport. The transfer to the dedicated bus is seamless at the airport, but you do need to prepare some activities for your kids to keep them occupied while on the bus as the highway scenery quickly gets monotonous. Grand Sirenis is a larger size hotel with about one thousand rooms. Transat Holidays and other Canadian travel agencies provide a large chunk of business to Sirenis so this translates to a hotel being filled about two thirds with Canadians. This also means full size dedicated airport transfer buses that do not make stops at other hotels, which saves you some time vs getting to some smaller hotels where you have to share a bus with people going to other destinations. Nonetheless, the trip from home to hotel will take at least eight hours, and the trip back will be even longer. The bus needs to get you back to the airport at least three hours before departure. Add to that 1.5 hour on the bus, and any flight delays, and the trip back home might take twelve hours. Keep this in mind when packing your carry-on luggage. Make sure you have all the necessary children stuff handy for while you're enroute. Officially there are two hotels: Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach. In reality it's pretty much one and the same place. One big circle of buildings is one hotel, and another circle is another hotel. I understand that rooms and amenities are the same in both places and you have access to everywhere. At the present time AirTransat books to "Mayan Beach" section. However, we would recommend the building #18 located at the "Riviera Maya" section for families with children. #18 is very conveniently located to Kids Club, the pool at the Riviera section, evening entertainment building, and the better part of the beach. Checking-in: bus brought us by 2 PM, check-in took 30 minutes including waiting in line. Room keys are not given before 3 PM. At 3 PM our room was still not available. This allowed us to ask for a room in building #18 even though it's in "another" hotel. The supervisor at the check-in counter will likely have a print out of all available rooms at the moment, so by looking at that paper you can see whether anything is available in building #18. Not that others are any worse, it’s just #18 is perfect for those with kids. For whatever unknown reason we were asked to sign a paper that we did this switcheroo at our own will as if we were going to get a worse deal. Room: Building #18 has one elevator at one end and set of nice stairs at another (there are additional stair cases too). We had our room on the third floor and were not inconvenienced by this in any way even with a two month old baby on our hands. Even though #18 is centrally located and we could hear the pool DJ and night entertainment loud and clear from the hallway, once inside the room all was very quiet. Rooms have very good sound insulation. We were not bothered by outside noises at all. This was perfect, absolutely no worries on this part. Room itself is large, modern and was kept very clean by the staff. There's however that issue of a frosted glass (not a window) between the bathroom section and the room itself. This is completely useless design idea as far as we were concerned, but at least our room had that glass, as photos by others show that some rooms have this glass missing. TV has a few cartoon channels to keep kids occupied when it's necessary. Programming is mostly in English. Bathroom: each room has both a large Jacuzzi tub and a large shower stall. The bath tub is actually a bit too big, and combined with low water pressure it can easily take twenty minutes to fill it up sufficiently to bath kids. The shower has fancy massage jets and multiple settings but was useless because it leaked/sprayed water everywhere but not where we want it. The overhead shower head was still useful for a quick shower. While the water pressure on the third floor was not great, and the temperature would jump during busy hours, overall the situation was above average compared to hotels in Mexico that we have been to in the past. The sink is large but is too high and inconvenient for kids to reach by themselves, and there's no step stool available to help them out. Every day we had plenty of fresh towels, enough for everyone and in different sizes. This was good and helpful for a family of five. Beds: quite soft, and overall above average experience for Mexican hotels. There was also a twin-size pull out sofa bed that had seen better days but it was still functional. Kids club: stopped by a few times on the way to and from the beach. Most of the time the area was empty, and nothing was happening. Occasionally we saw staff in the back shack, but they didn't appear overly enthusiastic about engaging kids in many activities. This was a subpar experience, so don't expect much from this Kids Club at Sirenis. Nightly at 8:30 PM there's 30 mins of kids activities on the main stage. It was just okay as most of the night the action was quickly concentrated around two "winners" while "losers" had to sit on the stage and wait for the action to take place over the remaining 15-20 minutes. There was nothing else for the children during the rest of the day. A visit to the ice cream parlour can't be considered as an exciting event for kids to be repeated more than once because it's just a plain room with two extra flavour of ice cream compared to what can be found at the main buffet. Yes, you can also get a milkshake there, but there was no “service with a smile” or anything that would make kids want to spend much time there. Pools: all pools are nice for playing with children. The main ones feature zero entries at one end. The water is clean, doesn't smell too much with chlorine and is relatively warm (when weather cooperates). The Lazy River attraction is a great feature at this hotel and can be enjoyed (supervised) by kids of all ages. Dolphins: a bit away from the main hotel section. We visited the section early in the morning and observed dolphin training for free from the Spa terrace. We were not otherwise interested in this activity so can't say more about it. Beach: there's a section of the beach (to the left) that has nice sand shallow waters and no need for water shoes. The beach at Grand Bahia hotel can be considered just a bid more child friendly, and overall they both are good. Snorkeling is much easier and better at Grand Sirenis because the beach area is in a cove that is protected from large ocean waves. Safety: felt very safe throughout the property. The hotel is very remote and has gated entry for all vehicle traffic so there are absolutely no one else on the property but staff and vacationers. There are no local vendors on the beach as it's not accessible from outside the property. The hotel is far (at least 30 mins by taxi) from Playa Del Carmen. This hotel's location is not very convenient if you want to visit 5th avenue with kids. This item was not important to us. Whole day trips to pyramids and other attractions can be booked from this hotel just as easily as from other hotels. We didn’t go anywhere as we visited those places on our prior vacation trips to Cancun. Grand Sirenis doesn't have a local vendor market like the one at Grand Bahia (again not important but makes fewer things to occupy kids with). On site botanical garden: this is just an attraction checkmark for the hotel to list on their roster, but in reality is just a place that can't take more than three minutes of your time. It’s just a short pathway inside their green area with several different species of poorly identified palm trees. No flowers, no grasses, virtually no landscaping, and is just an old idea that didn’t get developed into anything exciting. Getting around: staying in building #18 made it very convenient for us to get around, and we didn't use the shuttle even once (goes