Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium  

This beachfront hotel is just for adults and comes with a wealth of bars and first-class restaurants.

This hotel has its own private stretch of white-sand beach, which comes with palapas, daybeds and waiter service. For getting around all the bars and restaurants in the complex, there's a special buggy service for guests.

At this adults-only hotel, the pool is a picture of calm. It's equally peaceful in the restaurants, where lobster and Champagne are the norm. In the evenings, it's all about relaxed cocktails with some light entertainment.

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Honeymoon Offer

Honeymooners receive a free upgrade, subject to availability, and a free gift.

Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee. 4 bottles of liquor per week in room.  Snacks at set times.

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Main outdoor pool

Nestling amongst the palm trees in the centre of the resort gardens, you'll find the main pool. Fringed with straw huts and loungers, with a swim-up bar in its midst and whirlpool baths built in, this really is an ideal place to sit back, relax and let the world go by.

Private section of beach

A chance to unwind on your own private beach, away from the hustle and bustle and crowds. Enjoy the sun, a long drink, or take a dip in the warm waters of the Caribbean sea.

Sports Bar*

Situated next to the pond at the Grand Palladium Bavaro, the bar serves a range of snacks, including pizza, sandwiches, burgers, nachos and ice cream. Open all day, the bar has an outdoor smoking section, as well as a billiard table and internet facilities.

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junior suite

Junior suite sleeps two, with a double bed. Bathrobes and slippers are provided for your comfort, with a flatscreen TV, radio alarm clock with MP3 docking station, iron, ironing board and butler service.

honeymoon villa

Honeymoon villa sleeps two in a king-size double bed. Bathrobes and slippers are provided for your comfort, whilst a flatscreen TV and two balconies add to the enjoyment of the villa. You'll also have a radio alarm clock with MP3 docking station, iron, ironing board and butler service.

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Best vacation ever!

This was the first time my boyfriend and I had ever been to Punta Cana, and it was our first vacation together. Both of us had been to various resorts in Mexico, so we thought we would try something different. As soon as we arrived, we were treated like royalty. While we were checking in, we were given a cool towel and a glass of champagne, and then we were shown our room. We got the basic royal suite, nothing fancy, but it was a pretty awesome room. I liked the fact that there was a jetted tub basically in our room, and it could fit two people! Our butler, Carlos, showed us everything we needed to know about the ins and outs of the room. One important thing to note: If you are staying on the first floor of the Royal, your patio door locks automatically when you close it. It is nice on the one hand because you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock your door, however, don't put the secondary lock on your inside main door if you are going out to the patio because if you lock your self out it takes a while to get back in. This didn't happen to us, but only because it happened to a couple we met down there first. The maid service is AMAZING! The first night we had a nap and we ended up leaving our room around 9pm to have supper, and we didn't realize that maids clean your room here at night as well. So even though we were only there a couple of hours, our bed was made and everything. As a bonus, we were both out of it so we didn't lock anything in our safe when we went out to dinner the first night. We literally had valuables strewn all over the room and not a single dollar was missing when we returned! Very nice! The restaurant on our grounds, the Royal Gourmet, was fantastic! There is an appetizer buffet and a menu and the lobster they serve is wonderful! Also, Royal guests get free lobster at every restaurant, fyi. The mexican has the best lobster, but Royal Gourment lobster is really good too. We found the buffets on the other Palladium resorts were not as good as the Royal Gourmet (as expected). They weren't horrible, they were just mediocre. ALL of the a la cartes were fantastic! We went to the Japanese restaurant and sat at the hibachi table where our cook, Fernando, put on a great show and made us some delicious food! We also ate at the Brazillian (which is good if you love meat), Mexican, and Spanish. The Spanish restaurant, Tapeo, was very neat! It had a beautiful decor and the food was something unique I had never tried before, and it was delicious! We spend most of our vacation at this one pool, "The Secret Adult Pool". Normally it is for Royal guests only, but due to the renovations on the property other resorts have access to it as well (but only adults.) My boyfriend and I loved that because we like to make new friends, so the more the merrier. Anyway, this pool has a swim up bar AND it is heated AND it is open until midnight which is awesome. This one bar tender in particular, Manuel J really made our trip. One Tuesday night it was my boyfriend and I and a bunch of others in the pool who spoke Spanish, so we couldn't really communicate. But it was the BEST night. Manuel had our drinks ready for us before we even asked and he made us different shots and drinks that were all very delicious. He even had us try the Mamajuana which definitively packs a punch! We got very drunk and had a lot of fun people watching and conversing with ourselves and Manual. Later on in the week at our favorite swim up bar, Manuel was back, and he remembered us! He made us some more drinks and shots and this time there was a much rowdier crowd at the pool, so it was more of a party. We even got enough people together to play water polo, even though it was not on the schedule for that day, they let us play! I would say that was the best day we had. Manuel is BY FAR the best bartender there, however, all of the bartenders did give us excellent service. The butler was great. Carlos was our butler for some days, but on his days off we had another butler, a lady who was also great. No matter what we needed, we got with ease. Dinner reservations, extra bottles of Coke, tissues, it was great. I wish our vacation was more than 7 nights but all good things must come to an end. I will recommend this resort to anyone who comes to Punta Cana. As a side note: Ignore the negative reviews, remember some people are too picky are you ARE going to another country where people's customs, language and even practices are different from yours. And PLEASE tip your bartenders/servers/maids/butlers basically anyone who helps you because in the hospitality industry (we work in it ourselves) people work for tips. If I am serving two different people, and I know the one person doesn't tip and the other one does, who do you think I am going to serve first? This vacation was perfect, in fact, it exceeded my expectations.More

