Riu Palace Tikida Agadir  

The Riu Palace Tikida Agadir takes the term ‘luxury’ to a new level – a beachfront location and a chic pool scene are among its top credentials.

This hotel is right next to the beach, part of which is reserved for hotel guests, so it’s easy to flit from pool to sand throughout the day. It’s on Agadir’s shop and restaurant-lined main promenade, too.

A huge pool steals the show outside, while indoors you’ve got a handful of à la carte eateries and a spa.

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Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, with optional dining at Fusion, Moroccan and Italian restaurants.  Unlimited selection of local and imported alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, served until 24.00.  Snacks at set times.

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Outdoor pool

With a whirlpool bath.

Buffet restaurant

With themed buffets, a dinner service, and an al fresco terrace.

Tikida Spa wellness centre*

This place is all indoors, and houses a beautiful pool with plenty of sun loungers. It's an ideal place to get away from it all.

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twin room with pool view

Twin room with pool view sleeps up to 4, with air-conditioning or heating and a ceiling fan.

twin room with pool view

Twin room with pool view sleeps up to 3, with double or twin beds, a sofa bed in the living area, air-conditioning or heating and a ceiling fan.

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Very Nice Hotel

Late review Stayed 20th August to 28th August 2014 This was our first visit to Morocco and the RIU Tikida Palace is set right on the beach just across the Promenade. We e-mailed in advance asking for a room upgrade due to it being my birthday and was very pleased to have a beach front suit it was lovely very spacious comfortable and kept spotlessly clean by the housekeepers more than we could have expected. We found all the staff very friendly from reception, the restaurant, bar staff & housekeeping. There are two restaurants plus the buffet the food was varied and very nice the wine and beer is very good with a range of cocktails on offer. Towels are supplied for use by the pool or on the beach we sunbathed on the beach on the small enclosed beach area where you could always find a sun bed the pool area got very busy and I wasn’t getting up early to reserve a sun bed. The pool and pool bar is nice but can get busy the lobby bar and reception area is very spacious and nice to have a drink in the evening. There is nightly entertainment which is varied and of a reasonable standard. We would recommend this hotel if you are looking for a lively beach resort not for those people looking for a quite getaway. The only down sides are the promenade and beach do get very busy and watch what time of the year you go the weather can be a little dull & overcast as it was during our stay but the locals say you can get three seasons in a day.More

