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Part of our Platinum portfolio, this All Inclusive hotel is a peaceful oasis within easy reach of Marrakech.

This hotel looks like a little village, with annexes sprinkled around 13 acres of gardens. It’s in the smart Palmeraie district of Marrakech, a 15-minute shuttle bus ride from the medina.

Rooms fuse modern style with authentic Moroccan touches like inlaid wooden tables. Food-wise, there’s a handful of restaurants to choose from, while outside a huge pool takes centre stage.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee.  Snacks at set times.

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Outdoor pool

The large angular outdoor pool comes with a wraparound sun terrace with sunbeds and parasol aligning its edge.

Evening entertainment programme

Shows, live music or Riu evening programme are available daily.

Buffet restaurant

The restaurant offers a buffet breakfast including wholemeal products and on the spot cooking stations and continental breakfast and snacks, and dinner dishes prepared on the spot.

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twin room

These large contemporary twin rooms with sleep up to three. They come with a ceiling fan and mini-fridge. Most have a seating area with a sofa.

connecting room

These contemporary connecting rooms sleep up to three adults in each room. They come with a ceiling fan and a mini-fridge. You'll need to book two of these room types and then you'll get two rooms side by side with a lockable door across the hallway separating both these rooms from the corridor. In order to use them as connecting, the single door to the corridor should be locked and the two room doors left open. There isn't a door directly between the two rooms.

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Good value for money, what you see is what you get

Just returned from a week at the Riu. Having stayed at a number of their hotels, we choose this as you are rarely disappointed. This was the case with this hotel. What they describe is what you get. Nothing fancy, but nothing wrong either. Food - the food was pretty traditional, lots of cous cous, salad and various meat based dishes. The dining areas were busy, but clean and well looked after. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in different restaurants, with one become an a la carte for the evening meal. Plenty of variety in general, although it tended to be versions of the same things. Fine for me as I'll eat anything and my fussy other half was kept happy with chips, burgers and pizza Drinks - the cocktails weren't great, but this is probably more personal choice as they were very sweet. The spirits were very drinkable and plenty of variety. Soft drink pumps were available by the pool area, but due to an excess of wasps, most people opted for the bar providing drinks rather than fighting the wasps. The lounge bar was a welcome break to the heat and well air conditioned Wifi - appreciating this is in North Africa, be aware that the Wifi access is poor. If you want to get access avoid the "peak" times just after and before meals. The best time to get reasonable access was early morning or late at night. This was a slight source of frustration as I was reliant on having some Wifi access while we were there, but could be overcome once you knew the times to avoid General hotel facilities - if you don't like frogs, avoid the evening. There is a small lake in the middle of the hotel with the most amazing population of frogs. We loved it and the sound was heard softly in the background from our room also. Other people we met weren't fans The only negative was the towels - both the room and pool towels need some investment. These tended to be well worn and hard. If we went back we would consider taking our own pool towels. A minor thing, but one that would be easily improved Overall, a nice hotel, great weather and good links to the main town.More

DRees1980, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Excellent choice, very good hotel and staff.

I wouldn't normally go for an all-inclusive holiday but we just wanted a cheap week away November. Even though the reviews for this place were good I had kept my expectations low, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. The whole place is spotless, well maintained and runs very efficiently. The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff at reception came naturally, it wasn't rehearsed or forced. I had requested a first floor room via the travel agent but on arrival was on the ground floor - no problem, they told me which rooms were available immediately and which would be ready in an hour or so, my choice. I had read that some rooms were far from the pool/main building so I asked to see them first - again no problem. (Incidentally, in my opinion all the rooms are close, you'd have to have severe mobility problems to think it was too far to walk.) The restaurant and bar staff were hardworking and cheerful, you never had to look around to be greeted or crane your neck to catch someone's eye. We ate in all the restaurants and they were fine, food was hot and vegetarian options were always available. Yes, wifi is limited to the main reception area but that wasn't a problem for us. We were there to read books by the pool, visit the town/Medina (free hotel shuttle bus) and get out to the Atlas mountains, have a nightcap after dinner and go to bed and it all worked just fine. Would certainly go back.More