Susan T, Waterford, Canada

When is a Royal not a Royal?

I am a natural cynic at heart but even by my standards, to use the word "royal" in the name of this hotel is ostentatious to say the least. The service and overall standard was far from imperial. Having vacationed in Mexico and going to the best 5* around, I think you come to expect a high standard when in a similar location. Am I wrong? The attitude and service falls way below these levels. On occasions, asking for a drink was akin to telling the bar tender that you had just run over his dog such was the look of horror on their face. I almost wondered if I should be serving them! The complex consists of a sprawling mass of apartments, restaurants, bars and pools. This is fine as you expect this having done your research and its all supposed to part of the fun. The confusing bit comes when you try to navigate your way around this metropolis. You will take a buggy ride to the various restaurants and bars. In this instance we went to the Bamboo restaurant and Sports bar. This was fine until we found out that the Bamboo restaurant isn’t open and is being renovated. The Sports bar (like the Casino) is a complete misnomer. While we were there, these 2 objects of desire were supposed to be up and running. The Sports bar consisted of a table football game and that was it. Seriously no sports. The Casino is a place to stay away from. I will say no more about it other than if part of your motive for staying here is the casino, then don't. We invested $50 return journey to go to the Hard Rock Casino. If you can afford it, please go and you will be thanking me. The food - to be honest, it's average. If you are in the Royal, you get to eat at the La Chanterelle and Royal Gourmet. These are the best. The others are pretty similar standard. You need to book for the Steak House and the Japanese stir fry show. We couldn’t understand what the fuss was about with these. A chef waving a few forks and knives in front of you isn't exactly splitting the atom. We had seen this 3 or 4 times anyway before in Mexico and they somehow managed to make it entertaining. Our guy looked like he was on his 5th show of the day and pi**ed off about it too. How hard is it to stir fry chicken, beef and rice anyway?? Pools - they are ok. Depending on what room you get, you will have your own swim up pool in the Royal Suite. We did notice on our travels to other pools that they needed some repair work. Remember that this is a 5* joint. It is masquerading in my eyes but not the hotel managers (Idelin) strangely enough. Even stranger is that she takes no notice of trip advisor!! I throw that out to you what that says about her as a manager?..... Entertainment - not fair for us to comment as only went to 1 show and what we saw was the same music with the dancers coming back on in different coloured outfits! There are other nights so I hope if you go, Siegfried and Roy turn up .... And make the place disappear (not quite literally!.............but almost). The trips we did were great although our Thomson rep and his reliability left a bit to be desired. He rocked up on time when we had to pay for a trip bit things got sketchy when we had complaints (which were numerous in the end). He did come through with the Malibu (which you wont get on the resort) in the end so fair play but brush up on that reliability Sonny. Trips - we did a lot and I think you will have a great time on them. Zip wire, buggies, speedboats and Bavaro Splash are all winners. Take care when Sonny tells you about the starfish on the Sonao trip...... He says the exists but 200 people in the Caribbean with us couldn't find one!! The guy who takes the pay for pictures mysteriously found 2 which wouldn't have looked out of place in Jurassic Park they were that big. This isn’t a reflection on the hotel clearly as this trip was good!! Despite all of the above, we actually had a good time but it came more out of making our own entertainment, doing trips and meeting up with people rather than the hotels devices. There are plenty of staff who do wear a smile and are helpful. It was just that these seemed to be in the minority. Our gripes could so easily be sorted but when you have the manager mind-set of ignoring trip advisor, I doubt your experinces will be any better any time soon. I have tried to fair and objective but this hotel is simply not a 5*. I conclude with this. We actually raised our complaint to Idelin (Royal Suite Manager). She listened and offered us a spa treatment as way of compensation. To avail ourselves of this treat, we had to collect a letter of authorisation. When collecting the letter, appended to it was another letter that I can only assume was written by Perry Mason as it absolved them of any blame/ not admitting any blame now and in the future. In short, none of it was their fault and if we signed the letter and then slipped on a bar of soap and broke our neck, they weren’t to blame! We didn't sign the letter but there is a moral to this story but for the life of me, I can't find it. Even in the case of customer follow up, they couldn’t even get that right!! Hoping your experiences are better. This resort is stunning if you don't want to gamble, want medium range drinks, average food and unhappy faces at 5 star prices. Then its paradise. CiaoMore