Yasmin M, Flint

A touch of Paradise

Firstly, can I just say before I start this review, that the person that has written the review titled 'Not 5 star! Please read...' Is talking utter rubbish. I agree everyone has their own opinions of a hotel and what they put may actually be how they felt, but you can't mess with the facts and some of what has been stated isn't factual. We must have holidayed at the same time as I too was there from 4th-18th September and was also there when ONE OF THE POOLS was emptied for a few days. To say this left you completely without a pool for a day though is COMPLETELY UNTRUE. Actually what did occur (and this is the truth) was that one of the pools was emptied, and it was for a 3 days at most before they started to fill it again, but this was because someone had let their child do their business in the pool. However, the manager (Raffael - who was brilliant by the way) stood by the pool in the blistering heat for those 3 days to apologise to all of the holiday makers for the occurrence and mishap on their holiday. What we were thankful for was that the whole pool was emptied and cleaned rather than someone just scooping it out and leaving people to swim in it. So, what was failed to be mentioned was that this was just ONE of the pools. There are in fact 2 pools, one with a pool bar and one without and they are both separated by a walk way. The one without the pool bar was the one that was emptied, the one with the pool bar was still fully in function and out of the 2 pools, is actually the bigger one. So to lead people to assume on a review that there is just infact one pool, is wrong which is why I had to say something. Anyway... Our holiday, I'm going to review in sections so that people can just look at one if they want to know about that certain part. Arrival and check in: Flight was as smooth and short as ever. Infact I didn't realise how short the flight actually was to Agadir. The main problem at the airport is passport control. We waited in a queue for an hour whilst everyone on our flight and another flight went through passport control. the Morrocan people are thorough and check that everything you have entered on your boarding card is correct by validating it with you when you go to get your passport stamped. We then realised this is why it was taking so long to get everyone through. There was still a long queue behind us when we eventually made it through We arrived at the hotel to the grand entrance hall and reception which again, was smooth. We were then directed to our room and decided to take our own suitcases as I believe in turning up and unpacking straight away, also I would suggest people to do this as we did hear a lot of people who ended up waiting an hour or so for their suitcase to turn up, but if you don't mind that then there is the option of having someone take the suitcase to your room if you put a sticker on it. Room: We were in room on the 3rd floor (reception floor). When we booked the hotel we did pay for the upgrade to pool view which was well worth it in our opinion. The room was lovely with a big double bed (not 2 twins pushed together which is something you usually get and we were surprised to not be greeted with). It then dropped down into a little seating area and out onto the balcony which, in our case, did look over the pool. Whilst we were there the mini fridge was filled everyday, despite the welcome manual saying it would be refilled every 2 days and I think being on the same floor as reception helped as our room seemed to get cleaned very promptly every day The only problem we had with the room was when we first arrived and the ceiling fan was making a noise. After a few calls to reception we eventually went down ourselves as there was a bit of a language barrier and everything was fixed right away. A man came to show us what to do with the fan and left. Food: The food was excellent. By far the best food I have experienced at an all inclusive. Always a man making omelettes for breakfast and in the evening there was always a carved meat/fish to enjoy. One day we even had a roast dinner! There was always different sections like pasta, tagines etc. And twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) Tuesday was a Spanish night which we only visited once and Friday was a oriental night which served some of the best Chinese food I think I've ever had! We visited both the Krystal Fusion and Moroccan themed restaurants. We decided to leave the Italian as we had looked at the menu and it was almost the same as the lunch menu and was served in the same snack bar as lunch. Also we had read some reviews previously which had suggested this was just the same as lunch. The Krystal Fusion was our favourite of the two we tried, we had a lovely steak and some nice wine. The Moroccan was fine for me as I chose soup, lamb kebabs and fruit. However, my partner chose the pastille for main and dessert and the beef tagine for her main and it was all too incredibly sweet, almost uneadable because of the sweetness. Thankfully we could sill pop into the main buffet after to pick up something for her. There was food literally every hour of the day and anything you could want. The soups were lovely and a particular favourite of mine was their cauliflower cheese! The only one problem with the food I had was one day at breakfast when the usual omelette man had disappeared and some junior took over and cooked me an omelette which, I discovered when getting to my table, was under cooked. However, the usual omelette man was soon over to the table after he realised I had left it due to it being undercooked and asked me if he could cook me a fresh one. I declined but I thought this was a nice touch and we didn't see the junior back on this station again. Restaurant: The main restaurant is a bit 'canteen style' however you do get greeted by a waiter when you walk in from the main door in the reception area. This is something I haven't experienced in an AI before either. I'm not one to usually tip but there was one guy in particular (Soufianne) who quickly became one of our favourites and would always rush over when we came in and sat us in his section. He was always very attentive so I felt he deserved to be tipped once or twice which he appreciated but wasn't something he looked for as we didn't tip until later on in our holiday. One other thing we did like is that when you order a wine, they would bring you a bottle and leave you with it. There was also champagne at breakfast every day which was a nice touch. The snack restaurant we used for lunch was also fine and the staff attentive. Both al e carte restaurants we tried couldn't have been better and we were all served food at the same time for that sitting which was nice. Pool: Other than what has already been mentioned about the pool being shut, the pool was lovely. This caused no inconvenience to our holiday at all as there was still the use of the other, bigger pool. The pool bar was a nice touch and there was always someone there all day waiting to serve. I particularly like that the pool had different ledges that disappeared into the water so you didn't have to be fully submerged if you didn't want to. We never took part in the aqua fit (even after saying we would every day, it was just too tempting to just lie and watch the world go by) but can I just say, I have never seen so many people do aqua fit before on holiday. At one point one of the pools actually got so full with people doing it that people were getting in the pool behind and joining in too. Even though one pool was out of action for a few days, when it was restored it all felt so clean and fresh and enjoyable to swim in. Of course you always got the people up at 6am ready to put towels on their favourite sun loungers, but if you weren't bothered where you sat then there was sun loungers free right though until late morning/early afternoon. I always got up about half 7 and we were able to get in the same area we liked around the pool every day. If there were no loungers free then the pool boys