Medina Gardens  

The Medina Gardens is in an unbeatable location in the heart of Marrakech, and it’s had a big refurbishment for summer 2014.

This Thomson Couples hotel has one of the best addresses in Marrakech, It’s on the doorstep of Jemaa el-Fna square, which means you’re only 5 minutes’ walk from the souks, restaurants and food stalls.

The hotel has undergone a big refurbishment for summer 2014. A lot of the original Arabic features have stayed put, but the whole place has been given an injection of contemporary style.

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Buffet breakfast and dinner.   

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Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee.  Snacks at set times.

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Outdoor pool

Leading off from the lush gardens, this curvy number takes centre stage on the terrace with a bar in easy reach.

Indian restaurant

Dine al fresco and enjoy a range of Indian dishes. You'll get 1 visit here included with your stay.

Buffet restaurant

Serving up a selection of international dishes, with show cooking and an outdoor terrace.

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double room with whirlpool bath

Double room with whirlpool bath sleeps 2.

double room with pool view

Double room with pool view sleeps 2.

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Superb location

On arrival, make sure you have water to hand as it's very hot at the airport and the queue for passport control can be painfully slow. The transfer to the hotel literally took 10 mins and despite its proximity to the airport, we only heard 2 planes during our 11 day stay. The hotel is very nice but the bathrooms do need refurbishing properly. Our bath had anti slip strips in it which were smooth, so having a shower was slippery! Also the bath taps were hanging off the wall and had mould behind them. We were in room 406 with an amazing view over the city. However, we were also in full earshot of one of the local mosques and at 4.40am every day, the call to prayer was deafening! Another one occurred at 5.30am too, just to keep you awake so be warned, earplugs would be useful! The main pool was surrounded by beds within inches of each other and yes, nearly all had towels on them by 9am. There was very little shade on offer there so we headed to the quiet pool, surrounded by shady trees and ideal for reading or snoozing! One point though was that there were no signs for anything in the hotel. We only found out there was a shop on the last day! Also the toilet is well hidden behind the pool bar, we didn't discover that till let's on either. The restaurant was ok, very similar food most nights but when they did Moroccan night the lamb and prune tagine was delicious! Most nights you would find something but I was disappointed at how bland it was, being in Morocco, you hope for spicy food but hey ho. Be warned about the Asian night too as it was dire! Their interpretation of sweet and sour is basically tomato sauce. Their idea on Indian food is also odd but at least the lamb curry I had did taste of something even if it was cloves and cardamon ! Don't bother with the steakhouse either. It's basically a few tables plonked onto the grass next to the sun beds and again, their idea on a Caesar salad was odd to say the least! The steak I had was alright, but nothing special and not worth paying for. The staff on the front desk have an attitude too, I think they're not keen on Brits as they were all smiles for the many, many French people there. I was surprised at their never, bearing in mind that the Thomson logo is everywhere, the majority of guests were French rather than British. The rest of the staff were lovely though, always seemed pleased to see you. Be warned that you can't use cards to pay for anything at the hotel, they