Robin F,

Great Weather and Great Service

My husband and I are currently on our honeymoon and staying in Room 5125 and could not have asked for a better time. Our room is amazing with a pool/part ocean view and jacuzzi on the balcony. The weather has been fantastic too! Most of all, we are surprised by how helpful and friendly the entire staff is. From the bartenders to cleaning ladies, everyone is friendly and willing to help. However, the best of the bunch has far and away been our butler, Abel! He has helped us with our restaurant reservations, minor room issues (a backed up shower and closet door being stuck- which both got fixed quickly), showed us a swim up suite in case we wanted to upgrade and has gone out of his way to make sure we are satisfied with everything. We could not be happier with everything at the Royal Suites and encourage everybody else to come and visit!More

Kristy H,

Anniversary celebration

Our stay at the resort was everything we hoped it would be. There were plenty activities, the maid service was very nice. We will recommend this resort to our family and friends the one change I would have is that the breakfast bar be more presentable who should be served hot and other than that we enjoyed every dinner every night we had pancakes French toast was cold. Henry the butler was a very nice help to us the only problem we have with the Butlers where we were told that the Butlers would be there 24 hours for 110 Rihanna explain two hours too many jobs that they have we understood though we were none able to get with the butler when we call when we did reach them they were very good at getting that's what we want in a very timely manner so yes I would recommend this resort.More

Abram W, Maryland

Nice return to Dominican Republic

We returned to Punta Cana after 10 yrs when we went before it was at Bahia Principe. We went to the Grand Palladium in Jamaica so thought we would try it here. The grounds are beautiful and we are more pool people than beach so we enjoyed the many pools. The resort is huge and is 4 in one but we enjoyed walking the entire grounds. The Royal Suites were great with two restaurants exclusive to our resort and the food and drink was outstanding. We did one alacarte restaurant the japanese and did the show cooking which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately there were a few things that dampened the trip a little but did not ruin the experience by any means. First, I knew of the travel club before as we have been to the Grand Palladium in Jamaica. There they would ask you if wanted info and if you said no they would just let you go on your way no problem. Here, I found it to be way too aggressive and in a way a little bit of trickery. As soon as we arrived we received a telephone call that something was waiting for us in the lobby only to arrive and find out it was for the travel club. Also,we could not go to a pool,beach or the snack bar without being asked to buy an excursion,souvenir etc which was a turnoff after a week. At the end of the week we were very happy with the resort and the front end staff,restaurant staff,bar staff were great and we had a wonderful time. I just wish the constant salemanship could be toned down as we and many others were turned off by this.More

lioncoltfancanada, edmonton

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