would always go and find some and put them in the place that you directed them to. Bar: Now this was a bit of a problem. In the day the main bar in the lobby was dead and you could always get served as quick as you had come up to order. However, in the evening this did change. As the hotel was quite busy when we were there, sometimes it was a bit of a struggle to get served. One time we did wait a little while and then one of the bar men (short with glasses) was quite rude to us. This didn't deter us though and we just carried on. I am not a believer in sitting down and waiting for someone to come and take your order, sometimes they did sometimes they didn't. If they didn't then it was fine as I am happy to always go and order myself. If you wanted, then you could always have snacks at the bar with your drinks too (olives and peanuts) sometimes when you were sat down, the waiters would bring these for you anyway without you asking. All I would say is that if this doe happen once or twice, just don't expect it every time you sit down as not always someone will come to take your order. If this doesn't bother you then you will be fine. The bar men did sometimes have a tendancy to ignore you to cut fruit or something too but there was always a manager there who would pop in and out of behind the bar and as soon as he came out they would be straight back to being attentive again. There was always a live singer in the bar in the evening too and the entertainment team would always do something at night after dinner just before the show like break dancing, acrobatics etc. Both bars around the pool were fine and you could always get a drink there. We particularly like the branded spirits like JD, Bombay, Smirnoff etc. which isn't something you always see in AI. Weather: Now we did read the reviews before we came and were a bit sceptical as we heard about the mist in August. On our first day the mist didn't clear at all and we spent most of the day in the bar. However, every other day the mist stayed until about 10am and then it was burning hot sunshine again. This was the same for the remainder of the 2 weeks we were there. Sometimes the mist was a welcome break from the sun in the mornings and allowed you to go on a stroll if you wanted to or just spend the early morning relaxing before going down to the pool. I cant think of another day after day 1 where the mist wasn't gone completely by 11am leaving blue skies and sunshine in its path. Infact, I normally do tan well and upon returning from this holiday I had a lot of comments about how I looked the most tanned I ever had done, even the Moroccan people were commenting on it so goes to show, weather cant have been that ad can it? Beach: We didn't use the beach to sit on but we did walk down to the sea a couple of times. We took a couple of walks down the promenade past other hotels (Riu Palace is the best looking) If you turn right out of the hotel on the beach and keep walking you will get to Mcdonalds which we did try once as my partner wanted to see what they served there. Other than that it was safe to walk out, you got the occasional person asking you to buy their products which is the same anywhere you go. A quick "no thankyou" and they would leave you alone so that you could be on your way. There was also a man that you could rent a bike from to go up and down to the marina on if you wanted to, again we didn't try this but we did see a lot of people having a go. Excursions: We did the camel treck on one day. Be warned as when we booked with Thomson when we booked the holiday, they don't tell you what time of day the trip will be. The treck was actually from 11am for 2 hours so you were out in the mid day sun. They put 2 of you on a camel too and it does get quite hot and sticky when you are up there so I would advise sun cream and to take lots of water with you Another day we did Agadir Experience which was my least favourite trip but this was only because I didn't feel well through dehydration. They take you on a coach to a berber museum and then into the fishing port. You then go to the top of the mountain where the atlas mountains start. Now again, be warned here as I got told before I went to Morocco that if you go out where the local people are, that they would put Snakes on you and tell you to take a picture so that you would then have to give them money. Now I didn't think this was true and that anyone would come at us with a snake but this did happen, someone on our tour ended up with a snake round their neck so do be warned. After this they take you to the local Souk, this isn't the tourist Souk though and is the one Moroccan people use so it isn't for the faint hearted or claustrophobic. I ended up leaving very quickly after a quick look round. The final trip we did was Exploring Essaouira. This does take a whole day out of your holiday. You leave at half 6am and get back about 6pm. However, this was a very good trip and you got to see another city you probably wouldn't visit otherwise. We did want to do the Marrakesh trip but this day was even longer leaving at 6am and getting back at midnight. You also have to stick to the schedule so we decided to do Essaouira instead and we will maybe to a weekend in Marrakesh so that we can explore what we want. Animation team and management: Again, all very good. We didn't go to any of the shows in the evening having experienced shows in an AI before we decided we would rather sit in the bar and have a quiet drink. The Africa show did seem to be the best looking ones out of the ones we did get a sneak peak on though. The animation team always walked through the bar though and are waiting for you when you leave dinner to greet you with a "Good Evening". They were all very friendly and would regularly walk round the pool to make sure your day was ok and you were enjoying yourself. Management was very good, Raffael was at our welcome meeting and we regularly see him at dinner eating food with guests. When he walked by, if his eye caught yours he would always make sure you were enjoying your dinner and if you needed anything he would make sure someone got it for you right away. He always seemed very happy and I did hear people commenting on things which he said he would look into or look at changing and I did believe he would actually try. I also heard people telling him what a wonderful hotel he ran and how he should be very proud of it which was nice to hear. Check out: Check out was fine. We did pay extra to keep the room on which was £45. We had holiday money spare so thought this ok. This meant you could leave the room at 5pm rather than 11am and we were getting picked up for our departure at 7.30pm so this worked perfect. However, the hotel do have 8 rooms they keep for people so that when you check out they give you a half an hour slot where you can go and freshen up in a room if you want to. The only reason we didn't do this is because we were told our departure was going to be the biggest departure all year so we didn't want to be stuck not getting a time slot and being able to check out at 5pm meant we didn't need to worry about getting stuff out of cases to freshen up and didn't mean we needed to worry about people leaving things in the room before us and it not being left clean. Because the hotel is a platinum hotel too you get first drop off and they pick you up first over other hotels to go back to the airport on departure so you don't need to worry about queues at the other end either. People on the trips we were on that were staying in the other Rius had heard that ours was the place to stay, even by staff that worked in their hotel All in all we had a very good holiday and are thinking of going back next year maybe to do the twin centre with this hotel and one in Marrakesh. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because the service in the bar wasn't always consistent and I believe there are always areas hotels can improve on. However, this is by far the best AI we have ever been too and wouldn't hesitate going back in a heart beat.More