want dirhams in their hand for everything! There is a cash desk in the Lobby though but you will need sterling to exchange. Outside the hotel there is an artisan centre with a cash point but it's only open during office hours so no good in the evenings. This is also a good spot for buying gifts if you can't be bothered with haggling, as every price is fixed, and not excessively so either. The cafe does excellent mint tea too! We did 2 trips. The cake he by night is great, although being shown round the new district was a bit pointless- how many new hotels do you want to see? Once inside the walls of the city, it got much more interesting. The traffic is mental there, no one really pays attention to the rules so watch your step and keep your eyes open for motorbikes as they weave around everywhere. The Jemaa el Fna is mental at night. A complete assault on every sense but you must go, just to experience it! It's only a 10 minute walk from the hotel and is surreal at night. In the day it was a little calmer but we found the constant hassle from people trying to sell you stuff rather annoying. One guy tried to sell us herbs and when we politely said non merci about 5 times he told us to f*** off! Nice.... The other trip we did was the day to the Atlas Mountains. The only problem we had was with the guide. He was obviously bored of doing this trip and made no effort to ensure everyone could hear him. We were a group of 5 cars and stopped at least 6 times so I thought he should have swapped cars each time. As it was, our driver spoke no English and we had no idea what was going on until we found the guide again. He clearly favoured the people in his car, picking up herbs from roadside for them alone to smell. As we had paid the same money as them, we thought this was unfair! Be warned that when you go to the Berber house for tea, it's not an easy walk down, rocky and slippery so if you're not steady on your feet, best not to go there.t.he scenery was stunning though! The 4x4 is an absolute must there, the roads are steep and so close to the edge of the cliff, my heart skipped a beat on several occasions! The lunch we had was ok, again not spicy although the tagine omelette was delicious. I don't think you should have to pay for drinks though, 30 dirhams for 2 soft drinks seems unnecessary when you have a) paid 1600 dirhams for the trip and b) paid for all inclusive! The last day was rather wasted for us. We paid 300 dirhams to check out at 4pm, and I would say don't bother! We hoped to have a nap after dinner as it was going to be a long day (got home at 3.30am) but housekeeping were dragging furniture around, shouting along the corridor and just making it impossible to nod off. There is also the issue of food. Between 4.30 and 7.30 there is nowhere to get food in the hotel. As we weren't collected till 6.45, I think they should have something available for us. The prices at the airport are extortionate, £4.50 for a 500ml bottle of water and a 300ml bottle of juice! So if we had been able to have some sandwiches or something before leaving, that would have been better. After all, we paid for 11 days all inclusive and completely missed out the first day because of not arriving till midnight so some leeway would be appreciated! All in all, it's a wonderful spot for relaxing, especially with no kids! It does make a difference, even if some of the French men acted like prats by the pool, dive bombing despite the fact they were at least 40 years old and should know better! Lots of people griped at them but hey, they were having fun, sod everyone getting wet whilst reading by the side of the pool! Would I go back? Possibly but not at this time of year. 38C most days is just too much for traipsing around. I'd visit for a shorter break maybe later in the year, Morocco has it's charms and I would like to see more if it.More

