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The name of the Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort and Casino is a bit of a tongue twister. But it takes 6 words to sum up what this huge resort has to offer. For starters, the property is set on its own 400 metre beach. And, just metres from the sand, there are 2 huge swimming pools, surrounded by coconut palms and sunloungers.

Activities at the hotel aren’t limited to swimming and sunbathing, by any means. There are tennis, football and basketball courts, an archery range, and rifle shooting area. Plus, there’s a spa on site, where you can indulge in wraps, peels, and the full range of massages. And there’s a casino, with the usual black jack tables and roulette.

You can also use the 12,000 square metre waterpark. The 10-metre tall tower here is the launch pad for free-fall twister slides, a kamikaze ride, and speed chutes.

In addition to the buffet restaurant at the hotel, there’s an à la carte for every day of the week. There are 11 bars to choose from too – don’t leave without trying a cocktail in the colours of the Dominican flag.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Local and selected international alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and house wine by the glass with meals.  24-hour snacks.

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Outdoor pool

Enjoy a dip in the pool and a stroll along the beach, they're just steps away from each other.


Made up of a 10 metre high tower with 2 water tubes, 2 open toboggans and 4 lane speed slides.

Children's pool area

For ages 2 to 4 years, with animal statues and water sprinklers.

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double room

Double room sleeps up to 4 in double beds. There is a ceiling fan in each room.

superior double room

Superior double room sleeps up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children with 2 double beds and a ceiling fan.