Emm C, London

Great place for a relaxing honeymoon

Having just returned from a 10 day honeymoon here I have nothing but praise for the place. Please don't be put off by some of the ridiculous negative comets on here as some people are never happy. Due to health problems I didn't wander far from the hotel but that didn't detract from this making for a fabulous location. The staff are incredible, working what must be 12 -18 hour days in 40 degree heat during Ramadan. The ignorance of some other holiday makers was rather annoying though. Those who say the drinks are weak, I have no idea where you were drinking. My usual vodka and diet coke was quite strong enough! About half vodka half diet coke, how strong do you want it ! Yes the wasps are annoying and I was stung twice but what can you do, wasps are wasps wherever you are in the world. There are comments on here about the food being bland and the same everyday. This is completely untrue. My husband eat a different meal ever day. I did repeat some meals but that is due to food allergies and not the choices supplied. If you want a nice swift journey through immigration then make sure you fully complete the card given to you before you land and before you leave morocco. A number of people were moaning about the length of the queues but this is due to people not completing the immigration cards! I was in morocco at the time of the tragedy in Tunisia. The staff there are worried that this will deter people from visiting. Remember Islam is a very peaceful religion. The people that carried out these atrocities did it in the name of Islam but what they did is against the teachings of the quran. The maids are very hard working, leaving lovely towel animals each day and the room was kept beautifully clean. We left them a good tip given how poorly they are paid and how hard they work. The issue of WIFI seems to come up a lot. Yes, you can't get on WIFI in the rooms or by the pool but you can in the reception and lobby area. The only day I had issues was the day after the Tunisia shootings as I wanted to reassure relatives back home that we were fine, that was, I guess, because there were so many people online that day. Who goes on holiday and need fast Internet? All in all a fabulous hotel with amazing staff. The only weak spot was the Thompson reps who were worse than useless, only interested in selling trips, extra baggage and extra leg room. Very Un helpful about everything else with their stock answer being "ask reception". my biggest gripe was nothing to do with the hotel but the other guests....... reservation of sun loungers! Some people were reserving them from 10pm the previous night! Then not using them, instead collecting their towels around 5th the next day, utterly selfish and ridiculous but I guess that's British holidaymakers for you😕 Would have preferred a double bed rather than two singles, this was a honeymoon after all!😘More

Penny O, Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Great holiday in a great hotel!

I stayed here with my girlfriend for 9 nights at the end of June. The hotel was fantastic. Always clean, great facilities, lovely gardens, and fantastic food. All the staff were great as well, always happy to help with any questions you may have. The pool is a good size for the hotel, but the area around it for sun beds is not great. If you got to the pool after 8:00 you struggled to get 2 seats together. Apart from that, the A la Carte restaurants were brilliant and all the food variations throughout the holiday was great. In Marrakech, the Medina is great, and getting lost in the Souks was a crazy experience, but brilliant nonetheless. Avoid the Henna ladies and the snake charmers though as if you start taking photos they get on your case fast! The photographer at the hotel was very useful as well, happy to take group shots, and nice couple shots. He was also not pushy in trying to make you buy photos. A real credit to the hotel. Overall the hotel was great and me any girlfriend had a brilliant 9 day holiday! Thank you!More

Jamie C, London, United Kingdom

An excellent and thoroughly enjoyable holiday.

