Sensatori Resort Jamaica  

This stylish beachfront resort puts white sands and the Caribbean Sea in the palm of your hand.

Sensatori Resort Jamaica has a coveted location. It's on Negril’s famous Seven Mile Beach, a long ribbon of white sand fringed by coconut palms.

Bedrooms are really chic, and if you upgrade to a swim-up room you'll get instant access to the pool, plus an over-water daybed. Elsewhere, the resort lines up smart pools and a clutch of restaurants.

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Luxury holidays designed to fuel the senses

  • At least 4 restaurants
  • Great sports line-ups
  • Modern children’s facilities
  • Top entertainment
  • World-class spas
  • Choice of rooms and suites

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Honeymoon Offer

You get a free upgrade to the Gourmet Honeymoon and Anniversary package when you stay in a Beachfront Honeymoon suite, and have a marriage certificate that’s valid for 60 days before or after the wedding or anniversary. The package includes a private gourmet 4-course candlelit dinner on the beach, 2 for 1 beachfront sky massages, a chilled bottle of Champagne delivered to your room on arrival, complimentary use of Wi-Fi, a 15 per cent discount on spa services, your room decorated with rose petals and candles following your private dinner, a fresh tropical flower arrangement in your room, and gourmet breakfast in bed the morning after your private dinner.

Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, with meals included in all restaurants as part of the Gourmet All Inclusive package.  Local and some international drinks included. Complimentary minibar in the room.  Snacks at set times and room service included.

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4 outdoor pools

There are 4 pools, including an adults-only number and two that come with swim-up bars. Children have a spalsh area too, which features waterfalls and sprays.

Palms buffet restaurant

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with an open kitchen and cooking stations. Gentlemen are asked to wear long trousers or tailored shorts in all restaurants.

Garfield Beach House bar

This place is set right on the beach. You can enjoy the wonderful views while enjoying a freshly poured drink.

Rooms► View all

deluxe double room with limited sea view

Deluxe double room with limited sea view sleeps 2 with a king-size bed, a 32-inch plasma TV, iPod docking station and a rainfall shower in the bathroom. Located in the adults-only section.

deluxe swim up for 2

Deluxe swim-up room with limited sea view sleeps 2 with a king-size bed, a 32-inch plasma TV, iPod docking station, a rainfall shower in the bathroom and comes with direct access to a shared pool. These rooms are also located in the adults-only section of the hotel.

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Breathtaking location but Thomson missing the Sensatori mark

