Aqua Blu Sharm Hotel  

Staying at the Aqua Blu Sharm Hotel scores you an all-access pass to Sharm’s biggest waterpark – its 62 slides and 13 pools sit right in the hotel grounds.

The Aqua Blu Sharm Hotel is part of Aqua Park City, a clifftop resort that lays claim to Sharm’s biggest waterpark.

TripAdvisor reviewers reckon this place is one of the best family hotels in Egypt. That’s thanks to its medley of restaurants and roll call of activities.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Select local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee 10.00-24.00.  Snacks at set times. Ice-cream for children.

Facilities ► View all

Aqua park

Enjoy the 44 different water slides on offer. Will you be brave enough for the Kamikaze hair-raising slide measuring over 42 metres or will it be the Flying boat?

International buffet restaurant

This is where you'll find the buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Children's pool

If the big aqua park is too adventurous for little ones, then they can still have fun in this mini one.

Rooms► View all

double room

Double room sleeps up to 3. The minibar is restocked with water daily.

double room

Double room sleeps up to 3 – can be sold as a single. The minibar is restocked with water daily.

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Lovely place - brilliant for children , clean , tidy , and well staffed.

We stayed at the aqua blu Sharm for a week 20th Aug - 27th . I was very impressed with the rooms - apart from the privacy issue. The children and adults share 1 room ( was a good size all be it!) Which with a teenager was a slight issue. ( 12 year and a 3year old) The fridge was stocked with 6 bottles of water , and long life milk. The rooms were cleaned daily , and each block of rooms had there own pool which is a fantastic feature. The complex was IMMACULATE - every night they fumed the entire complex for mossys. And I had a total of 3 bites which for me is brilliant as they seem to love me! The flumes where brilliant but BEWARE the age range is 6+ The food - well pizza /pasta / chips - were brilliant . There was a good choice of different foods. And we ate at all restaurants. Like any all inclusive it does get abit samey. We didn't eat the salad as were advised not to by our GP. Best meal was breakfast - good omelettes /donuts / pancakes . The manager of the food places was fantastic and prepared us an omelette out of food hours! The chefs preparing the food where wearing gloves. And there were lots of hand washing facilities for them. WITH NO SOAP!! Pointless. They would also regularly check there phones - ect. The drinks - well - they are very weak. And I mean VERY . Cocktails are samey. The beer and wine r ok. The downside to this is the availability of bottled water. There should be fridges around the complex with water - but because the park is open to the public during the day i suppose it's hard. The water park DOES get busy So do all the best rides 1st thing in the morning. The towels weren't washed or changed for a week ( the pool towels - the room ones where changed daily) I had to ask reception for clean towels. If you want good service in the restaurants TIP. We did 3 trips - dolphins - speed boat - and quads. We booked thro CRASH - Red Sea diving. Which I would recommend . Your rep will ask you to book with them but it will be double the price. The dolphins - where sad - they had monkeys in cages - small cages - and the dolphin pool was I felt small. I really wouldn't pay the money to see/swim with them. They clearly make a lot of money from them and it makes me angry. The photos where expensive and you can only take your own from miles away. The speed boat was a brilliant day. We loved it. And the snorkelling . The quads - go early - it's 2 hot otherwise and getting dehydrated is easy. It's very dirty and dusty aswell as uncomfortable so be prepared. We were promised a free glass boat trip but the boat book the day we should have gone and it was never re offered. (To be honest we were happy to sit and chill ) You do get hassle from the ppl to visit the spa - have hair done - bla bla bla. Be firm. We had 2 very different age ranges (12 /3) and both loved the place and where well occupied. The entertainment was poor - the belly dancers where boys. The entertainments team do EVERYTHING - kids club- aerobics - evening entertainment ........ They only had 1 outside entertainer in the hole week. And to have a seat with a table u need to get there early. Tip the waiters - and u don't need to get ur drinks. Overall - it was a good place. Clean, tidy and staffed well. I would visit again. Although I wouldn't say it was 5 star - more 3/4 max. . More

fringe01, Hampshire

Will always come back!