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First Time to Dominican

My Fiance and I travelled from Vancouver, Canada to Punta Cana – Sirenis Cocotal Resort March 28th to April 11th. A wonderful 2 weeks with fabulous weather, drinks, staff (for the most part when we had to interact with them), and AWESOME entertainment team…. ANIMATION SUPER!!! Now the main reason why we all look on Trip Advisor… The details  Just for your information as well to see where this review is coming from, we travelled as a couple with LOW expectations of this resort. We read very negative reviews prior to our arrival, as well incredibly positive ones on Trip Advisor before our trip. Arrival: When you get to the Airport you will get off the plane onto a bus which will take you into the Arrival area where you are to get your luggage. Once you get your luggage there are plenty of locals in the trying to “help you out” by insisting to take your luggage for you to the Taxi or whatever but I can not stress enough, be FIRM when you tell them NO… They will leave you alone afterwards. As you walk through the Airport you will eventually be directed to a Bus/Concierge that will take you to your appropriate bus that will take you and other travellers to the appropriate resort you are headed to. When we got to the Sirenis we proceeded to wait to get Checked in…. At the time it was after 7:30pm and we would have expected our room to be ready and clean… it was not. We got told to leave our luggage at the Front Desk and go to the Buffet and get some dinner, come back after we had eaten and get our rooms keys to head to our room. It should be ready and our Luggage taken there for us. Once we ate and got our room keys we walked down the resort to find our room… It was fairly easy for the most part. Once we got into our room the A/C certainly worked which was AWESOME, but we’ll get into room details after…. Our luggage was not in the room!!! We walked back to Front Desk and it was just sitting in the middle of the lobby…. Quite disappointing to start our vacation off. The Room: Nothing to give Gold Stars about. We were on the Cocotal Side, Building I-008. Ground Floor on the corner basically a 5 step walk to the pool! That was a huge bonus! The beds are incredibly hard, pillows are lumpy but manageable. Flat Screen tv, stocked fridge with bottled water, and pop. We only ever got a selection of 3 types of pop. Coffee maker with tea, and coffee… No sugar or creamers though. This wasn’t a big deal to us as we just drank the pop and water. The bathroom looked like they had recently renovated it. Beautiful tile walls in and out of the shower. They provide you with towels, bath mat, ONLY Shampoo; NO Conditioner, body soap, shower cap, and a mini sewing kit. As well there is NO face cloths. The room was always cleaned up nicely when the Housekeepers came. Koodos to them since they work so hard! Beach/Pool/Waterpark/Common Areas: Everything for the most part is kept quite clean. The white sandy beaches are beautiful!!! There are chairs put on the beach, as well around the pool area. I recommend finding a shady spot to reserve in the mornings with your towels. We were normally up by 8am… Got our chairs right by the pool shortly after. Pool towels become available for you at 8am. The sun does get quite hot and you can always move your chairs into the sun that never really disappears, so we recommend a shady spot but obviously your choice!! Smoking is allowed wherever basically. Not allowed in any Buffet areas which is nice though. If your sensitive or don’t like being by it, usually it wasn’t an issue for us. The water in the pools is quite warm.. Not uncomfortable at all. The Ocean was always wavy, sometimes more and vice versa. The Waterpark is a bonus I guess. We never spent much time here, we only went once. Its about a 5/10 minute walk from the main lobby. If you have kids is certainly worth it! There are beach chairs, and change rooms here too. Food/A La Carte: If you’re a picky eater or have a specific diet, you should be able to find at least ONE thing you can eat while you’re here. That is if you’re eating at the Buffets. We can’t really speak for the A La Cartes. We always enjoyed the food, as well Maria who usually served us while whenever we ate. As for the A La Cartes… Good luck getting into the Japanese Restaurant. We booked a total of 3 A La Cartes during our stay. Main thing was we could never get in any earlier than 8:30pm. We booked 2 through the Concierge in the Lobby. She was kind of helpful… the 3rd we booked was Japanese… by the sounds of things if you’re staying for 1 week they are “always full”. I call bull sh** on that one.. but oh well. Now that being said, our first A La Carte was at the Greek Restaurant at 9pm…. Absolutely horrible service. We sat there for 15 minutes before someone came and got us WATER! Trust us when we say they had maybe 5 other tables to serve while we were there. Finally when we did get service, we weren’t even hungry for dinner so we just got Dessert which they seemed VERY unimpressed about. We got [some form] of Cheesecake. It was dried up and we certainly wouldn’t call it Cheesecake. After this experience we cancelled our other Al La Cartes as we were content with the Buffet, as well service we received. Entertainment: Holy smokes!!!! All I can say is those guys and girls must work 24hrs every single day!! All of the Animation Super Crew is incredible. There was not a day where they weren’t smiling or giving 110% or more!! Alvin, and Mario-Usher were 2 guys that stood out to us as we always chatted with them, as well we got ourselves some nicknames by them “Shaggy from Scooby Doo & Lindy Lopez”. Haha, they were awesome. Every day they had games/activities for you to participate in. In the evenings at 9:30 in the Teatro they had shows. All were incredible, and being there for 2 weeks, there was not 1 show we seen twice!! AMAZING entertainment crew!!!!! They were a HUGE Hi-light on our trip! Vendors/Shopping: Every Tuesday and Saturday Local Vendors are allowed onto the resort in the evening. They normally show up between 6:30pm and were always gone by probably 10pm. Some of them will be quite pushy or make you feel guilty by saying “I need to feed my family” which may very well be true but oh well. Remember to always bargain with them. Some tables will have the same jewelry… We always looked at each table before buying anything. If you think you missed out on your shopping. If you walk LEFT down the resort Beach you will find a WalMart… they sold pretty much everything the vendors had. As well you could walk RIGHT down the resort and Find the same. The Off Resort Vendors are a bit more pushy, especially if there are a few of them all together. Other than that, you can bus down to Bavaro to shop…. We didn’t do this but we did meet a few people who did. If you Taxi, agree on a price BEFORE you get in the car. On the resort there is also some American shops; Guess, Apollo, Victoria Secret, and some sunglass shop. The prices are not any cheaper than what you would pay if you were buying them in your own country. As well there was a little convenience store similar to the one beside the Macao Dining room but they did carry different items sometimes. Other: If you gathered anything from this review, please remember to bring all the personal supplies you will need during your trip! If not a little bit more. If you’re a person who like having a Face Cloth – Bring your own! We brushed our teeth with the tap water… We were fine, just DON’T DRINK THE TAP WATER! Bring Calamine Lotion… Mosquito bites were seldom but did get itchy. As well if you get a Heat Rash; Aloe Vera and Calamine Lotion seems to help; cold water & cool areas help too. Bargain when you Shop. A kind note for you as well… There are lots of Russians… That being said, some we had on the resort with us were quite rude (ladies mostly), as well if thy get asked to do dancing during any of the evening entertainment we forewarn you if you have younger children as they were QUITE Vulgar… as if we were at a Strip Show. Besides that….. We had a lovely time on our vacation. We are a very laid back, relaxed couple. Certainly not picky either. The resort does need some upgrading but the whole staff does their best to make your stay enjoyable.. At least that’s what we experienced. You will sometimes find Peacocks, a cat, and possibly a dog wandering the resort. All were friendly… Well the Cat and Dog :p Enjoy your Vacation if you Decide to go to the Sirenis!!!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We would love to fill you in! lyn.stewart[@]h0tmail.c0m  remove [ ] and Replace 0 with oMore

