A taste of North Africa

Tunisia offers a great introduction to North Africa. All over the country, medinas, souks and mosques freckle the towns and villages, while ancient cities give way to salt lakes and citrus groves. And down in the south, the mysterious Berber tribes dwell in the caves that edge the Sahara Desert.

Hammamet and Port El Kantaoui

Tunisia’s coastline has the full spectrum of resorts. If there was a competition for the prettiest, Hammamet would be a strong contender. Its whitewashed houses tumble down towards a pale band of sand, which stretches along the coast for 10 kilometres. Head south and you’ll come to Port El Kantaoui. This place has a more cosmopolitan feel, with a yacht-filled marina edged by seafood restaurants and jewellery shops.

Sousse and Skanes

A little further down the coast are Sousse and Skanes, both of which are fronted by cushiony sweeps of sand. The ancient medina in Sousse is the real showpiece in these parts. Delve beyond the stone walls and search the backstreets for hand-woven rugs, intricate jewellery and leather handbags.

Djerba Island

Djerba is a little island off the south coast of Tunisia. With its pearly beaches and ancient medinas, it’s like a miniature version of the mainland. That said, it tends to attract fewer holidaymakers, which means peaceful surroundings are a given.

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Port El Kantaoui

Set on Tunisia’s east coast, Port El Kantaoui is a custom-built resort with traditional-style white buildings and narrow cobbled streets. Chic cafés and restaurants line a fountain-filled square and the smart marina. There’s also a PGA-standard golf course and a long, sandy beach.


Hammamet has long been Tunisia’s number-one beach town. It became popular in the Twenties with European artists and writers, and since then everyone from Wallis Simpson to Sophia Loren has visited its golden shores. Its popularity remains as strong as ever, but Hammamet has managed to hold on to that Moorish mystique which made it so popular in the first place.

Yasmine Hammamet

Yasmine Hammamet is an up-and-coming town along Tunisia’s beautiful northern coast. It’s a bubbly place, with a trio of boulevard, marina and sandy beach. There are elegant modern restaurants and shops dotted around. What’s more, you’ll find a trace of old Tunisia in the tea rooms and colourful markets of the quaint medina quarter.

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