My fiancé and I visited this resort for one week in September 2014. Weather Like many it would seem, we booked in Jamaica's rainy season. We arrived in a very heavy thunderstorm and I have to admit at the time I was dreading what he rest of the week would be like. However, you can often tell when the rain is coming and it normally clears up in two or three hours. To be honest at is time of year the rain was welcome to us as it cleared out some of the humidity. Do not be put off by the rain- it always cleared up for the evenings. Transfers Your transfer experience will vary depending on what time you lands our journey to he hotel took early two hours due to traffic in Montego Bay and Lucea (this was between 3 and 5pm). Our return trip to the airport was much quicker! Check In The hotel has a great policy of asking you to complete check in paperwork on he coach during transfer, negating the need to queue at reception when you arrive. Most welcome after a long journey! Obligatory cold towels and chilled drink on arrival- in line with expectations of a Sensatori resort. Accommodation I am sad to say we were disappointed with our room- not to the extent where we asked to move; with only a weeks holiday we did not see the point in the extra hassle. But, be warned, if you book a standard deluxe room you will most likely be put in the middle floor of the block. These rooms have a partial view of he pool but this is often obscured by Palm trees. What can I say, you get what you pay for! The bedroom itself is minimalist in decoration but nonetheless very stylish. It is however, the smallest Sensatori room we have ever had (and we have always had base level rooms). You had to squeeze round the bathroom door to get to the shower, the toilet was not separate as in Sensatori hotels we have visited previously and the finish to the tiling in the bathroom, and for that matter in the entire hotel, had a distinct feel of a rushed job. I realise this May sound like I am whinging but, if Thomson are going to market a hotel as Sensatori, they should be consistent in their standards. I'm afraid our room was simply not in line with our expectations. Our room number was 4209, and I have read one or two reviews about the last two rooms on a floor having small bathrooms. Perhaps others are better? Having one of the last rooms on the floor meant we were only about ten metres from the busy main road outside the hotel. I am afraid the noise is a real nuisance! Every other car seems to pip their horns they go past, for some unknown reason, and if not that then they are speeding. It is particularly bad first thing in the morning so if you like a lie in, consider asking for a different room. An ocean view room may be well worth the upgrade but there seems to be a game of Swim-Up Suite Roulette. You either luck in and get one that gets plenty of sun, or you are permanently in the shade. Nevertheless the swim up beds get drenched by the rain, so perhaps a better option when it is dry! Food &Drink On to something more positive! We can honestly fault very little about the food and drink here. The Palms buffet is an appropriate size for he capacity of the hotel and caters to many tastes. You can even get bacon, albeit the American style. Di Romagna was our favourite restaurant, I recommend he chocolate rum fudge for dessert (on a separate menu presented after your main course). Probably the nicest dessert I have ever had. We enjoyed Garfield's which has a lovely atmosphere. Ackee was our least favourite, but not because of the food, as I will cover later. The beach and pool parties (held on Saturday and Wednesday respectively) had excellent buffet spreads and I consider them well worth attending. Only one other restaurant is open for dinner on these evenings so if you do not fancy the parties your choice is limited. Drinks- I think the staff enjoy plying you with alcohol! But seriously, at the bars, the bartenders can make you anything you like, and their selection of signature cocktails is excellent. Try the Bob Marley, even if it is just because it looks fantastic. At dinner, if ordering wine, you will be asked if you would like the House or the Premier. If you do not want to be charged extra for your wine then stick with the house selection. Selected premium spirits are also chargeable but the bartender was very upfront about this. Staff & Service This resort excels in this area. In line with almost every other review, the staff cannot do enough for you. The entertainments and sports teams are approachable and charismatic. The bar staff are falling over themselves to keep your drink topped up and the waiter service is curteous and prompt. That brings me onto tipping. I realise there are a few different outlooks on tipping; generally we do not tip frequently or heavily because we do not believe good service should come at an extra price. However, we had no problem tipping whom we wished, when we wished and they were always graciously received. There is a high unemployment rate in Jamaica and I sense that the jobs that are about do not pay that well. Essentially everyone is just trying to make a decent living. There were times that we did feel pressured to tip, or that occasionally a staff member would say something that made us feel a little awkward- "we rely on tips to survive". But I would urge you not to feel obliged to tip at every opportunity unless it is your wish to do so. We saw many couples leave restaurants without tipping, in fact more did not tip than did. However depending on who you speak to you may be told that tipping is customary. Simply be prepared for the tipping minefield! Entertainment The entertainment program here has a more relaxed vibe which suits the location and culture. There are nightly performances on the deck by the main pool and there was plenty of variety to these. The acts are mostly local and of high quality- Jamaicans certainly know how to sing and dance! From 2230 the Nesta lounge opens (adults only) and the resident band plays nightly before the DJ takes over. Tammy, the lead singer, has an incredible voice but she does do a lot of ballads. We sometimes found this killed the mood a little but there is no denying the quality of the act. Sensatori Flavours The Sensatori ‘flavours’ are all present and correct at this resort. There is less emphasis on fitness classes here but instead there are regular sessions of yoga, pilates and tai chi. Beach volleyball andbeach football also run daily. We attended a few of these sessions but not as many as we have at other Sensatori resorts. Time does tend to slip away from you in Jamaica! There is also a good variety of cultural sessions including rum tasting, reggae dance classes and learning to speak Patois, the unofficial Jamaican language. Facilities One of my greatest disappointments about this resort was arriving to find that the promised state-of-the-art gym was closed for refurbishment. Perhaps someone could confirm for me but, five months after opening as a Sensatori hotel surely the gym does not need to be refurbished already? My suspicion is that it was never ready on time. Reception staff pointed me in the direction of the ‘standby gym’ which was sadly completely unfit for purpose. They had used the ‘My Gym’ (a children’s facility) to house the standby which contained a very very limited amount of cardio equipment, three pairs of dumbbells and two swiss balls. It’s saving grace was that it was air-conditioned. We decided to try and make the best of it but at least half the cardio machines are rickety or screech with grinding parts. We did not bother with it after that. I do feel that Thomson should have notified us in advance that the facilities would not be as published because, although on paper there is a gymnasium, it really is not what you would expect from a Sensatori hotel. We probably would have gone anyway even f we had received notification, but it is at least polite to not fob off your customers with sub-standard replacements to promised facilities. Overall We had a really lovely relaxing time in Jamaica. The high points: location, service, food and drink. Low points: Our particular room, overall quality of finish in the hotel and lack of proper gym. If you are looking for a holiday in Jamaica, I would recommend this resort because I do not believe there is a better location to be in. However, if you are looking for a true Sensatori experience, don’t set your expectations too high! Interesting information! While chatting to one of the Thomson reps in the resort I learned that the hotel is planning to expand to include a selection of butler suites, I assume similar to Sandals. I cannot remember exactly when she said this would begin- perhaps early next yer, but the work is expected to take around a year, and the extension will be on a plot adjacent to blocks 1000 and 2000. I have no idea what if any disruption this may cause but it is probably worth knowing.More

