Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium  

This beachfront hotel is just for adults and comes with a wealth of bars and first-class restaurants.

This hotel has its own private stretch of white-sand beach, which comes with palapas, daybeds and waiter service. For getting around all the bars and restaurants in the complex, there's a special buggy service for guests.

At this adults-only hotel, the pool is a picture of calm. It's equally peaceful in the restaurants, where lobster and Champagne are the norm. In the evenings, it's all about relaxed cocktails with some light entertainment.

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Honeymoon Offer

Honeymooners receive a free upgrade, subject to availability, and a free gift.

Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee. 4 bottles of liquor per week in room.  Snacks at set times.

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Main outdoor pool

Nestling amongst the palm trees in the centre of the resort gardens, you'll find the main pool. Fringed with straw huts and loungers, with a swim-up bar in its midst and whirlpool baths built in, this really is an ideal place to sit back, relax and let the world go by.

Private section of beach

A chance to unwind on your own private beach, away from the hustle and bustle and crowds. Enjoy the sun, a long drink, or take a dip in the warm waters of the Caribbean sea.

Sports Bar*

Situated next to the pond at the Grand Palladium Bavaro, the bar serves a range of snacks, including pizza, sandwiches, burgers, nachos and ice cream. Open all day, the bar has an outdoor smoking section, as well as a billiard table and internet facilities.

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honeymoon suite with balcony

These honeymoon suites are stylish with their pastel tones and complimentary soft furnishings. They have a balcony for that bit of fresh air. And they come with a king-size bed, and a lounge area. Plus, you'll also find air-conditioning, a minibar, an audio-dock, and a flatscreen TV included.

deluxe junior suite with balcony

These classic-style deluxe junior suites, provide you with plenty of space and natural light. They have a balcony for that bit of fresh air. And they come with a king-size bed. Plus, you'll also find air-conditioning, a minibar, an audio-dock, and a flatscreen TV included.

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Buffet quality food ruined our 5* experience

I am going to start by saying if you don't want to starve make a reservation for the Japanese steakhouse show dinner with your butler asap! The people who drive you from the airport will try to say there is a cancelation fee for not attending some presentation the next morning... Probably timeshare... You don't have to go.. Have your butler call and confirm your ride back though. Use your butler for everything and they do accept tips. Get about $150 in 1s and 5s to take with you... Tip generously the first day-- they don't forget! My experience would have been 5 stars all the way. From the moment we entered this beautiful all inclusive resort we were thrilled!! Starving after the plane ride after checking in we ran into Sydney.. If you are staying at this resort find him! Straight through the lobby, to the excursion booking area. Last desk in the left!! He is the best. We were starving and he got us a ride to the sports bar- only place open for food around 3:30... The sports bar was the first bad food experience buffet style all the way. I mean don't get me wrong the place was clean and the servers were nice but all of the food sucked.. We could eat the French fries and the fruit.. This was all... We could eat the cheese and pastries at the pool bar... Pool bar food is key-- opens at 9 or 10 for food but find out and get there quick.. The girls at the pool bar make the best drinks by far!! Order coffee as much as possible- get it with milk it's amazing! We went to almost all of the other buffets and they are he same as the sports bar.. The Brazilian restaurant is horrible.. No seasoning on any food anywhere. Excursions- make sure you go back to Sydney and have him book you for the drive your own speed boat to go snorkeling on a coral reef excursion! It was amazing!! So they pick you up at the hotel and drive you about 15 mins away to another beach. Bring your own towel... You are greeted and given your snorkel gear.. The guys put you in a boat and you're off.. They are easy to drive and fast enough haha. You get to a small reef and once you show you're a proficient swimmer they will probably take you out to the bigger-- BEAUTIFUL-- reef!! Our guide was attracting the fish all around us with bread and taking pictures and videos of the reef for us with the go pro. Then we went to a party on a sand bar!! All this for I think 80 a person, great deal!! When you get back to the beach if you are looking for the mamajuana or coffee or anything you need see Carlo he owns one of the shops inside and will offer you the shots of mamajuana when you arrive ... Whatever you need to shop for Carlo is the man!! So bring cash because everything in his store is the best and PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!! Especially for Americans--- they will start at more than double haha. Just talk them down politely. Beware of the braid girls on the beach!!!!! Ok back to the resort: get a poolside, swim up room, it will be worth it-- order the fruit tray and cheese tray from room service to survive... Book the Japanese restaurant for dinner every night... Drink the coffee every day... People on the beach are ruthless about the beach beds and chairs in the good spots haha... RUTHLESS!! Don't walk down the beach too far past the resort.. Make sure to get a coconut drink cut open for you... Suites de turquesa has all top shelf liquor where as the restaurants use well-- keep that in mind-- TAKE OFF THE TIKI NECKLACE THAT SOMEONE WILL GIVE YOU ON YOUR FIRST DAY!! - this tiki is a marker for the solicitors! I would go back but I'd have to bring a ton of food or make sure all of my excursions included meals and pray those were good. When you think about it this is an improvised country so I shouldn't have expected so much... It's all imported or grown there and we can't drink their water so a lot of local food is inedible to Americans.... Even the seafood boiled in local water could be dangerous so it really limits you. As a food lover I'll be going to a coast for my next beach trip. Hopefully this was helpful- See Sydney and book that excursion!! It's so worth it!! More