Having just today returned from a 10 night stay at the Riu Tikida Palmeraie, I find myself thoroughly satisfied and already riddled with nostalgia. I travelled with my girlfriend, and this was our first proper holiday away together; city breaks excluded. I had built up high expectations of the resort having religiously read through previous reviews on a daily basis since booking up in April. I was not found wanting. At around 6km outside of central Marrakech, it really did feel like an oasis in the desert. We arrived late in the evening, greeted by cocktails and an open restaurant which was ideal after a long day of travelling. Aesthetically, the hotel is beautiful. The reception and lobby areas have a sleek and elegant design but cultivate a very relaxed atmosphere. Our bags were taken to our room by the staff which was appreciated in our exhausted state. The decor of the room might leave something to be desired to those who are in such a way inclined, but as a young couple seeking a relaxing break, the presence of a safe, a fridge and quite a consistent English language movie channel more than enough. Perhaps the only detracting factor (as mentioned before) was that as opposed to a double bed, we had two single beds pushed together, although I do concede that this may be as a result of the cultural values of Morocco more than anything else. The room was spotless and the maids were very thorough throughout the holiday; even going so far as to rearrange the balloons my girlfriend had brought for my birthday on a daily basis! We started the first proper day of our stay early as I was taking it under advisement from previous reviews that doing so was the only way to guarantee sun loungers in a decent location. In all honesty, throughout the holiday, our sleeping pattern was inconsistent and we were often out as late as 11 or 12 and found perfectly suitable loungers with relatively little trouble, although that may just be because mid-June is not the peak of the season for the hotel. I'd also agree with some reviews which speak of the coldness of the pool but in 40 degree heat, it certainly hit the spot, and I believe the sort of people to really complain about that would complain about there being too much sun in the sky and too much sand on the beach. I would agree with other reviews in the sense that the food can become a bit repetitive over time, and having stayed for 10 nights I can definitely understand this. However, we did visit both the Italian and Moroccan restaurants to break up the monotony of it. The Moroccan restaurant was excellent, whilst the Italian wasn't much of a departure from the main dining hall. Again, aesthetically, all of the eating areas were very pleasant and spacious and I took no issue with the buffet style system with which they operate, although I can see it how it might be frustrating for others. The availability of different restaurants for different meals or snacks throughout the day was very welcome as a late afternoon burger went down nicely after a few drinks in the sun. My girlfriend did have spaghetti bolognese 14 times in 10 days so the variety may have been somewhat lost on her, but she enjoyed it as well. A small criticism was the presence of flies, which seemed to specifically go for the bread rolls, but the staff did seem attentive to this and try to shoo them away at every possible opportunity. The free availability of soft drinks, wine, beer on tap, fruit juices and teas and coffees was a nice touch. As previously scrutinised in past reviews, the internet is slow and available on an inconsistent basis. I found using the lobby bar to be fairly decent and I wasn't on holiday to sit on social media anyway so it was no skin off my nose. However, in the latter half of the holiday, only the reception wi-fi was available and was being used by seemingly everyone at all times which was just a tad stressful as we were trying to contact our family members after the tragedy in Tunisia. My only small gripe was that the hotel had no pay phones on hand and I was quite eager to phone home on my birthday. I was informed at the front desk that the nearest were in the town square in Marrakech which was frustrating. However, the hotel did take note of my birthday and I was met with a congratulatory note through the door in the morning, and champagne and a birthday cake with my meal. The birthday message on the cake, and the rendition of happy birthday was in French, but hey ho, it's really the thought that counts. Of the staff, I cannot speak more highly. They were attentive, friendly, helpful and made a genuine effort to remember you. I was aware that traditionally, the cocktails and other drinks were made quite weakly, but I had also read that a tip here and there goes a long way. This was certainly the case. For every couple of rounds, I'd tip 20DH (maybe £1.35?) whilst getting rounds of 4 each time. By the second night, 3 or 4 staff already knew instinctively what I would be ordering, and just how strongly I would like it. Some people might argue that being on an all-inclusive holiday means that tipping is a waste of money, but I found that even if they found you sitting in the lobby, they'd be more than happy to fetch your drinks, and even if not, stop for a chat. With the hotel quite busy, it was very refreshing to be treated like a human being. I also had the feeling that the staff genuinely seemed to enjoy their jobs, as I rarely saw anything short of a grin when they were at work. Quite genuinely some of the best service I've ever received to the point where I'd get the odd, sneaky queue skip which some might frown upon, but I wasn't complaining. As mentioned in earlier reviews, there's nothing more you can say about the entertainment team than that they were just okay. The nightly shows were obviously designed to cater to adults and children alike, but never really found a middle-ground that made them funny or interesting enough to either. Still, they did it with an enthusiasm which should be applauded, and I never found them to be forceful during the day at all. We booked a camel ride through expedia prior to coming on the holiday, and while a lot of people have urged caution with booking any excursions through Thomson, it was the Thomson rep who took notice when our coach was 45 minutes late without any explanation and phoned them up. It was an experience all the same, but as we subsequently booked the excursion to the Cascades of Oouzod through Thomson and found it infinitely more organised and inclusive of things such lunch and water, I would say that it is the worth the extra expense. We took a trip into the Medina, using the shuttle bus from the hotel. From many others, we'd been assured that it was an experience to remember, however, many of them took part in guided tours. We did no such thing and found ourselves at the behest of often aggressive traders trying to ply their wares. My girlfriend had an incident which a woman administering henna tattoos and demanding pay despite her attempts to pull her hand away after several times saying no. I did end up getting seen by a new-age healer type who was quite spot-on about a lot of things and I did manage to haggle him down to a fair price. We ended up quite turned around, and due to the season of Ramadan, often wandered into restricted areas. I would urge strict caution when accepting the directions of locals. Of course some are honest and seeking a bit of money, but a man we followed took us down a side-alley where he was accosted by armed guards and dragged off which left us considering whether we might have been on a one way excursion to getting robbed. However, we didn't let this experience sour our holiday. The Cascades were breath-taking, although park of a long and oppressively hot and exerting day. For those of you seeking an all-night party atmosphere, it's with a heavy heart that I say this isn't the resort of holiday for you. All the bars close at midnight in accordance with their laws; do remember it's a Muslim country. As both myself and my girlfriend have done the traditional beach holiday in the past, a resort where we could play pool, cards, read at our leisure and drink merrily throughout the day was the ideal choice. I found the whole holiday to be fantastic value for money. Our trip came in at about £720 a head, and I brought back £150 of £350 spending money, even after buying presents. I would recommend this resort whole-heartedly to anyone I think would enjoy it. It's more of a slow paced, relaxing experience within the confines of the resort, and I'm personally considering something with a bit more tempo for next year, but I was delighted with my experience and find myself missing it already.More

Daw91, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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