Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium  

This beachfront hotel is just for adults and comes with a wealth of bars and first-class restaurants.

This hotel has its own private stretch of white-sand beach, which comes with palapas, daybeds and waiter service. For getting around all the bars and restaurants in the complex, there's a special buggy service for guests.

At this adults-only hotel, the pool is a picture of calm. It's equally peaceful in the restaurants, where lobster and Champagne are the norm. In the evenings, it's all about relaxed cocktails with some light entertainment.

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Honeymoon Offer

Honeymooners receive a free upgrade, subject to availability, and a free gift.

Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee. 4 bottles of liquor per week in room.  Snacks at set times.

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Main outdoor pool

Nestling amongst the palm trees in the centre of the resort gardens, you'll find the main pool. Fringed with straw huts and loungers, with a swim-up bar in its midst and whirlpool baths built in, this really is an idea place to sit back, relax and let the world go by.

Private section of beach

A chance to unwind on your own private beach, away from the hustle and bustle and crowds. Enjoy the sun, a long drink, or take a dip in the warm waters of the Caribbean sea.

Sports Bar*

Situated next to the pond at the Grand Palladium Bavaro, the bar serves a range of snacks, including pizza, sandwiches, burgers, nachos and ice cream. Open all day, the bar has an outdoor smoking section, as well as a billiard table and internet facilities.

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honeymoon villa

Honeymoon villa sleeps 2 in a king-size double bed. Bathrobes and slippers are provided for your comfort, whilst a flatscreen TV and two balconies add to the enjoyment of the villa. You'll also have a radio alarm clock with MP3 docking station, iron, ironing board and butler service.

junior suite

Junior suite sleeps 2, with a double bed. Bathrobes and slippers are provided for your comfort, with a flatscreen TV, radio alarm clock with MP3 docking station, iron, ironing board and butler service.

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This was no luxury vacation

I have travelled all over the world and for my 20th annivesary, my husband and I wanted to romantic, warm, luxurious vacation stop where we could get pampered. Unfortuately this was not the place!!! Our adventure started when we arrived right at check-in time only to have several confused hotel employees shuffling us around to different lobbies. Even though I had my confirmation information, the apparently was some sort of reservation glitch. It took nearly two hours to fix the issue and after a four hour flight we were irritated and exhausted. We asked if they would upgrade us to a "swim up room" for our inconvenience(a must have at this property) and they refused. We ended up paying an upgrade fee so we could stay in the room anyway. Once in our room I must say I was impressed. It was a beautiful suite with lovely decor. We were told there would be a butler at our service but I would say that he/she was only at their post for a faction of the time we were told. In addition, their English skills were passable at best. I know I was in the D.R. but in such a supposedly high end resort, I expected there to be more that a handful of employees who speak English. Knowing that this was an all-inclusive resort, we looked forward to dining at the many restaurants and bars. Uhhhh, the food was barely edible. We tried almost all of the a-la- carte restaurants and they all tasted the same. In fact, the primary lunch restaurant which was beautifully set on the beach, had a terrible selection. I wasn't sure which was more unappealing, the presentation or the food itself. AND THE RENOVATION!!! Everywhere we walked there was construction. While we couldn't hear the noise from our room, it certainly limited our enjoyment of the resort. Now for the good news... The one DO NOT MISS is the spa. Marlene was the BEST massage therapist I have had in years!!! The costs are more than fair and the facilities were impeccable!!! In fact, we went twice!!! Our side trips were also enjoyable. I went SCUBA diving and used the dive center on property. It was very convenient and the dive masters were quite knowledgeable. We both went horse back riding. That was also an great excursion, but as with many developing countries, it was sad to see the poverty everywhere we turned. And I saved the WORST for LAST!!! AVOID THE CASINO AT ALL COSTS. we are frequent gamblers and we have seen it all, but after being roped into some unknown jackpot game we realized we were being scammed!!! We looked online to see if anyone else had a similar bad experience only to find the game we were roped into playing was outlawed i the US and many other countries as well. We also found out the hotel has NOTHING to do the the casino which was troubling since it is right in the middle of the property. If you are thinking about vacationing here... think again. When we said goodbye to the Royal Suites... we meant FOREVER!!! Our experience ruined our taste for Punta Cana and we will probably NEVER return.More

