Markets, medinas and Moorish mosques

Holidays to Tunisia offer the chance to seek out authentic bargains and gifts while practising your haggling skills in the markets and souks – many of which can be found in the maze-like medina quarters of Tunisia’s towns and villages. Ornate mosques, rich with Moorish touches are also worth a visit.

From Saharan sands to Marina chic

The closeness of the vast Saharan desert brings ample opportunity for camel treks during holidays to Tunisia. You’ll be part of a landscape that has remained unchanged for centuries. Alternatively, the upmarket and thoroughly modern Port El Kantaoui offers a stylish harbour packed with designer shops and elegant eateries.

Food for thought

The choice of cuisine is definitely worth an Instagram pic or two. Local dining draws heavily on its country’s rich history, and is a heady and delicious mix of North African spice, delicate French touches and a big helping of Mediterranean influences.

Djerba Island

Djerba is a little island off the south coast of Tunisia. With its pearly beaches and ancient medinas, it’s like a miniature version of the mainland. That said, it tends to attract fewer holidaymakers, which means peaceful surroundings are a given.

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Yasmine Hammamet

Yasmine Hammamet is an up-and-coming town along Tunisia’s beautiful northern coast. It’s a bubbly place, with a trio of boulevard, marina and sandy beach. There are elegant modern restaurants and shops dotted around. What’s more, you’ll find a trace of old Tunisia in the tea rooms and colourful markets of the quaint medina quarter.


On the east coast of Tunisia, Sousse is a place where history and culture collide. This is the country’s second biggest city, with more than 3,000 years of history to its name. The first thing you’ll notice is the medina, a UNESCO-protected site that’s home to a holy mosque and a Medieval kasbah, or fortress. Fanning out from the medina is the new town, with the port to one side and long, modern avenues to the other. They’re filled with a stream of yellow taxi cabs and locals chatting in the street.

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