Nat M, Worksop, England, United Kingdom

Just Fell Short of Hype.....

Just returned from a weeks stay at the Sensatori Jamaica, much hyped up by Thomson but just falling short, in my opinion, of potential and promise. Flew Premium Class (seats 1A and 1C) both ways on the Dreamliner - Great flights, easily comparable to BA and Virgin Prem Economy - probably more room, wider seats, food just as good if not better....... only the one outbound surly stewardess who snapped at my wife when she was talking to me and not the stewardess and limited inflight entertainment (compared to BA / Virgin) as slight negatives – well, well worth the upgrade in my opinion at 6' 2" and of a larger frame – especially as it only cost us in the region of £250 pp to upgrade. Booked a private transfer and upon arrival were just sent outside to find a "Roderick" - in a sea of men shouting at you about taxis, you have to find this one individual with a tiny name badge - for me that was a let down by Thomson - no customer care at all. Eventually found the guy, put in a cab, friendly driver but took great pains to explain how he expected a tip..... Don’t get me wrong - I expect to tip but don't expect to be told by the individual that it is expected.......Again – not great by a company used all the time by Thompson. The welcome at the hotel was fantastic - cold towel, glass of champagne, canapes, the reception staff coming to us, giving a tour of the hotel on the way to the room - couldn’t fault it. We were so tired after a long journey we opted for the Room service and a couple of Red Stripe from the complimentary mini fridge - food was choice limited as one would expect and not great, but exactly what we needed, so no complaints there. Of all the friendly staff, Omar at the pool really stood out and made sure we were happy and had everything we needed - he's a real credit to the hotel. Food - When describing this as a Gourmet Inclusive holiday, I was expecting a better than the average All incl. buffet meals. The bbq on the beach (twice a week) was immense and we lived in hope that all the food would live up to this promise.....sadly as the week continued it started to become the same old buffet food that you can get at any All Incl. - I have stayed at the RIU hotels in Cape Verde a couple of times and the food was fractionally better than there but by no means "Gourmet". I don't expect the equivalent of a top London restaurant, but when its hyped up, I did expect slightly better than the norm and really, it just missed and could have been better. The Jamaican Restaurant was shut three or four nights of our week stay without warning, so we ended up not being able to eat there - disappointing, The Italian was good, nice choice of food - we ate there twice. My main gripe was the two occasions the restaurants were shut forcing everyone to sit outside in the muggy heat, wedding style (tables of 8 - 10 people). I went for a romantic week with my wife, not to make small talk with strangers and I didn't appreciate being forced into that, seemingly without any warnings or notice. It’s like the hotel assumes you know what is happening – I’m not convinced many people really enjoyed that. Entertainment - What little there was in the evening. There may well have been other things later in the Rasta bar (post -11pm) but it didn't start till late. Early evening - One night a guy with a guitar – quite good, one night a reggae band who hit you up after three songs for tips and to buy their CD and one night a String Quartet - who were very good. Noise - it's a constantly noisy resort - loud music round the pool that permeates into the rooms during the day, then in the evening bass from the music at the bar hits you in your room. You almost get used to the constant rattle of trollies on cobbles as staff moved round the complex - every morning we were woken at 5.45am by one such member of staff with a trolley. EVERY MORNING. It's meant to be a relaxing holiday - that’s very poor in my opinion. They must be aware of how much noise they make and there must be an alternative. Rooms – we had a swim up room – at £100 or so extra, was probably worthwhile, but wouldn’t spend much more on the upgrade. Clean, tidy and spacious. Complimentary mini-bar was a nice touch, filled every day. Staff – every one was friendly and helpful, couldn’t fault anyone. Sometimes, you got the impression it may have been for a tip (i.e. our maid) but others like the aforementioned Omar and his “VIP Section” seem to do it purely for the enjoyment of the hotel guests….. As I said, no major faults with the hotel, again purely my opinion, it just missed the hype that Thomson billed the hotel with. If the food was slightly better and varied (breakfast was literally the same every day and similar for the buffet lunch)…… it would be better. One thing that really annoyed me was WIFI – free in the Lobby but $12 a day elsewhere or $50 for the week. Why? At an all inclusive resort it’s not costing Sensatori $50 for one person to access the WIFI surely?? Just add an extra £10 hidden in the holiday price for every customer and make it free everywhere for everyone …..They’ll still make their money as an extra £10 would make no difference to the cost of the holiday and leave customers without the sour taste of being ripped off by a money grabbing hotel. It’s a practice that, in fairness to Sensatori, a lot of hotels partake in – but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to do things that make you stand out – this would have been a nice touch….. That probably sums up the whole hotel – tries very hard but just falls short of being the hotel it wants to be……. Would recommend it to friends but let them know that as yet – it’s not perfect – but it could be. The staff are definitely a credit to the hotel and they put a lot of effort in and work very hard – if you go, get to the pool about 6.30am and see how hard the pool / beach staff work – makes you realise how much work is put in to keep the resort clean and tidy. The sound of sweeping is one you will hear constantly on this holiday.More