RussLyn G, Comox, Canada

Great Service in the DR!

We recently stayed at the Sirenis Beach Resort and were general very pleased! The front desk staff was particular Apolinar (sp?) and Waleska and gentleman and young lady! They were always happy, always smiling, always attentive to what was needed and prompt in their response. They helped us out tremendously! The room was great, atmosphere peaceful and serene..... only dissapointing experience was the snack bar food at breakfast!More

dkgrooters, Johnston, Iowa

Good Place to Relax!

I had a few issues with this resort, but overall I would rate it highly for several reasons. The price is very reasonable to say the least, and you certainly get a lot for your money. It is NOT a four star resort by U.S. standards, but it really doesn't really pretend to be. If your expectations are realistic, you will probably be fine. I guess my main gripe is with the restaurants. We only went to one and it was average. Everything seemed to always be booked (though when we walked by the restaurants, they were never full). It felt like such a hassle to get reservations, and they seemed to be strictly enforcing the two-night rule, so we just ate at the buffet. The buffet was good and there was a great deal of selection. The house wine was not good at all. Dinners were a little different each night, which I liked. I would caution that at the pool-side buffet particularly, the food is out in the open and there are flies buzzing around and birds poking in some of the cold food, and keeping in mind that we are in a tropical resort, well just be careful. Speaking of birds, there are several peacocks hanging around and they were really beautiful. The only other real downside is the rooms. They were kind of worn down and the beds were not great. There is no potable water in the room, so again, be careful. There is no Internet in the rooms, period. On the other hand, there are four PCs in the lobby that you can use for free. Nice touch. Enough of the complaining, I mean I rated this as four stars. Here's why. The grounds are a beautiful tropical setting, spacious, and meticulously maintained. The beach is one of the nicest I have ever stayed at, with clean white sand, lots of areas shaded by palm trees, and huts. The gym is very good with a lot of equipment. There were lots of activities for just about anyone. The service was friendly and efficient, especially in buffet restaurants. These people worked hard and were very good to us. The lobby and all of the public areas were nice and well maintained. There was was live music each night also. Just one more thing to consider, and this may not be a slam on the resort itself because this was my first trip to Punta Cana and I can't speak about the other hotels. I'd guess about half of the guests are European, and I know this is probably an exaggeration and evidence of a bit of prejudice on my part, but they smoke like you cannot believe. The smoking laws in the Dominican Republic may seem arcane if you happen to be a non-smoker from the United States. Smoking is allowed virtually everywhere on the resort, which may or may not get on your nerves. Overall, I'd recommend this resort, particularly if you have children. There are lots of other kids around for them to hang out with and plenty of things to keep them busy. It is not an "adults only" sort of place, so that may be something else to consider. I hope this review is helpful, and enjoy your stay at Sirenis should you choose it. I did.More