around every 30 mins). Golf carts that drive people around are for the "premium guests" or getting the luggage in and out. Every building has a concierge downstairs. Supposedly they are there to help you with errands, but at our building their help always involved a ruse to get us interested in attending one of their timeshare presentations. And it doesn’t matter what name they use for their timeshare program, it’s still is a timeshare. We were fed with mañana on multiple occasions so they could get us back to their table again. This was when we were just trying to get our restaurant reservation tickets printed by them. Their attitude was always pleasant and welcoming, but their usefulness was lacking and interaction with them led to a sense of annoyance. Our vacation package gave us three restaurant reservations. Forget about getting a reservation at the Brazilian (steaks/meats) restaurant. As that place is small you'll either need to be one of the ones who agreed to a timeshare presentation (so it would be made a perk for you) or be on a two-week vacation so you can book it like 13 days in advance. We were told that Brazilian was fully booked for the week ahead upon our check in. We did however see a few empty tables in that place every evening. We weren’t allowed to book restaurants before check-in (when we were still home). Neither we were able to reserve a specific room at a specific building by calling the hotel directly before arrival. Food: food is important to us. We are not looking for the overabundant variety or presence of premium cuts of meat or fancy French cuisine methods, but instead seek quality in dishes prepared with what is available and ask for a bit of variety. Overall Grand Sirenis gets a passing grade. Every buffet location serves the same food. Their beef cuts are usually beef liver/kidneys. Fish offerings sometimes are great, and at other times can be tasteless or too salty or too greasy. The grill section at the buffet offers the same mundane selection of pastas with same sauces every afternoon and evening. The showcase meat dish (usually a large chunk of pork or a turkey) sometimes is good and sometimes just too bland and boring. However, look out for some side offerings that can be located on the same warming station. On one occasion they had very tasty roasted young whole potatoes that went deliciously well with their antipasto dishes. There are some sparks of food ingenuity but you have to search for them diligently. For example, some of the antipasto offerings at the main buffet were spectacular. The balance of spice flavours, marinades and EVOO resulted in great-tasting combinations. Waiters at restaurants: in total we experienced better service at other hotels. Only a couple of times staff offered high chairs for our kids. Coffee, tea, juice refills were not speedy or not offered at all. On a few occasions we didn’t even leave a tip because we felt that there was no tip to leave to – no one was really serving us. There was one notable exception though – Juan Carlos who usually works evening shifts at El Rancho was always very attentive and made sure our experience was exceptional. We’re very thankful to him for making our meal times easier. Drinking water: Outstanding level as compared to other hotels in Mexico we visited in the past. There's plenty of drinking water provided in each room (large 12 cup bottles). It was also restocked every day. I didn't have a single glass of a pop that smell like chlorine (sign of tap water) at Grand Sirenis. In fact, this was the first hotel in Mexico or Dominican Republic where I didn't experience any level of food poisoning. This is a great level of food safety achievement on the part of the hotel. Kudos to them! Restaurants: book El Rancho, and if you get lucky and they have full steak menu then you can get a very decent size filet mignon that will actually going to be properly cooked to your asking. Steaks come with some nice side offerings. Rib eye steak was passable. T-Bone was served in a thickness barely over 1/4". While it was properly grilled it was simply too thin. However, the problem with all the steaks was with the absence of any real flavour. All of them were grilled with no spices or even salt. More so there was no sauce of any kind on the plate. They have A1 bottles available but it tastes like watered down vinegar. So, before you enjoy your steak try to come up with an idea how you'll season it. Because there was five of us in our group we were able to order at least four different main courses in every restaurant, so my opinion is based on more than one dish. pass on the Japanese teppanyaki place. It was understaffed, over pretentious and completely failed on delivery. Orders were messed up. Seafood was overcooked. Even the fried rice was served burned because the teppanyaki chef was rushing and obviously cooked fried rice on overly too hot grill which was right in front of our seats. Maki roll plate was a joke (five pieces of stale rice roll). Salmon sashimi was probably semi-smoked stale piece of salmon fillet ripped into thin strands, I couldn’t really figure out what it was and didn’t finish the dish as I was afraid to get food poisoning. Italian - kind of okay. The server inquired me about how to cook (med, rare, etc) the beef in the "beef under tomato sauce" dish. The alarms raised in my head were not for nothing. The beef was not a steak of any kind but actually the same type of beef liver/kidneys served in the main buffet. I'm still trying to figure out whether there's a legitimate dish in the world that involves undercooked beef kidneys under tomato sauce and that would not risk sending you to closest drug store for some stomach meds. On the other hand the red snapper was grilled perfectly and presented very nicely. Also make sure to visit the antipasto table. They have some additional offerings as compared to the main buffet tables. Both steak and fish carpaccios were delightful. The blunder with an offer to eat undercooked beef liver wouldn’t have deserved a mention if not for the fact that it was combined with condescending attitude given to us by the same server. Sure, we had some issues controlling our Brady Bunch but neither was this an upscale restaurant in the shadow of The Colosseum (yes, I visited such a restaurant). Sirenis house wine (both red and white) suck but still are not of the most horrendous variety that we have tried in some other Mexican hotels. Bypass this nuisance by bringing over a bottle or two of your preferred variety with you from your home country. An $18 bottle of Chilean Cabernet will likely outperform anything on Sirenis own wine list, even the ones they ask $80 for. We didn’t have any issues uncorking and enjoying our own bottle (a twist top certainly helps). Entertainment: nightly shows were pretty good. Some of them have a chance of matching the level of shows for which people might want to pay money to see. The nightly pre-shows were mostly boring due to inability of the entertainment guys to successfully engage the crowd. Some folks just don't have enough charisma and too much cheesiness to achieve it. Such were the guys at this place. Their daily acts by the pool at Rievier section often failed to gather sufficient number of participants to proceed with the planned activities. It's not the sign that crowd is lame, it's the sign that entertainers are not that good at what they try to do. Bottom line thoughts: Grand Sirenis is of one of not too many locations at the wonderful Riviera Maya that can offer a good vacation option to a family with two or more kids and for a reasonable price and mostly good service, food and entertainment. Therefore, you should certainly keep this hotel on your consideration list, and visit it at least once especially if can book it at a price lower than comparable options.More