Bubbinaribena, Buckinghamshire

amazing holiday

just returned from a two week holiday at this hotel, what can I say. from the moment we arrived to the day we left nothing was to much trouble. than you sarah, imed and are amazing. cannot fault anything about the hotel , food and also the staff. the resident singers , Helen and greg who are outstanding. thank you xxxxx from pete and sue xxxx stoke on trentMore

jinnyjones2014, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Good but could be so much better!

Arrival at the airport: We were on the second of three flights that arrived together but still got through in just over an hour. Having said that it wasn't a very comfortable hour. The arrivals hall is stifling, there were a number of people who fainted with unfortunately no attention from staff. Make sure you have plenty of water and wear something cool. Arrival at hotel: This was ruined a little for us due to my partners bag not arriving at the airport (more on this later) however it was lovely to be greeted by members of staff with the lovely cool towels and cocktails. There were a lot of us that arrived that night but check in was smooth with no queuing and our bag was up in the room before us. Staff: Amazing! The Thompson rep Ahmed couldn't have helped us more with our bag issue. We were told by airport staff that the bag hadn't arrived! We reported it and told Ahmed who said he would sort it for us and not to worry but also that the bag may not arrive till Thursday ( it was Monday!) not the start we had hoped for on our much needed holiday! He was very helpful though and said he would talk to us in the hotel later. To cut a long story short, it turned out that the bag was indeed in Marrakech but someone had taken it off the conveyer mistakenly. Thankfully they had taken it to Ahmed who saved us a whole lot of hassle by bringing it with him to the hotel. By rights we should've gone to the airport by taxi ourselves with the report etc, etc so he saved us a lot of money, time and effort. Brilliant service by him we thought. There are a lot of helpful, friendly, funny staff who really make your holiday. There are also some who don't seem to want to be there are sullen, miserable and some who are just plain rubbish at their job! Rooms: I won't repeat what others have said but we had no problems in our bathroom, our room was on the poolside and we still managed to get to sleep early despite the noise. Bed could probably be a bit smaller and would save a lot of bruises on knees from the little table in the corner! Would be nice if water, pop was replenished in the fridge. Food: No problems for us but we're not fussy eaters and will eat anything. Had no encounters of under cooked food or luke warm food at any point. Didn't bother with the Indian due to bad reviews, the people we spoke to who had been all had dodgy tummies the next day. The only complaint we have is that the snack bar should be open late in the evening. The pool bar is open till 1 so surely it would make sense to have the option of pizza, paninis, chips available for people who want to stay up that late? We went to bed a number of times with rumbling tummies! Drinks: Bearable, draught beer is better than the bottle beer. Wine is drinkable, cocktails were awful! I resorted to vodka and fresh orange in the end which was actually very nice. Bizarrely you can only get spirits and cocktails from the inside bar which is a pain and needs to be rectified. Grounds: Really lovely! The pool area's are spotless with plenty of sunbeds for everyone, yes there are those who reserve them (our neighbours alarm went off every morning at 5:30, they got up and reserved their bed. I'm not kidding!) but you will still be able to get one in the beautiful gardens. Lots of lovely fruit trees for shade. We mainly stayed by the livelier pool because we like to talk but the quiet pool did look very tranquil. Make sure you feed the tortoise that are over by the shop. I took them lettuce and tomato's every morning and evening. They came running when they saw me by the end, so cute! Sickness: Both myself and my partner both had dodgy tummies but at no point did we feel ill or have to spend the day in bed. I put it down to dehydration, alcohol, heat and the change in food rather than food hygiene/cooking standards. Looking back we should have definitely drunk a lot more water throughout the day. Trips: We did the atlas mountain trip and highly recommend it. It was lovely to be able to experience a traditional Berber village and see how they live. You also get invited into a locals house where they make you mint tea and you get a chance to try their freshly baked bread with olive oil. It might've been a little bit thomsonfied but you still got a sense of the way the live. The scenery was also stunning! Outside the hotel: You have to visit the square and souks! It's an amazing experience that'll totally blow your mind. It is very busy and you do get a little bit of hassle but just remain polite, smile and say no thanks and they'll leave you alone. We had a right laugh with some of the locals and really enjoyed haggling and bargaining with them. Really good fun and we got some wonderful souvenirs. There is an artisan complex opposite the hotel that also has some beautiful things to buy and you can see them making things but no haggling there, they're all set prices. There is also a cash machine in there. The entertainment area in the evening is so small by the pool bar resulting in everyone lying on sunbeds covered in oil and cream. It's a shame when there's a huge terrace out the back that would make a brilliant entertainment area and is much bigger. With a few beanbags big comfy sofas it could also be used as a chill out area in the day, it really is such a waste. The duo in the evening are wonderful, Helen has an amazing voice and will take requests if you get a little bored of what they play. Their repertoire is huge! It was also fun to see the belly dancers and acrobats but the fire eater man was very scary! Has to be seen! Daytime entertainment was ok but feel there could be a little more going on. There are a lot of young couples who visit who maybe would like water polo/water games more often which could be offered along side coits or shuffle board. Overall if you go here you will have a good holiday but I feel with a few tweaks here and there it could be made into an amazing holiday! Can't help but feel that Thomson have missed a trick or two here!More