Spoons2014, London, United Kingdom

Great Resort, Great Staff! Excellent Time!!!!!! Awful All-Inclusive Rates...

Let me start off by saying the Resort is Beautiful and the Staff (Simone, Neville, and Omar, Shelly) and the rest of the staff were fantastic! We couldn't have been surrounded by such a great group of people during our stay. I think the hardest part of leaving was leaving them, right from the start they just made you feel like family and went out of their way to accommodate anything we wanted. I couldn't say thank you enough for our wonderful time on the resort! Thank You Thank You Thank You! I'm going to try and keep it short, all of the restaurants on the resort are amazing, wherever you choose you will not be disappointed. I do say this, if you are really hungry and you choose one of the restaurants besides the Palms (Buffet), you might want to order more than 1 dish since most of the dishes are small. I would of loved to give the resort a 5 star rating, but the one thing that didn't sit well with me was the fact that we got charged a substantial amount of money for the All-Inclusive fee compared to others that were staying at the resort. I believe it was due to the fact that we had a Family Suite and others had a regular room. I honestly don't think that should matter, just because I'm in a family suite doesn't mean I'm going to eat or drink more than someone else that is in a regular room. We should all be charged a flat rate for the All-Inclusive fee. To put it in perspective, we booked our stay through Interval and we were charged by Azul Sensatori $3,150 for two people for 7 Days for All-Inclusive, and others were paying $2,000 for the same amount of time for 2 people but they were charged less because they had a smaller room? Honestly I don't think I would come back to this resort just because of this, and to top it off for this price they don't even offer airport transportation, dang if you are going to charge me that much at least pick me up from the airport. In the end we had a terrific vacation thanks to the staff, from the waiters, front desk, room service, cooks...everyone, Thanks for a memorable time in Jamaica! Ya Mon!More

johnnymb6, Garden Grove, California

One of the best family friendly hotels in Jamaica

Being Jamaican I get an opportunity to visit many local hotels. I was really taken aback as to the level of professionalism and service at this hotel. My family and my best friends family went a few weeks ago with our children (collectively five kids in all). The kids had a great time and all of the grown ups were so impressed that it was one of the first family properties we've ever been to that was so well appointed. It's very modern and sleek design is so well executed the last thing you're thinking as you check in and walk around it that you're in a family hotel property. The staff is so well informed and so well trained that it just really blew us away. Shortly after checking in we went straight to lunch that was so tasty. The buffet had some really nice options on it and it wasn't overflowing with too much which is always a turn off to us. Great wines and lovely deserts. After lunch our youngest child being a toddler was playing like a little monkey and partially pulled her shoulder out of its socket for just a moment, we had to head to Montego Bay to be treated but upon arrival back every staff member we interfaced with seemed to have known about what had happened and asked to see how she was doing. We couldn't get over how considerate they all were. The GM even took the time to come and check on us as we were checking out. Overall as a family property in Negril I think we've hit the jackpot!More


sensatori sensation !!!!! we loved every minute !