Merv G, Baltimore, Maryland

Honest Review, Read Before You Decide

Ok, we have been home for about three days and now I am ready to give you the scoop on this resort. This was a family trip with my Wife, Daughter (14) and Son (11). Before we start I want to make a few things CLEAR. 1. All Inclusive does not mean TIPS are included, THEY ARE NOT! These people make about 100 - 200 dollars a month in salary, bring a wad of $1 dollar bills and they will take exceptional care of you. Give a dollar here and there and you are golden. 2. this IS NOT a 5 STAR RESORT, it is about a 3 star. 3. Do Not brush your teeth with or drink the water....It is not pretty!!! ;) As I stated, this is a 3 star resort, the lobby is nice and well kept. There is always staff there to serve you and make sure you have a beverage in hand! If you tip they will really take great care of you, but they will always serve you so it is a great place to hang out with new friends, people watch , or take in a soccer game on the big screen! Love it there in the common area! The rooms can be beautiful, this is one spot we were a little disappointed. The room we got looked nothing like the room we saw online. It was older and not very nice. The beds were solid as a rock the pillows were bumpy and the curtains looked like they had fought the good fight. There was NO WIFI in the room at all, more about that later. the bathrooms were nice and fairly up to date but the whole room needed a make over no doubt. The pluses? It was quiet and the AC was ice cold! We could have complained but we decided to get the experience we were dealt and see how it all panned out for this review! The beach and pools are beautiful, and the service there can also be great but you may want to pick a server in the beginning and just give them a five or ten and ask them to keep checking on you and they will give you service of a five star resort or better! Our server was named ANTONIO- he spoiled us and made our trip very enjoyable. A small sacrifice of 10 dollars a day made sure he was there every 20 minutes with drinks in hand. The kids had plenty to do and there was always an activity or show going on. We felt very safe and allowed the kids to pretty much roam the resort after about 3 days. This was a HUGE plus, it is a safe and well watched over resort. The grounds are well kept and nice to walk around and take in all of the tropical beauty! There is even the occasional little kitty, dog, or Peacock hanging out, all safe and friendly! BRING YOUR OWN NECESSITIES- They will OVER CHARGE YOU on EVERYTHING! There are deals to be made, but it is always with a haggle, and I HATE haggling! Be prepared to have tons of "BROTHERS", and "FRIENDS" tugging at you and directing you into their shops or to their tables to see their goods. Even the gift shop in the resort is HEAVILY over priced. The Wi Fi sucks! Period. None in you room unless you get an upgraded Platinum room. Wifi is HORRIBLE unless you are in the lobby and right by the network. They also never inform you that it is free in the lobby and allow you to pay $13 dollars a day....not happy about that at all! We thought we needed to pay and they took our money instead of just saying it was free in the lobby! I know, how damn stupid are we...but we were told that we must pay and get a code....What ever we were not there for the WiFi. The food was good and the restaurants were ok. The best was the Japanese stake house! in the buffets, Wendy was our server and she was awesome. a few bucks a night with her went a long way! We did the Adventure Boogies get away and I will review that in the attractions section! All in all it was a great trip to a 3 star resort. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is not the Royal in Playa Del Carmen, but it was a nice resort and we made a memory for a lifetime. Do not be afraid to book a stay at Sirenis- it will be what you make it, but boy it is beautiful and fun! In closing I would say that there are many cultures that go here, try to avoid November thru Jan if you can. Everyone said that the Russians are there in huge numbers at this time and that it is a total and complete disgrace the way they conduct themselves. While we were there -there were a few of them and lets just say we would NEVER be there in those months.More

kennykelme, La Crosse, Wisconsin

One Particular Employee

My husband Scott Becker & I, Deedee Glaser recently stayed at this resort from Mar 15-22 and we had a fantastic time. Not only was the resort A+, the weather was great , but most importantly there was an employee by the name of Abel Morillio and he was a dream come true. So polite, informative, alternative, always smiling and handling business. A true Manager in the making. The way he deals with your clients is way above the call of duty. My husbad was on crutches from having a broken leg and he made sure that we were helped with golf cart rides to our room etc. We were introduced to the possibility of buying into the time share which we are considering. Its a beautiful well kept resort and I would highly recommend it to all. There was another employee who was a food server by the name of YOLANDA...Oh my god what a sweet worker always smiling and happy and helpful. We want to bring our entire family next year to this resort. Just yesterday I booked another trip for the Sirenis in Riviera Maya Mexico which we will be at Nov 29-Dec 06 this year so we are now looking forward to seeing that resort as well. We were able to book it thru RCI and use our points....CANT WAIT and thank you very very much Abel Morillio....WE LOVE YOU AbelMore

Delicious3, Chicago, Illinois

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