Couples Sans Souci  

This hotel was awarded a place on the Condé Nast Traveler's Gold List for 2013, so you know you’re in for a treat...

This luxury hotel is tucked away on top of a rocky outcrop, and looks out over a spotless white beach. The sea views are second to none – and you get to enjoy them whichever room you’re staying in.

There are four pools here. And dining is a real pleasure, with options including a gourmet venue and a beach grill. Beyond the hotel, Ocho Rios – home to Dunn’s River Falls – is about a 10-minute drive away.

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Honeymooners staying seven nights or more get a room upgrade subject to availability, 30 minute massage each and sparkling wine. Offer valid for travel within 30 days of wedding. Please state 'Honeymooners' at time of booking and travel with a copy of your wedding certificate.

Food & Drink

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Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local-brand and premium-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Minibar.  Snacks at set times.

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Charlie's Spa takes its name from the sea turtle that used to swim in the mineral spring grotto that bubbles up beneath the resort. The spa is a tropical retreat with cabanas overlooking the sea. Book in for treatments like a Couples Body Scrub and Polish, a Bridal Bliss Package, hot stone therapy or a mani-pedi.

4 outdoor pools

There's a choice of four outdoor pools here with three whirlpools. Sun terraces with shaded areas, dotted with sunloungers and parasols, make the ideal place to relax.

Bella Vista Jamaican à la carte restaurant

It's here that you can sample traditional Jamaican cuisine. The restaurant is closed on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

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suite with limited sea view

These stylish suites with a limited sea view sleep two. They come with a king-size bed, a ceiling fan, sitting area, in-suite dining, flatscreen satellite TV, iPod docking station, iron and board, bathrobes and nightly turndown service.

suite with sea view

These stylish suites with a sea view sleep two. They come with a king-size bed, a ceiling fan, sitting area, in-suite dining, flatscreen satellite TV, iPod docking station, iron and board, bathrobes and nightly turndown service.

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Disappointing and Indifferent Service