Jodi G,

Terrible Resort

A few words about my traveller profile so you can understand where I am coming from: I am a seasoned traveller, I have travelled a lot of places on the globe - mostly Europe, Central and North Americas and Caribbean. I have slept on a floor without even a sleeping bag and in the best king size beds of luxurious hotels. I am a foodie and an avid cook who appreciates almost every exotic and ethnic food of the world. I have dined at some of the best restaurants of North Americas, Europe and the culinary capital of Caribbean St. Maarten. I also have eaten (an enjoyed it) from street vendors, at hole-in-a-wall joints and greasy spoon diners. I am very open-minded and friendly and easy to strike a conversation with. I even try to speak some Spanish when in DR. I have very reasonable expectations and not very picky. I listed all that just to show you that I have seen a thing or two and have the knowledge to make an educated conclusion about this resort - RST is The Worst AI resort I ever been to so far. First of all I have to be fair and give it a credit for having a gorgeous grounds, excellent beach and beautiful property in overall. But that is where it ends. I will not go into a lot of details, the only thing I say that I second and agree with every negative review written here (minus travel agency and weather complains). I wish I were smart enough to listen and stay away from it, unfortunately, I decided to ignore the bad reviews thinking that every resort has some bad reviews and since so many are raving about it then it must be good. was i ever wrong. Everything what other unhappy guests described has happened to us - utterly rude receptionist who almost yelled at me when I asked for upgrade to swim-up. Invisible butlers, non-exsisting beach service, towels shortages after 2 pm, lamest entertainment, rude waiters, dirty bedsheets, broken shower doors… the list can go on and on. I have never ever seen the service staff so rude, incompetent and arrogant as at RST. Most of them, with exception maybe 1 or 2 people we encountered. But most horrifying thing there is the food. i dont know your food preferences so it is hard to advise anything there. some people eat burgers and fries on vacation, i try to eat local food. i love ethnic food. I eat pretty much anything. At this resort it was a disaster. The fried-boiled-stewed-braised SPAM for breakfast at Gourmet restaurant was like truffle and caviar comparing to green rotten “chicken pate” that my mom thought was a stinky fish when she took one bite of it at that French restaurant. Needless to say that both of us got sick. I got so severely sick that had to go to the hospital upon return home and was off work for almost a week. Please understand how bad it is - I never get sick even if I eat their local food outside of resorts and I’ve been to DR about a dozen times over last 6 or 7 years. the food at “french" restaurant is anything but french. The service we received (if any) was not nearly “royal”, we felt guilty being there, it felt like we were a nuisance and they were just tolerating us. I already mentioned about very rude receptionist at the beginning of our journey at RST. The service at the restaurants, was absolutely disgusting. Once, i had to go to look for water myself (not a big deal for me, but it is not what you would expect from this type of the resort and for a $$$$ you paying). The other day, i had to chase the coffee guy all over the restaurant to get a cup of morning java. and it was not only me, the other 3-4 tables were in the same boat. i saw another angry gentlemen with an empty cup walking after the guy with coffee pots and asking him for attention. the guy said “si si” followed him half way to his table, then turned around and went away by his own business. The other time i had to chase the manager of the restaurant asking for coffee and telling him its been very very long wait, he looked at me like i was 2 headed 3 eyed alien, he looked absolutely shocked by me asking him for coffee. he said something “soon come” and that was it. I still did not get my coffee in reasonable amount of time - 10-15 min. One word for food there – disgusting. Period. Full stop. We are the beach bums, so we spent most of the time on the beach when the weather allowed. someone in RST group rightfully mentioned “you have to wave money in front of them to be noticed”. so true. there was some service on the beach, a few girls walking around with the trays of “vitaminas”. at first, they ignored us completely, they approached almost every other groups of tourists asking or offering beverages but us. i observed one lady took out some bill and literally showed it to the girl then she approached her to take her order. some hours later, one of them finally came to our palapas and just nod her head perhaps meaning “do you want anything?”. we ordered some drinks and just to check my theory not that she was deserving it, gave her a tip. after that tip, she would check up on us regularly but was not much friendlier. the service near the pools was much better. at least that one girl that was working there on the day we were by the pool was ok. the towels game is ridiculous. if you want to get a nice spot (if you like shade and nice view of the ocean) you have to be up at 5 am. I kid you not. you have to get up at 5-5:30 to claim the spot you like. at 6 am, all nicer beds are pretty much taken. I am flabbergasted by those hundreds of people that are raving about the resort in their positive reviews. Wonder, where those people were traveling before so this one seems like a paradise to them? I really don't get it. It is good looking yes, but people, there is so much more than just a beauty! At that time of the year they have a lot of europeans there. mostly spanish, then germans and russians. then you can hear here and there Brits and French and others. i noticed that the staff at the resort is very friendly with spaniards. they kiss and hug and chat up a storm all the time. i saw the staff being nice and friendly with other tourists, and i have no idea what one had to do to win their hearts. i think they all collectively did not like us, lol! entertainment was really lacking. very lame shows. i was laughing when i saw a bit tipsy couple going nuts at michael jackson show! the show was utterly horrible comparing to similar shows at the other resorts, so amateur that it seemed to be created by a second-grader, not a professional. By the way, if you are on FB and found their page, you will see only positive reviews there. That is because they delete negative comments. I have posted some feedback and now it is all gone. I don't know if the page admins are affiliated with RST or not, but I find it very dishonest and bias Some of my positive or neutral remarks are still there but unflattering ones have all disappeared. That's why I am posting this here. As they say, it's better late than never. Bottom line: one of the most beautiful resorts in PC happen to be The Worst in terms of service, food and entertainment. Don’t spend your hard earned moola there, there are many other resorts just around this one. Good luck!More