Lachplesis, Toronto

Best vacation ever 2014

My family and I had the best vacation ever and we have Miguel Deara (buffet area) Roberto (shuttle driver) Victoriano (towel centre) Super Mario for the best tequila volleyball game ever , but I would like to thank everyone at the resort for being , so helpful, friendly and the cleaning staff that made all of those cool animals out of towels the kids just loved them. We had such an amazing time, we are looking into 2015. Hope to see you there!!!More

Dana C, Toronto, Canada

Will return often!

We returned back to the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya on December 3rd (we were there in May 2014). We love everything about the resort. Our personal concierge was Majid. He was fantastic. We we celebrating both an anniversary and a birthday during our stay. Majid arranged for both days to be memorable. The building concierge, Vania Haro, was such a wonderful lady. She was friendly and helpful. The pool bar was the best! Eduardo, Cali, Ventura and Leo are great bartenders and are a lot of fun. We are going back in March or April. We absolutely love this place More

Amanda S, Edgerton, Ohio

Best animator ever! (Super Mario!)

My family and I recently vacationed at the Grand Sirenis beginning of Dec,2014, our second time now to this resort and it was even better than before! Love all the reno's and upgrades to the resort as a whole, again, resort was well kept, clean and service outstanding all around. We frequented one pool in particular (beside the Cajun restaurant) because of Mario and his co-host/animators who never stopped entertaining us. Well done Boys! Mario Mendoza Espinosa, you are fantastic, thank you for putting up with our rowdy crew and showing us a really great time that week. Cheers my friend, we shall be back! hahaMore

Jennjenn66, Calgary, Canada

Fab once again

This was our fourth visit to this resort.speaks for itself really.once again the food was fab the grounds superbly kept.rooms spotlessly clean.all the staff are wonderful they can't do enough to help.special thanks to our concierge marary ,Rubens,basil io,and Natalia for all assistance booking our a la carte meals and anything we asked of them.must mention the bar staff angel Clemente Jesus amilcar samuel and Louis not forgetting Francisco of course.they are amazing to watch making the cocktails staff amazing wonderful service from Ramon,cosme,and Ernesto.oscar doing a great job as usual.many thanks to celia for her great welcome in the Mediterranean and Japanese a la cartes well done all.very special thanks to elvina aura loa and Teresa in the coffee shop excellent .the boys on the beach bar Salvador,Samuel and all the beach and poolgirls,laydi,Laura,Maggie all were fantastic.overheard a Canadian lady say only hotel to beat this one was Sandals good or what.More

aksullysheff, Sheffield, United Kingdom

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