As I write this, Couples Sans Souci is closed for renovation. However renovation will not correct the problems that my wife and I encountered on our trip there from June 30 – July 7, 2015. We have been to many clothing optional and top-notch resorts in the past, and if you look at my user profile you can see some of them that I have reviewed on this site. We booked a week at Sans Souci at the recommendation of some friends. Their website noted that the resort would be closed for renovations from July 9 to mid-October but that there would be no decrease in activities offered or the level of service until closing, and also no decrease in the rates. I researched the resort and found that it had a lot of good reviews and repeat guests, but made mention of some stairs. I am partially handicapped and not real good with stairs, but our friend recommended we request a room in Buildings A or B, which are on the flat area where the restaurants and beaches are located, and on that basis we booked it with a request for a room on the first floor in Buildings A or B. We arrived at Montego Bay on schedule on June 30 and were whisked to the resort on a crowded bus for a two hour ride and a half-hour stop at a bar mid-way. We arrived at the resort at 4:00. My wife and I were in the back of the bus and six or seven other couples got off before is. We were more than ready, after that long bus ride, to get settled in our room. However, upon entering the resort’s lobby, we see only one Admissions clerk. (We found later that the other clerks were being laid off slowly as the closure date approached and the Admissions area was one of the first to go.) The six couples are queued in a line before us. By the time it was our turn to check in, it was 4:45. The clerk processed our papers and in 20 minutes the porter took us to our room, which was on the third floor with over 30 steps. We told the porter the room wouldn’t work because of the stairs, and he returned us to the Admissions clerk, Shawna, who was waiting to go home. Shawna was visibly irritated and told us there were no other rooms available. She said requests for special rooms are not guaranteed. By this time it was 5:15; five hours since our arrival in Jamaica, and we were tired, stressed and beat. I told Shawna the room wasn’t acceptable and asked for a refund so we could stay at another hotel with flatter grounds. At no time were we given to option to go to a different Couples resort, without all of the steps at Sans Souci. Shawna called her supervisor, Miss Clarissa Jones, who heard our story, sucked her teeth, and said she would have to look for something else in our current Building (Building G was, we later discovered, which was high up on the cliffs). Miss Jones disappeared, as did Shawna. We sat in the hot lobby with no drinks, no food, and no other people. I walked out at 5:45 and again at 6:15 and asked the bellman what was going on. In each case he went to find out but did not return. Finally, at 6:30, the bellman and Shawna came to take us to our new room, which was on the first floor of Building G. However, because Bldg. G is on a cliff, we had to walk DOWN 15 stairs to get to the room, and so it stands to reason that we would have to walk UP those same stairs multiple times every day. I pointed that out to Miss Jones, and she said it was better than the third floor, and advised us to call for a shuttle to go to a beach or restaurant, as they were long walks. We were unhappy, and Let Shawna and Miss Jones know it. However her attitude, as we found to be common among the staff, was one of complete indifference. This was our room and that was the best she could do. I felt sorry for the bellman, dragging our bags up and down all those steps, so I slipped him a tip, which he promptly turned and gave to Shawna. I asked why he gave his tip away and he said “we have to share”. Lesson learned – don’t tip, or tip very surreptitiously. We learned to do the latter and found that to get good service you have to tip “under the table”. We brought lots of singles and fives, and tipped very heavily. While unpacking we checked the mini-bar fridge and it was empty. Couples has a “personalize your own mini-bar” service, and left a checklist of items we could order, however the mini-bar was supposed to be fully stocked upon arrival and we were extremely thirsty! I called the operator and informed her we had an empty fridge, and she asked what we wanted and said someone was on their way up to stock it. By then it was dinnertime and we went to the lobby to ask for a ride to the restaurant, but there was nobody there! The bellman out front told us the shuttle was not on site and the only place to eat was at the beach party – all of the restaurants were closed on Tuesday (our arrival day) and . So we trekked down and up and down over hills and cliffs. The property is absolutely beautiful! But by the time we found the beach party down many twisting paths and stairs, we were pretty exhausted and feeling ripped off. However, we decided to make the best of it. We were pre-paid and had no other option. We nibbled at dinner, mostly jerk chicken and ribs from the grill, because everything else was literally covered with winged termites, which were attracted by the spotlights on the beach and at the outdoor buffet stations - a little too much protein for me. We walked back to the room – another 30-minute trek in 90% humidity, and found that our in-room mini-bar was sill empty. I placed another call to the operator, and at 9:30 PM the night manager, Coral, and an attendant came with some items for the mini-bar. Of the six items (from their list) that we had requested, they were able to provide only three: diet coke, sprite, and water. Ice was not provided. Coral later sent up a fruit plate and a bottle of champagne; however, mini-bar service was spotty all week; we never knew what we would find or not find. We spent most of our time on the au natural beach. It is a beautiful beach in a very pretty setting at the mouth of the White River yet segregated from the rest of the resort by a peninsula containing an inholding – property not owned by the resort, and there was heavy construction noise coming from there daily. We never had any problem finding chairs or shade. We found a very nice driver who drove us there and I asked him to be back at 4:30. We tipped him well. The service at the beach was, for lack of a better word, indifferent. There was no drink service; we had to walk to the beach bar for drinks. No little flags in the sand!! Lunch, buffet style, was very limited. We saw many left over items from prior night’s dinners. It was impossible to get a sandwich or anything not on the steam tables. All week, the beach bar constantly ran out of basic items such as sprite, water, ice, straws, diet coke and glasses, among other essentials. At 4:30 we went to the service road to wait for the shuttle, but the driver, we later learned, had been put on a different project, so he did not show up. A lifeguard on a bicycle rode by going up the hill and I asked him if he could call the lobby and ask them to send a shuttle. He said he would. 15 minutes later he returned and whizzed past us on his bicycle, shouting “the shuttle is coming. It’s right behind me.” Another 15 minutes and I asked another pool attendant on a bicycle to call us a ride, and he said he would, laughing as he rode up the hill. 15 minutes later we decided to walk very slowly. Eventually we made it. Shuttle service was more reliable on later days as we learned to call the lobby from the beach bar. And the drivers learned that we tipped discreetly! We had dinner at the beach bar and grill, which was the only option available as all other restaurants require a reservation one day in advance (which we did not do as we arrived late due to service issues described.) We were told by a staff member that the staff that could not be placed at the other Couples Resorts (almost all of the blue-collar types) were being laid off for 3 months with no guarantee of a job when the resort re-opens, so morale was poor. As the week went on and the number of guests dwindled, so did the number of staff, the level of service and the variety and quality of the food. One day I was walking to the beach bar at the au natural beach and I slipped into a shirt to avoid sunburn. The beach attendant –the same one that promised us a ride on the bicycle – ran over to me and demanded I take my shirt off as no clothing is allowed. I told him it was only for the walk to the bar. He ordered me to take the shirt off or leave the beach. I took the shirt off, went back to my beach chair, grabbed a towel, and threw it over my shoulder as I walked to the bar. The beach attendant literally glowered at me, but hey, there were lots of people with towels around their waists, so what could he say!! The lifeguards and pool attendants were only infrequently at the au natural beach, so it was no big problem, but bespeaks of the kind of service we experienced throughout the week. There were absolutely no activities offered at the beach. I don’t know whether this was because the resort closed two days after we left, or if it is just the way it is when you have a no tipping policy. So, in summary, Couples San Souci is a nice, quiet hotel on the cliffs with nice beaches and an indifferent staff (especially the lobby and admin folks; not so much the drivers/bellmen or housekeepers). Service is better if you tip, so forget the no tipping policy. It is probably a good spot for a romantic get-away, but for us every day was a hassle just getting from point A to point B, and dealing with the indifferent and often rude staff. I feel like the resort should have reduced the rates for this week prior to closing, because the service was not good. Of course, after renovation they can say all these problems were fixed. But their renovation will not touch the indifferent service. This is a hotel to which we will not return.More