MissChievous, Toronto

Love the Royal Suites @ Grand Palladium!

Our third trip to Royal Suites in 18 months. We love everything about this place: weather, pool, drinks, attention to detail, and so on. We are not big eaters nor drinkers, but there is plenty of everything for all tastes. Staff are especially friendly and helpful. Michelina, Tomas, Mabel, Tony, David, Carlos, Juan, and more. Always a friendly greeting and always glad to assist. I am rating four stars instead of five because of renovations in the Royal Suites area. We were not 'pre-told' about this work. Frankly, I think the Royal Suites area should have been closed as was the case last year when Bavaro was closed during renovations. While I appreciate the upgrading of the property, it seemed endless, and as a result, our area was often noisy, dusty, and dirty. Hopefully, these upgrades will be finished soon, and once again, the peacefulness and quiet and no-pressure of Royal Suites will return. We would like to return again next October.More

Jamie216, St. John's, Canada

major renovation

we just arrived from our trip from punta cana when we booked our trip we were so exited to go but we didn't know that a big surprise was waiting for us ..... that the resort is under big renovation the main pool was closed the other pool opened but around it also renovation honestly everywhere we go renovation to a point (jack hummer) even at night , day time tiling cutting saw our agent didn't t mention anything also we don't know who to blame all we know we got stuck for one week in the middle of construction zone at least the ocean was nice but the resort never again we travel three time a year we never saw such a thing like that so the conclusion that our trip was completely destroyed and home sweet homeMore

Eth E, Laval, Quebec, Canada

Awesome Vacation - We WILL GO BACK!!!

Wow - so much to say... We stayed for 8 days and wished we had more time. Room 5308 - great building - you would get afternoon sun here. You are on vacation - don't sweat the small imperfections or minor problems, beach vacations are supposed to be laid back - get into that mindset and enjoy yourself (we saw other people getting bent out of shape over stupid things). The swim up room - a MUST!!! Main pool closes at 7PM, but not your pool! Only open to those with the swim up rooms, not the whole building. Take advantage of the fact you have a gold bracelet. We used the golf carts when going to dinner across the resort, we walked to the front of each line and were seated right away (with and without reservations). Long pants for men is REQUIRED at every place except the buffets for dinner. We dressed nicely each night which I am sure also played into not waiting in line either. Steakhouse was good as was the Mexican - we mostly ate at the Royal Gourmet as we were pretty into the 'adults only' experience. If you are looking for 5+ stars for the food - go to a resort that states they have it. The food was good, not over the top, but never had a bad meal. Never tried the room service. We tried to eat early each day then use our pool in the evening. DO NOT drink the water - there is enough bottled water in your room. The ice was fine - I only drink mixed drinks and never had a problem. We used the rum in the room to even rinse our toothbrushes each day - so no water from the sink ever touched those either. Paella on the beach is a MUST - only a 2 minute walk down the beach towards the other parts of the resort. If you want a casino - go to Vegas or somewhere else, very small, but we really aren't gamblers anyway. I wouldn't recommend going into the little shopping area next to the resort (on the beach) unless you don't mind being physically grabbed by all the vendors as they try and sell you the SAME stuff that is in every shop. Not a pleasant experience, however - there are armed guards that keep these people OUT of the resort and off of the beach area - so you are not bothered unless you 'cross the border'. The beach was raked and cleaned each morning - so it was beautiful. There had been storms going through out to sea while we were there - so the ocean was kicking up a bit, but still refreshing to get in. The pools were warmer than I prefer during the day, but at night - the temp was perfect with a little wind. You don't need to tip, but we found that a few dollars here and there was much appreciated. For goodness sake - DON'T complain if people can't speak English all that well - you are in THEIR country! Try asking a few words in Spanish and then using them while you are there. We did book the Blue Hole trip through the hotel (only excursion we did) - well worth the time and money - bring a camera! I am posting another review specifically for that attraction too. Customer service was GREAT everyone was very friendly. Trying to find time for our next trip already!More

kimatgerstner, Nashville, Tennessee

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