sarah57Wales, Dolgellau, United Kingdom


My partner and I fancied a change as we are used to going to Spain and Canary Islands so chose Marrakech as it was recommended by some of my work colleagues and we could experience a new culture just a short flight away. We met our rep, Ahmed, on the coach transfer. He was very polite and friendly, very knowledgable and always around at the hotel if you had any questions. When we arrived at the hotel on the night our bags were taken to our rooms for us, we were given a cold flannel (very refreshing after a flight) and a glass of juice. We met Imad and Sarah, both lovely and made us feel welcomed. The restaurant had been opened for us to have some breads, salads and sweets. At the time of booking we opted for a room with jacuzzi. Our room was very big and spacious, air con worked perfectly, bed was king sized and so comfy. Some afternoons when the sun was too hot to lie in, we sat in the jacuzzi on our terrace. We could control the bubbles and temperature, which went up to 40 degrees. Room, bathroom and terrace was very clean, cleaned daily, and towels changed daily. The food was amazing, especially the Moroccan dishes in the tagines. We had the option to visit the Indian restaurant as part of the all inclusive, but we loved the food in the restaurant and looked forward to each theme on the evenings. Moroccan night was fabulous, lovely dishes and the entertainment at the pool bar after was fantastic- Moroccan dance groups, playing instruments and singing, and a few of us got up and had a dance with them! Desserts were always lovely, lots of variety and very well made. Breakfast was a good selection of fruit, cereal, hot food, and delicious pastries made on site by the pastry chef. Good selection of drinks, spirits, liqueurs and cocktails in the lobby bar. The wines were lovely, especially the rosé. Cocktail night and champagne night were hosted by manager Frederic who introduced us to all the staff and what they do. It was so nice to see a manager show appreciation and gratitude for his staff, which is probably why they are all so happy, kind and helpful. Pool area was clean, always plenty of sunbeds in sun and shade. We had some lovely photos taken by Ali, the photographer. He was a lovely man and did make us laugh! Great idea to have a photographer on site, especially for honeymooners. Would definitely go for a couples hotel again, lovely having no kids running around or splashing! Hotel is in perfect location. We went to the artisan building, cyber parc, medina and souks. Great experience and locals very easy to chat to. Be careful in the souks though, people try and lure you all sorts of places! We wanted directions to a Berber market, but got taken to a tannery right at the other end of the old town! We got some great bargains from the souks- get haggling! We could not find a single fault in the hotel and had an amazing holiday.More

Lucymmajr, Kidderminster, United Kingdom

Potentially could be brilliant!

The hotel location is brilliant 5 mins walk from the souks and the new town. Across the road is an arts & crafts center fixed prices if you can't be bothered with all the haggling in the souk. Possibly you may pay a little more but it is easier I suppose. If you venture up to the souk make sure you have a coffee/ mint tea in one of the rooftop cafés views are spectacular . Lots of snake charmers and local bands and dancing going on. It's easy to get out and about taxis cheap . We had a good wander around you really can see old and new Morocco. The dune buggy tour is brilliant you really get a taste of Marrakech . Rooms - Spacious despite previous reviews,however they are basic. The bathrooms need upgrading cracked sinks and mould around bath/ shower. We had a jacuzzi room overlooking the pool which was well worth the money. Food - I would say just ok. Very similar every night however they do make the effort with decoration of the restaurant.The themed nights seem to be half hearted not much typical food to the theme! The Moroccan night was by far the best tagines excellent ! The salads and breads are out of this world ! We never had a problem @ breakfast with under cooked food. People were complaining about the Indian so we gave it a miss! Snack bar pizzas fantastic so much better than the main restaurant. Local drinks are ok but if your used to your branded spirits you will be disappointed . Some of the cocktails are out of a machine which are not very nice! Grounds - stunning gardens really relaxing if you wanted to chill out along with the quiet pool. The main pool is good not to noisy. Unfortunately lots of reserving of sunbeds goes on quite early 7am! This is were majority of the entertainment takes place but I question some of the entertainment . The resident duo are ok but are a little repetitive. Evening entertainment again just ok but the belly dancers acrobats typical to Morocco brilliant. Staff - Majority out of this world small minority couldn't be bothered attitude. The staff are really very very friendly guest relations and restaurant staff are brilliant always so happy and friendly. Absolutely fantastic! Overall we had a good week away but I think the hotel still needs a little work to make it up to that 4 star standard. There are areas of the hotel that are not used to the full potential ie shisha bar & terrace. The reception area and the bar are stunning lovely atmosphere and decoration. More

Elliot_Busby, UK

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