STJWizard, The Beach

Good, but not great.

I'm a few months late posing my review. Let me start by saying that I have no complaints about this resort other than the fact that it is simply overpriced. I would have given it 5 stars if it were $250 a night. However, this place is an average of $400 a night, and for that hefty fee, I expect very high standards and excellence. Heck, we all should. That's a lot of hard-earned money. The food is good, not great. The rooms are good, not great. The service, however, is fantastic. The property is beautiful and the atmosphere is so relaxing it's contagious. We will most likely return because swimsuits are dumb and there's nothing in the world like Sunset Beach to cure the over-clothed blues. If it weren't for that though, we wouldn't return unless the price reduced dramatically. Overall, there are better hotels for $400 a night. CONS: - Too much social eating. I don't go on vacation to dine at big tables with a bunch of other people. There should be more options for private dining on the Gala and beach party nights. - The food should be better for the cost. - Ants in the bathroom. Lots and lots of ants. - Housekeeping did a mediocre job at best. - Room service trays laid around the outside of rooms for days at a time. It was gross. PROS: - There isn't a bad view. Anywhere. - Customer service is top-notch. If you want something, just ask - you'll get it. - The spa services are worth every penny. - Entertainment and activities are abundant. There's more to do on the property than you'll ever have time for. Again, my husband and I loved it here, I just don't think you get a 5 star resort for the 5 star cost paid.More

msrichardson, Nashville, Tennessee

Didn't live up to my expectations

I've been to CSA & also CN both in Negril. I am a beach person and both of these were awesome. I would go to either of them again, however, I like to see new and different things. I have a hard time going back to a place over and over again no matter how much I like it. The world is a big place. So... since we really like the Couples Brand and the weather in Jamaica we thought we'd give Ocho Rios a try and we booked at CSS. We chose this over CTI because of the room styles and the grounds. The grounds are beautiful. I put on more miles just walking around taking pictures of all the beauty. And the staff is fabulous. Every single one of them goes over and above and always with a big smile. You will not find better staff anywhere. At least we haven't so far. I won't mention names only because I would have to fill the page and would feel bad if I left someone out. They are ALL spectacular. The rooms are also incredibly nice. Older and need of some repair but nothing worth complaining about. The size....roomier than any place I have been with a great balcony. And the view....fabulous. Plenty clean too. The beach which I knew wasn't going to be all that great, really left me disappointed; very small. If that wasn't the only issue I would have been okay with it because I knew that going in but there was way too much seaweed. I like going in the water without having to pay attention where I'm floating or walking to. I won't walk or float thru that stuff. Call me Princess I don't care. It will keep me from going back. Also, I was not impressed with the variety of food. It was all very good and presented very nicely but it was very repetitious. I liked the beach restaurant the best. Just being able to sit out on the waters edge was great. I REALLY loved all the activities staff. They were all so friendly and down to earth but I wasn't all that impressed with the activities. We did manage to put together pool volleyball quite regularly but there was no staff person in attendance. Usually, that's a good time to get to know the activities staff. Also, there was no beach volleyball at all the entire while I was there (10 days). That was VERY disappointing. The net was up but the activities crew didn't try to get a game going. I played Croquet, Jamaica Trivia, tie dyed a T-Shirt (that was my favorite), took a sailboat out, rode the water bike but that was about it. There was not bead making, hat making, salsa making, rum tasting and the like. Kind of missed those activities which we had at the other 2 couples locations. I know CSS is known for it's Nude beach and all the activities that take place there but that's not me. Maybe if it was my thing I would have enjoyed this resort more but it isn't and it won't be. Now you can call me prude. Did I have a good time? Yes. I'm on vacation. I can have a good time just about anywhere. But I wouldn't go back. However, I would love to see so many of the wonderful staff again. Glad I'm at least FB friends with some of them. They really made my vacation memorable.More