Jessica J,

Nice resort

We just returned from our first visit to this resort, there are 4 sections and lots of room options. Having been to the Grand Palladium in the Mayan Riveria a few times it is difficult to avoid drawing comparisons. The Royal Suites Turquesa was adults only and was very lovely . The food in the Royal Suites section was very good compared to the food in other sections of this resort. This is one area where this resort falls far short of the one in Mexico where the food is much better, especially the buffets. The buffets at the GP in Mexico have much better food and were much larger, with more variety. The restaurant system in Mexico is perfect, you simply go when you want and can get seated within a very reasonable time if not immediately. In the DR people have to line up early to get a table which can be very time consuming. If you are in the Royal Suites or some other upgraded rooms you can make reservations which is good but it is still better in Mexico where you can simply go to dinner whenever you want and don't have to make the decision ahead of time or wait in long lines. Having said that, the 2 Gourmet Restaurants in the Royal Suites section (The Royal Gourmet and Le Chanterelle) were outstanding, they have a chef who has 3 Michelin stars and it shows in the food. These restuarants are a la carte for all three meals accompanied by a buffet that carries foods such as caviar, sushi, lobster etc. Being given the option to eat a la carte 3 times a day helps to avoid overeating. Our room was very nice and well appointed and the bulter service was outstanding. The room was cleaned twice a day and was kept spotless. The 24 hour room service was also outstanding with a large menu that includied steaks cooked to your specification, lobster, rack of lamb, various pizza options, sandwiches, etc and an amazing breakfast selection for breakfast in bed. The food always arrived hot and they have a very discrete delivery system whereby they slide the trays into a cupboard that is locked inside your room, they hit a switch that turns on a red light in your room to let you know the food is there. When you are done you simply put the trays back and turn a green light on outside of the room to let them know to collect the dishes. The beach was beautiful with a nice sandy bottom in the water although the water was much cooler than it is in the Mayan Rivera. The entertainment was lackluster compared to the GP in Mexico where there is so much to do at night but we made that best of it and had a great time each evening. Hemingway bar was a great place to hang out and socialize, we met so many nice people there and my hubby loved that he could get bottled Budwiser rather than drinking the watery tap beer. The transportation to get around the resort was adequate and if you stay in the Royal Suite section you can call a cart to pick you up right at your building to take you anywhere on the resort and then you can call from anywhere on the resort for them to bring you back home, which was a nice perk. The ubiquitous vendors on the beach are annoying, but that is consistent in the DR - they don't bother you on the Royal Suites beach but once you step off you are fair game. Even some of the resort staff solicit "business" on the beach - everything from prostitutes to cocaine. This is another area where this resort falls short of the Mayan Riveria where the vendors have a few kiosks but don't hassle you at all. I found the staff very helpful but for the most part they had very limited English skills. They went out of their way to help when needed and I feel that they deserve recognition for that. I loved both resorts but prefer the GP in Mexico by far for the following reasons; the food is far better, the beach is nicer (except in the water where it can be rocky), the people speak English very well unlike the staff in the DR, the resort is more aesthetically pleasing (very beautiful, in fact), the transportation system is much better and the restaurant system is a dream compared to the DR. If you are going to the DR I would recommend this resort. More

Kathryn H,

Amazing honeymoon

Went between April 19-29th with thomsons. First time in punta Cana and loved it. We were in building 54 which was only few minutes walk to the beach. The room: this was gorgeous, had a just recently married banner outside the door which was nice. Had a small problems with the room, tv was working and the plug in the sink wasn't going back up, but our butler fixed them quickly. We never tried room service, so don't know how good it was. The beach: this looked gorgeous was always easy to get a sunbed. We preferred the beach rather than the pool. Having a waiter on the beach was a good touch, always able to get a drink. The pool: we spent a couple of days here. Was always busy here and struggled to find a sunbed if you don't get up early to reserve one. Food: we thoroughly enjoyed the food but couple of a la cartes were lacking. The only one we didn't try was the Japanese. Our favourite was the Indian and then the Chinese. The worst restaurant was the Italian, took ages to get the food and food wasn't best quality. For lunch the we went to the beach buffet which we found better than the Royal one. Think the waiter is called David in the beach buffet, he was always friendly and always remembered the drinks we wanted without asking for it. More

