Caribbean good looks

All the Caribbean stereotypes are present and correct in Jamaica. Along the coast, you’ve got white sands fringed by palms, and ramshackle beach bars serving up jerk chicken to Bob Marley beats. Inland, meanwhile, hidden waterfalls, banana plantations and soaring mountains vie for your attention. Best of all, the scenery is served up alongside Jamaica’s famous take-it-easy vibe.

Plenty of history

The island has got its fair share of history, too, thanks to age-old mansions and 18th-century plantations. Rose Hall in Montego Bay is case in point. According to legend, this grand mansion is haunted by the ghost of a white witch. Then there’s Kingston, the island’s capital. The streets here are packed with colonial buildings, and museums that tell the story of its past.

Popular resorts

The main resorts on the island are Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios. In these lively towns, luxury beachfront hotels sit shoulder-to-shoulder with reggae bars, bric-a-brac huts and nightclubs. A sleepier scene, meanwhile, comes courtesy of untouched Lucea and peaceful Runaway Bay. Here, you’ll find virgin beaches and a snail-like pace.

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Montego Bay

Montego Bay are two words that have become synonymous with Caribbean paradise. If you’re seduced by bright blue skies, ice-white beaches, and miles of colourful coral reefs, you’re in the right place. And not only does Mo’ Bay, as it’s known, have some of the plushest hotels in Jamaica, but after Kingston it’s Jamaica’s second city, which means it’s bubbling with life, night and day.

Ocho Rios

The name Ocho Rios may not immediately ring a bell, but the photos certainly will – especially when it comes to its star attraction, Dunn River Falls. This waterfall has starred in just about every TV advert and holiday brochure for Jamaica, and on its own is enough to lure you here. But add slick shopping malls, jaw-dropping beaches, and white-water rafting, and you’ll understand why this big, purpose-built resort is one of the island’s most popular.


Negril is a super-chilled town on the westernmost tip of Jamaica where Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones came to get away from it all. Along its world-famous Seven Mile Beach there’s a row of luxury hotels lined up to north, and smaller, family-run hotels clustered to the south. And if you keep following the coastline around to West End, you’ll find the original hippie vibe still very much alive.

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