Corinna818, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

5 star hotel... Some downfalls

Upon arrival it was late after a delayed flight so just wanted to get checked in. First day we were woken by cleaners who drag the beds and furniture around from silly o'clock instead of picking it up, this is very loud and woke us every day. Hotel is very clean though. First night of dinner (all inclusive holiday) and we were greeted by the most unfriendly restaurant manager I have ever met, telling my partner he could not eat in the resturant unless he had long trousers on (bearing in mind he was the smartest dressed person there and his shorts were long smart shorts) because he had his ankles out, so we went to reception to ask about this and the receptionist was the most rude lady I have ever met in my life, shouting at us and telling us she can get the rules up on get computer and being very unhelpful so we then went to our thompson rep (John) who was EVEN more rude and unhelpful. So every night my partner had to wear the one pair of long pants he had with him which were his jogging pants. From the day we got there if you aren't french they really dislike you and don't do much to help your needs. Food is very basic nothing for vegetarians exept pizza and chips every night, very samely as lunch was exactly the same. No snacks during day. Apart from this the hotel is beautiful and really is 5 start minus the staff. Hotel location is a no no, you can't walk outside without being begged at or offered illegal substances. VERY ANNOYING. Not much around the hotel but taxis are cheap and the souk is a great day out! Entertainment is very basic when it is the riu staff but when they hired staff outside the riu group the shows were brilliant!(magician was amazing). Waiters and waitresses are very attentive and are the only asset to the employees. All in all good holiday.More

EEdney, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Beautiful Hotel and great value