mikendi3530, Slinger, Wisconsin

Private Paradise

Upon landing, we made it to the Couples lounge at the airport and were promptly greeted. The van ride was almost 2 hrs. Once there, we checked in with no problems. The room was spacious, a little dated (re-doing the beachfront suites right now), but completely fine for us. We dined mostly at Bella Vista/Beach Grill. The food and service was amazing at night. We sat right on the edge of the patio and the tide would come right to the edge. We loved that! During the day the food was good, but the service was average in comparison to Palazzina. Breakfast, we either ate at Palazzina or did room service. Omelets and chocolate croissants were so yummy. We chose to cancel our reservation for Casanova so we could have our last dinner on the beach at Bella Vista. Snorkeling was a disappointment due to the lack of fish and sickly looking reef. I would skip snorkeling next time. The beach at the resort was nice and private. We did not see any shells and there were some urchins in some of the deeper areas. Had a blast doing the hat making class. We hung out at the main pool in the afternoons. Go see Akeen and order a mango Tango. He was so much fun and we just loved him. The martini bar was great and we met the wonderful Veronique. She made great martinis and was super nice. The spa service that we booked was a massage. Marsha did wonders on my knots! The setting was perfect, the sound of the waves, the breeze and getting completely pampered. We really didn't take in the nightly entertainment. We caught the Extreme show and did the beach party. The beach party had great music and food. This was the first time we noticed just how many guests there actually were at the resort. It never seemed that there were that many people there. Notes: Do Dunn's river falls-beautiful views and a fun climb. Bring money for tipping. Everyone accepted tips and with the service they deserve it! On Jamaican night we were kept up until 4 am because the music was so loud. We're told that a wedding party was also being held. So, not sure what the cause was. My husband and I look forward to revisiting this resort in the future.More

cella97, Denton, Texas

Great Vacation

We recently returned from a week long stay at Couples San Souci(CSS) resort in Ocho Rios Jamaica. Our first visit to a Couples branded resort. The resort itself is beautiful. Parts of the resort are on the cliffs boarding the ocean which was very scenic. We arrived early in the afternoon. I highly recommend taking the earliest flight you can into Jamaica, you will fly through customs as there are not a lot of flights early in the day. We arrived early enough to get to the pool at sunset beach(SSB) after getting settled into our room. We made our way over to SSB and were surprised to see so many people. We figured it was off season and later in the day that there might not be that many people but it was packed. There must have been at least 35 couples in the pool alone. There was a volley ball game going and many people gathered around the swim up pool bar. We immediately joined the party and got almost a half days worth of time in the pool. Over the next several days we met many other couples and hung out and had lots of laughs. They will be life long friends. We dined at all 3 of the resorts resturants. Our favorite was Bella Vista on the beach beacause of its location and no reservations required, we prefer to waltz in when hungry. The food and service was outstanding but the last couple of days there was a noticeable decline in quality and service. The resort was shutting down for remodelling in a few days and many employees would lost their jobs. It did not detract from our othewise great vacation. We will most likely return to visit with friends we made.More

ncouple, New York

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