Robert M,

Esther is the best

Building 55 is amazing, and the Royal Suites Turquesa staff treats you like royalty. The swim-ups are great, and you will make new friends!! Esther, our butler, has been absolutely wonderful and so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the resort and all of its many amenities.More

Matthew27302, 49342

I wouldn't hesitate to go back

We booked our vacation through Apple Vacations and stayed at the Royal Suites from 4/20 to 4/25 and had an amazing time. We booked the deluxe room with a jacuzzi but had I known how nice the swim-up suites were, we would have booked that room in a heartbeat. We had an opportunity to upgrade for the last two nights for only $20 a night but we decided to stay because we loved our butler and maid. Every day the maid checked on our room multiple times. If we took naps, she remade the bed as soon as we left the room. Each night she stopped in around 10pm to turn down the covers for us. Our butler was an absolute pleasure. She made sure everything was to our liking every day and even took the initiative to book our dinner reservations the first night for the rest of our stay based on what restaurants were the best. The grounds are beautiful. The landscapers are constantly pruning trees and cutting the bushes so they are perfect. If you walk by a tree that happened to shed some leaves overnight, if you come back an hour later those leaves will be gone. We happened upon a guy who had just cut down a bunch of coconuts. He used his machete and cut one opened for us to drink on the way to dinner. Compared to the other 3 resorts that are part of the Palladium grounds, the Royal Suites is nicer in every way. The buildings are better, the grounds are more beautiful, the employees are nicer, the food and alcohol is more plentiful and there are more choices. Even the furniture by the pools are nicer. It's also much calmer or more serene than the rest of the resorts on the property. You also get access to golf carts on demand that will take you anywhere on the property. If you happen to be in a different part of the property and are waiting for the resorts little train to come by to pick up people at designated areas, if the golf carts go by and they see your Royal band, they'll stop and pick you up immediately much to dismay of the other resort patrons. We ate at the Royal Gourmet, La Chanterelle, the Japanese steakhouse, Tapeo (Spanish tapas), the sports bar and ordered room service. We ate fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh seafood, fried foods, etc. None of the food was bad and some of it was really fantastic. When you evaluate the food, I think people need to keep in mind that the people making it are making a variety of types of food to satisfy travelers from all over the world and they're making it based on what they think it should taste like... for instance the pasta isn't fantastic but it's just fine. The people working here have probably never had homemade pasta made by an Italian Grandmother, but they're making it to the best of their ability and it isn't horrible. Also at the buffets, they have hundreds of choices of different cuisines from everywhere on the globe. The choice is amazing but not every single dish is going to be mind blowing. As for the alcohol... my only complaint is that I drink bourbon and people in DR think that scotch whiskey is an appropriate substitute for bourbon (which you can only find in the Royal lobby bar). You may not find the name brands you're looking for, but there is always a large selection and no shortage of supply. Speaking of the Royal lobby bar... they have the BEST drinks. The bartender is wonderful and his drinks taste better than the same drinks made anywhere else on the property. We also went to Zentrophia and had a couples massage at dusk on the beach. It was hands down one of the best massages I've ever had. Afterward they set up tiki torches and chairs and you can sit there and enjoy a bottle of champagne with your partner. As Royal guests, you also get to use the facilities at the spa for free (steam room, sauna, pools, jacuzzis, etc). The beach is gorgeous and a great many of the chairs are shaded. Royal guests get drink service on the beach and we had no problem with the server coming by several times an hour. We also frequented the secret pool almost every day. My only complaint there is that even though it is part of the Royal property and technically people from the other resorts aren't supposed to use it, that rule isn't enforced. My favorite part of the property was the peacocks that roamed freely around the buildings. They are very tame and you can walk right up to them (maybe don't pet them but definitely take pictures). We also tipped about a dollar a drink, between $3 and $10 per person for meals, we tipped our maid every day and tipped our butler $20 for the week. If you run out of money, there is an ATM in the Bavaro resort that dispenses pesos. If you take the pesos to the casino, they will exchange it free of charge to any currency you need. My final bit of advice is this... I know enough Spanish to carry on a very brief conversation of "hi, how are you," etc. People told us that was welcomed since this is a native Spanish speaking country. However what we found is the people in the service positions (bartenders, restaurant employees, etc), thought we were Spanish from Spain and apparently they don't tip as well as other people. We would get completely ignored in the restaurants or receive extremely slow service (even slow compared to being on Dominican time). These people work LONG hours for a VERY small salary, they live for tips. Once they found out we were Americans, the service got infinitely better. Lesson learned... speak English any time you can. :)More

jam772016, 57821

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