We are often very cautious about finding hotels, which usually consists of numerous hours searching for a hotel in the brochure then finding and reading reviews on Trip Advisor to decide if the hotel is for us or not… As soon as we saw this hotel in the brochure we decided to book it even though it was back in February before the renovations were completed and it wasn’t due to be open until May we decided to take the plunge and book it and all that we can say is we were so glad that we did! Be warned - The airport at Montego Bay was not easy to get through, remember to fill in all of your visa on the plane including the bottom of the form and the back because if you don’t then you end up going to the back of the line and start the whole process again – the staff aren’t the most helpful. Once we finally collected our luggage, Jamaican time, we were allocated our coach number, once on board we were given room numbers and keys so we didn’t have to go through the rigmarole of queueing at reception. We were then given cold flannels and a cocktail. This was one of the many things that impressed me about the hotel as it made arrival a breeze. The first impression of the hotel was relief at our choice, even though arriving in the middle of a thunderstorm, the view through the lobby looking straight out to the ocean was breath-taking. We had emailed a week in advance and requested a high floor room a sea view in the Adult section, the cost to stay in this part was extra (approx. £400 for 2 weeks) but was well worth it! Room 7303 . It had a lovely high ceiling, nice balcony with a comfy love chair and cushions, a table and chairs and line for hanging clothes on. We had read the room was classified as a partial sea view which amazed us as it had an excellent view of beach and pool, including the hummingbirds that seemed to hover around the flowers by the adults pool bar. Inside our room was spacious and comfortable with a big plasma tv and very nice prints. The bathroom consisted of a rainfall shower coming from overhead and the toilet next to it partitioned off, two sinks and the notorious wardrobe to the side, again after reading previous trip advisor comments about damp on the clothes we didn’t have a problem. The hotel had three ala carte restaurants Garfield beach house (Mediterranean cuisine) we ate here a couple of times and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, a good choice of food for lunch as well as evening, big thanks to Duaine in the driving seat!! Di Romagna (Italian) food was delicious, slightly smaller portions for those who have a big appetite, I don’t think people realised that you pick 3 courses, a starter, a pasta course and then a main course (no desserts), we didn’t have a problem and found the members off staff attentive and helpful. The Ackee (Caribbean) This was our favourite, we loved the atmosphere and the view from the seats , being on the upper floor you could see out over the complex . As with all of the hotel the members of staff were all so helpful and couldn’t do enough for us. We were fortunate to make some good friends at the hotel and we all loved the restaurant. The Palms restaurant (buffet) had the main selection of food consisting of the hot counter where a variety of delicious food was cooked and to the side various dishes to help yourself to. Each morning we would need to give our name and room number being allocated a table before getting breakfast again we were always greeted with a warm smile and first class service. The hotel grounds are set out in a way to make it easy to find our way around, everywhere is spotless (thanks to Mikos and the other gardeners, Mikos is the only one who could climb the coconut trees with a machete, bare foot and bring down coconuts and the dead leaves) and the main place of our stay, the seven mile bar, had breath taking views of the beach and sea. A big thankyou to all of the hard working staff here who tirelessly kept us refreshed and entertained through the Jamaican afternoons with the thunderstorms and lightning and that rain (or as the Jamaican’s call it Liquid Sunshine) as well as trying to keep those pesky bees/wasps off the cocktail mixes without getting stung! Special thanks to Kedian (who tried to cure my hangover one morning with a concoction of a refreshing drink), Clinton – what a lovely, genuine and handsome man, it’s a shame she never came back to ask you for a date! Joseph, again a lovely man,Mellisa, Shedrique – that boom boom will soon be here – all the best! Oh and the lovely Sheryl – how could we forget Sheryl – always serving with a smile and trying to make us laugh! We really enjoyed her company. The beach is beautiful with shallow water going quite a way out, you can see stingrays that come close in as well as a collection of starfish, beware of jelly fish as several people were stung when we were there. The sand is nice and soft and cleaned meticulously every morning. As has been said in many reviews there are only a limited number of Cabanas at the back of the beach with shade and you do need to be up early to get one, as we are early risers this wasn’t a problem , there are plenty of sunloungers on the beach without shade but the hotel do need to get parasols for the loungers but I have heard this is being addressed. Whilst we were there went on a couple of excursions booked through Thomson no problem, the first being Southern Adventure with a Tipple, this involved three mini excursions in one, it takes a couple of hours to get there, we enjoy looking out the window and seeing the real parts of Jamaica as you go past whilst avoiding the random potholes and goats which are wandering around…. The first stop is on a raft down the black river where you can see crocodiles fairly close up and various bird life, it is hot and would be advisable to take drink with you even though its only for about