Three days ago my husband and I returned from a 2 weeks stay at Riu Palace Tikida. It has been a fantastic holiday in a beautiful and spacious hotel. We have stayed in very good hotels in a number of countries and I would say this one is exceptional in the food and drinks all inclusive package. The drinks are branded with branded mixes. I cannot understand the reviewer who stayed at the same time as us saying there was no waiter service from the sun loungers as we were asked on numerous occasions but declined as we prefered to get up and have a walk to one of the poolside bars ourselves. The waiters do ask who is next but this I thought was perfectly ok as we never had to wait for more than a couple of mins. Food was lovely we also had breakfast at around 7 30 and never had a problem with getting a pot of coffeeor glasses and I had fresh orange juice every morning plus spoons were always on the table. Therefore we were very happy with the service. Beds are quite hard bed but very comfortable with nice clean sheets. Bathroom with his and hers wash basins. Tea and coffee in room. Fridge filled with beer,soft drinks and I even had a bottle of Cava which I have brought home to have with a curry!!!! All staff were very happy the animation team were fantastic. Shows were ok what we saw which wasn't much so would be unfair to give an account. The only negative we had was there wasn't any grass to put loungers on it was all around the very large pool area but we did know that before we booked so I shouldn't really call it a negative. Would we reccommend this hotel a big fat YES we already have and we would go back in a heartbeat. Also we walked all the way to the Marina and the beach was beautifully clean the whole way. Just one other thing if you wait outside the hotel there is a road train which takes you up to the Marina you can either get off and get a later train back or stay on and go back to your hotel it is cheap to do this also.More

Caribcaz, West Yorkshire

Could be 5 star if .........

My wife and I were looking for a Winter sun break to somewhere we had not travelled to before. Agadir seemed the ideal with not to long a travel time. After looking at the various comments on this site we plumped for the Palace ( we have used Riu a number of times previously). 1. Reception personnel we very pleasant and accommodating, although we had to ask twice for a shower gel refill. However we had a problem with our safe and this was sorted very promptly. 2. Our room was spacious with a settee and chairs and good sized balcony (good room 3044), nicely decorated, great black out curtains.all the normal facilities and was kept extremely clean and tidy. Stocks of drinks for the fridge were replaced daily and there were ice machines on some floors. 3. Foyer bar was clean, tidy and well stocked (even with Jack Daniels and Bombay Sapphire gin). However the staff should be trained to recognise who was next to be served even when the bar is busy but this did not happen even when there were more staff than customers. The same thing at the pool and beach bars. Too much "who is next ?". 4. Pool area was well kept and very clean with reasonable waiter service. Whilst I appreciate that the aqua aerobics needs a certain amount of beat type music I don't think it is necessary during other times of the day when people are trying to relax, read or sleep. Fortunately the hotel was not completely full but even after an early breakfast all the best placed sun loungers had been "towelled !!!". At other Rius at which we have stayed there are notices around the pool " SUN LONGERS CANNOT BE RESERVED" why not here ? 5. Food for breakfast and dinner in the buffet restaurant was varied, well prepared, well presented and tasty with something for everyone's taste. 6. We had an early start for our excursion to Taroudannt and there was sufficient cold food available. 7. The KRYSTAL restaurant was a bit of a let down with no atmosphere, a limited menu and a waiter who wanted you to give him your choice almost as soon as possible as though there was a time limit for people dining (after all it is supposed to be A La Carte not a Beefeater). 8. The Beach bar for lunch was more than adequate but if you want to sit outside make sure you're there early or leave it until 14:30 before you eat. 9. The beers and wines were very good for an all inclusive holiday. 10. Entertainment in both the main bar usually good easy listening performers and theatre also good from the professionals. 11 We wandered along the promenade but didn't use the beach although it looked well kept. Overall a very pleasant stay and would consider a return a some stage. Everyone to who we spoke had also enjoyed their stay. Other information. Don't bother with the Taroudannt excusion a waste of time and money. Agadir Experience was more interesting and far cheaper.More

Gian4, London, United Kingdom

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