Have been twice and both have been amazing! All the staff was great and made sure we were alright. Nice choice of food but mainly stuck to favourite foods, the ones we liked. Other holidaymakers were not always kind, and language barriers were a problem to sharing. The pool areas were great, somewhere for everyone a quiet pool for couples and larger pools for families and a couple of pools and slides for younger kids. A great variety of slides for everyone!More

bethandarchie, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Not a luxury, but nice and clean

In September 2014 I was in hotel Not luxury but nice and clean The staff is amazing. Very friendly and helpful “specially Muhammad Khedr -reservation manager” Rooms kept spotlessly clean Many restaurants have led to meeting all our needs, but disappointed with local drinks “Checking in was a nightmare “ The reception staff was poor Always late in response to the demands of the guests We Hope to increase the security personnel around the Aqua Park because often happens harassment But overall entertaining and beautiful hotelMore

proud175, Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia

Fab family holiday

Just returned from an 11night holiday to Aqua blu sharm. It was our first time to sharm el sheikh and because we have 2 girls aged 7 and 3, I was very very nervous due to the troubles and also renowned delly belly!! I took every medicine possible with us incl a million mosquito bite remedies, plugs etc but can honestly say we did not need any of it at all!! What a relief. There are a few easy things that this hotel could change to make it an amazing holiday but I shall start with all the positives. Food: food was abs fine. Ate at the Mediterranean for breakfast and lunch and cave for evening. The cave restaurant has that nicer restaurant feel and has a nicer setting. Med rest is more casual. We were not ill at all so this was all that mattered to me as I was so worried about the kids getting poorly. Food is cooked fresh and well cooked. Water is fine as it's all from big bulk containers. We started off very cautious not having any salads or ice or fruit or water unless bottled but by the end of the holiday we had had it all. There were a few people who had stomach upsets but my advice would be to be sensible as u cud see some people eating raw eggs, raw burgers etc. Hotel: rooms are fine. Pretty basic but abs fine. We are not fussy people so no complaints. It's not fancy. If unexpected a fancy 4star bedroom then u will be disappointed. If you expect clean nice rooms then u will be happy. We did change our room when we first arrived but that was only due to the room having 2 singles instead of a double bed. That's the only thing I expected when paying so much for a holiday. The staff were great and changed without hassle or fuss. To be fair Mohie our rep sorted this straight away. Rooms are cleaned every day and cleaner was very nice. We tipped him $1 per day. The hotel is immaculate and very clean and tidy. Always staff maintaining the hotel and pools every day and evening there are lots of staff cleaning to prepare for the next day. They spray so,etching each evening to fumigate which is probably why we were not bitten by Mosquitos once. There are not even many flies around! Water park is fabulous with so much choice and so much fun! Our children were a bit young for the bigger slides but they loved the 2 childrens pools and our own pool outside our hotel room was great. We stayed in 7227 which was quite central to everything. One thing I would say is that the tiles are extremely slippery around the water park and we fell over so many times and saw everybody else around us falling over too. This is something they seriously need to fix. Other thing that annoyed me is that no staff ever came to check that we were ok when we fell or to see if the kids were ok. The lifeguards are pretty useless and just sit there with no interaction or care. There are seriously not enough staff or lifeguards around the pools or water parks. Our daughter almost drowned in our pool. I saw her and screamed, jumped in and helped her out. The lifeguard just sat there, did not react even when I looked at him and did not even come over to see if she was ok. I was really appalled at this. Yes our child is 100% our responsibility but in a split second she had taken her armbands off without us seeing and jumped into the pool. Luckily we saw her straight away. There was only 1 lifeguard overlooking 2 childrens pools which are big and they were useless to be honest. This didn't spoil our holiday whatsoever as we as parents were watching over our children and responsible for them. However, this is one of the things that on a daily basis stopped this hotel fro being amazing and gave us a few moans everyday. The staff are either very friendly and lovely or miserable and quite rude. The reception staff I found to be quite rude. A smile to me goes a long way and doesn't cost anything. Our pool boy ABdallah was lovely, the spa staff were very nice- big mention to Mohammed Ali! The spa staff are relentless and will ask you every day if you want a treatment HOWEVER they are very friendly in doing so , always have a smile and are respectful if you say no thank you. I would advise that you just say no thank you with a smile and they will go away. We had a laugh with them and teased them saying are you back again etc ?! The Red Sea excursion guys are the same- relentless but lovely. We booked ours through Saeed and Ali G. Ali g is lovely. Try and book with him if you see him as they all work from individual bonus and he is so nice. Crash is also great. We booked swimming with the dolphins and speed boat to tiran island for snorkelling which were both fantastic and whole family loved. They all seemed to love my husband Kofi and noticed that they all approach the men as opposed to the women. I think this is a cultural thing and I soon learned to sit back and let them do all the talking with my husband. Was quite funny. Literally all staff are men and all talk straight to my husband. Was in a sweet innocent way and they would be completely unaware as it's just a cultural thing. Our girls had their hair braided - do this with Mohammed Ali as he's great. So nice and friendly. Entertainment- we'll err not that great to be honest!! This is the other thing that if they fixed abit could make the hotel amazing. The kids disco is good and the kids loved dancing but the shows after were very poor. Should keep it simple. I felt sorry for them really as they haven't really got a clue about entertainment. The pool party was a great but we didn't know about it and so was too late to join in. The guys in the animation team are very very nice. There is one girl who looks like she hates children and just doesn't want to be there. I don't know why she bothers!! Beach- 5 min walk or shuttle bus every half hour. Snorkelling is amazing!! One of the highlights of the holiday was the snorkelling. We saw so many different colourful fishes all sizes. There was one huge colourful fish that we called the boss. We met a lovely family there, kelv, ange, Ben and Isabelle which was lovely as our daughters played and became great friends. Other guests are Russian, British or locals. Russians were abs fine to be honest. Can't complain. Yes they push in a liitle but you just have to accept difference in culture. We met many nice Russians and think this issue is over exaggerated. Hotel was surprisingly mostly locals as this is a popular hotel due to the water park. Even the prince was there apparently! Some could feel a bit threatened by the hotel being open so much to the public but we were fine with this as again, it's up to us to watch our kids etc but can understand people having concerns. Our transfer was with jasmine tours who were very professional and excellent - highly recommend Alex from jasmine tours. Sorry it's long but thorough- don't let the negatives out you off. Just making you aware of our experience. We had a fantastic holiday. If hotel fixes these few minor things then hotel would be excellent in our view. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks to all the staff who were great. Love Thegla, kofi , eleni and Christiana. XxMore

