Sharm El Sheikh

Last minute holidays to Sharm El Sheikh – your top 5

Winding souks, colourful fish and lots of beaches

With a last minute holiday to Sharm el Sheikh you could be swimming in the Red Sea in the blink of an eye...

Why you should visit Sharm El Sheikh

Spooling the Red Sea on the Egyptian coast, Sharm el Sheikh's biggest draw is its shoreline. It's got sensational beaches, world–famous diving and lots of seafood. Throw in lively bars and upmarket dining spots, and you've got the general idea. If you haven't booked your getaway yet, we've got plenty of last minute holidays to Sharm el Sheikh to choose from. Here are our top 5 things to do once you're there...

  1. Laze on the beach

    The beaches are where you'll spend most of your time. Off–shore there's plenty to do too, with pedalos, windsurfing and kite surfing on offer. And under the sea the action doesn't stop. Dive schools are on hand to take first–timers and seen–it–all–before pros out to see shipwrecks, brightly–coloured coral and all sorts of sealife.

  2. Get up close with a sunken WWII ship

    Just a boat trip away from the beach at Sharm, you'll find one of the best–loved diving sites in these parts. It's where the British SS Thistlegorm laid to rest after it came a cropper against the German airforce in WWII. It's like an underwater museum here – you can get close–up to loads of bits of the ship which are still in tact.

  3. Snorkelling in the reefs

    Getting friendly with the tropical fish doesn't have to involve a full body suit and airtank. A snorkel and some swimming trunks will do the trick. The reefs run right up to the shore, so the fish get pretty close. One of the best places to see them is Shark's Bay. It's not as scary as it sounds – you won't come across any sharks. There are jetties taking you right out over the reef, so you can snorkel really far out. Have a good look and you'll probably see parrotfish, puffer fish and stingrays milling around.

  4. Chilled out nights

    There's plenty going on back on dry land, especially at nighttime. Clubs and bars along the prom invite you in with great deals on ice cold beers and cocktails. And, as it gets later, many of the restaurants flick the switch to 'relaxed', with the tables cleared and the sofas brought out. Most hotels open their bars to the public too.

  5. Sizzling local food

    To try the local dishes, get yourself over to the Old Market. There are loads of stalls selling traditional Egyptian bites at bargain prices. You'll find sizzling kebab stalls, barbecues and meat–covered grills here. There are loads of fine dining places, too, if you're after more of a sit–down affair. Fairuz, close to the market, does fantastic Lebanese food – it's so good, the odd President has been known to pop in.

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