an hour, we left ours on the coach and wish we hadn’t! As we went along the river our guide pointed out in the distance the other places we were going to later on . The second part of the tour consisted of the beautiful YS Falls, as the trip did not include food and drink you had to order from a good choice on the coach approaching the falls giving them time to prepare, they take you up to these in a tractor and trailer and then you have about an hour to take a walk beside the falls with the option of going in the water or for the more adventurous a rope to swing on and jump in , there were also a couple of mini pools to cool off in at the bottom . To the side of the shop they had bird feeders where several different kinds of hummingbirds can be seen. After having a nice lunch at the falls it was time to go to the famous Appleton rum factory, as we approached the factory the weather became a little stormy (an understatement) so we tasted the rums first and waited to go outside for the tour until it stopped thunder and lightning. The tour was very interesting and the whole excursion although a long one well worth it, we also got to know a great group of people. The second excursion A Splash of Reggae involved going in the opposite direction of the island past Montego Bay and eventually making a stop for lunch, included in the price, after this it was up into the hills to the village of nine mile and the home of Bob Marley, we were shown around the house and up to his mausoleum with a chance to light a candle .We found the tour fascinating, being able to see all of the discs and see his room, our guide was a character keeping us all entertained and was clearly a true rasta (if you know what I mean). Our second stop was Dunns waterfalls where you start at the lovely beach and climb up hoping to reach the top. As we didn’t have a waterproof camera we couldn’t take photos but bought the dvd of the trip. It is a long trip at least three and a bit hours but well worth it, again our tour guide was excellent pointing many different things out on the way. The final trip we did was the One Love Bus which we independently booked directly via email with Lenbert on the internet before we left which we found through Trip Advisor, he comes to pick you up from your hotel and takes you to six or seven local bars in Negril, there is no charge for this excursion as he kindly donates so much of his time and energy to helping the local community, we took rulers, pens and other pieces of stationary with us as we visited a local school who were grateful of any contribution , this was quite an emotional and heartwarming opportunity to really get in touch with the locals and well worth doing, some of the bars were amazing especially Xtabi the caves !!!! The hotel also provides a variety of other activities including a chance to sample local rum and food , well worth a visit as its worth it for the entertainment , other activities included learning the local language - patoise , craft and tye dye . There is also a beach party and pool party at least once a week as well as singers and local bands playing around the main bar which we enjoyed however not all of the other restaurants were open on this night. Unlike the holidays we have been on in the past we got the chance to make some really good friends whilst there and who we shall stay friends with - this being down to the size of the hotel, it truly has a unique feel and once you are lucky enough to stay here raises the bar on anywhere else to stay. We even became friends with the local shop owner Shaun (and of course Striker) who sells plenty of good souvenirs at the One Stop Shop (just to the right of the hotel by the jet skis (isn’t pushy at all and has a lovely fan inside to keep you cool whilst you peruse, also Fireman’s Lobster Pit, again just past the shop there’s a sign on the beach you can’t miss it. He cooked the best lobster I have ever tasted as he kept them fresh in the baskets in the sea (you can pick your own if you like) at reasonable prices! Then there was Pablo who walks up and down the beach selling delicious coconuts, and what a gentleman who was happy to stop and chat, no pressure to buy.. There are others also but we made friends with these mentioned… These are true characters of Jamaica kind and always helpful we will miss you all. There are also some stalls just past security – make sure you go to Beverley (1st stall) if you like clothing/Jewellery. There are also 2 sets of young men who come round and sing and play the steel drums to Bob Marley who are both pretty good – we even bought a CD off them – ask them to play the Big Bamboo Song (that’s if you aren’t easily offended) they will make you laugh!!! Also the older gentleman with the one arm playing his keyboard – he was rather sweet. They just walk up and down the beach and don’t harass you. We also decided we wanted to get some more money out as the hotel didn’t have a cash machine so we walked down to the boardwalk and found a cash machine at the bottom (near the road) it’s like little air-conditioned shop where there’s a cash machine and someone serving so can you can exchange your cash for US or Jamaican dollars. Tipping – this is up to you if you tip or not, we did but only 1 dollar bills here and there… to those who stood out for us we gave them a little extra on the last day whilst saying our goodbyes….. You can either take Jamaican or US dollars (which we did) and glad we did as everything is marked up in US dollars, even on the trips. We loved Jamaica, the hotel with all of its wonderful staff, beautiful setting and would love to return here, finding somewhere as good is going to be difficult, thank you all!!!!!! We will be back – that’s if you will have us again???!!!!!!!!!!!!!More

FunkyFarm, Bowness-on-Windermere, United Kingdom

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