Thegla K, Manchester, United Kingdom

Second time, and better than first !!!

This was second family visit to Aqua blu and we where worried that it would not be as good as first but it was better, both in terms of hotel improvement's and people both still there and new Animation --- Chiko the master of fun still as good as last year and would be a great loss to hotel if he ever left and moved on, always make sure everything is ok and involving daughter in shows on night . Rest of entertainment team all new took a little longer to get involved with you but opened up by end of holiday great team , chicko ,Bisou, memo, be bo ,vi vo,lira . Thank you guys Food mainly visited the cavé de roi my good what a team headed By MR Mohamed the boss (white shirt) these guys never ever stop and will work extra hard for you to make your holiday special whilst never asked for a small tip goes a long way special mention needs to go to the following My Friends MR Mohamed the boss- Thank you for friendship and fruit made to feel very welcoming Yousef - never stopped and bought daughter milkshake's every morning, special guy Rafeey and mstaffer another two great guys working extremely hard . Of course there are loads of other guys working very hard and the chiefs love to talk to you just need to say hello. Food seemed better than last year (but please remember its not England)loads of different dishes every night ,im very fussy and still managed to eat well every night with NO Tummy issues in party . Pools 3 new pools from last year nice addition All pools cleaned nightly ,life guards always in place and like a chat with you , mainly stayed in big main pool near cave ,drinks always available if required visited GOOFY bar loads and again served by YOYO What a guy and another credit to resort never stopped all day but always has a smile and a chilled glass it you are nice to him :) Slides -- do them all they are all great Trips- Rep advise to not use the on site guys , my personal experience RED SEA DIVERS are the guys to use Mo , Crash, Siead and rest of team great guys great trips we did, dessert buggy's ,speed boat (saw dolphins) parasailing, full day boat trip, my first scuba dive and of course the flying couch being dragged behind sped boat. Never once did we feel unsafe or robbed these guys will go out of way to ensure you have a great time Coffee bar Wife and Daughter loved it and love Aladdin more not only did he remember use he went out of way to say Welcome back another very special guys and asset to hotel. Thank you aqua Blu for once again making it a very special 2 weeks even making sure we had the same room as last year with perfect pool views. Russians yes there are plenty but never had any issuesMore

plev1, Darlington, United Kingdom

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