Jaz Aquamarine  

This luxury hotel comes with a private beach and no fewer than 17 pools. And it’s got a first-class dining scene, too.

This place has one of the best pool scenes in Egypt. We’re talking 17 swimming pools, including 3 lake-sized numbers, and 3 waterparks. And just beyond them lies a long strip of private beach.

The hotel has an opulent feel, with a sea-view spa and 6 first-class restaurants – highlights include a Lebanese and Asian à la carte. In the evenings, musicians and dancers take to the outdoor stage.

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Food & Drink

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, late breakfast 11.00-12.00, buffet lunch and dinner. 3 visits per week to the à la carte restaurant.  Selected local-brand alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee 10.00-24.00.  Snacks 12.00-17.00, afternoon tea 17.00-18.00 and ice-cream 12.00-17.00.

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Hotel-run kids' club

The hotel's mini club is especially for kids between 4 and 12 years-old. The staff are multi-lingual and the kids are supervised at all times.

17 outdoor pools

With a whopping 17 pools to choose from, you're well and truly spoilt at this place. Lined with sunbeds and dotted with palm filled islands, the relaxing setting continues throughout.

Private beach

There is a short walk to get to the sea at low tide.

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superior twin room with sea view

Superior twin room sleeps up to 3 with sea view and has a large bottle of water which is restocked daily.

superior twin room

Superior twin room sleeps up to 3 and has a large bottle of water which is restocked daily.

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Great place to stay

2nd stay at this hotel comlex. No hassle at check in other than when directed to our room (5223) we had some difficulty locating it as the numbering between floors is not clear. Room presentation was very good,spotlessly clean and was kept that way by Amr (daily towel art included) Food in the buffet restaurants was good. The Four Corners is the place to eat as it is less crowded with plenty of outside seating. The a' la carte restaurants were brilliant other than the Italian which we found dissapointing. Favourite was the Asian (Excellent). A nice touch is the food stalls close to the beach for all day snacks. Hot dogs, Pizza's, Waffles and Sandwiches. Swimming pools and gardens immaculate. Finally all the staff were cheerful polite and helpful. Without hesitation we would return and recommend this hotel.More

Jess W, Jersey, United Kingdom

Not perfect, but it was really fantastic. Thank you :-)

We were a little nervous about going because although most reviews were brilliant, rare ones were very critical. We need not have worried! We had a lovely holiday and found the hotel to be really immersive. The days passed at a brilliant gentle pace and we settled into a fabulous routine which worked perfectly for us. There were some really minor things that we might have changed, but nothing significant. If you come here with realistic expectations and an open mind you should love it as much as we did. To set the scene... Different countries have their own classification systems for hotels, so comparing an Egyptian 5 start to a 5 star hotel in some other countries is unfair and unhelpful. This is a very good hotel with staff who typically try really hard. If you look for faults you will doubtless find them, but if you look for positives they are there in abundance. The gardens are stunning, the hotel is really clean in public areas and the bedrooms, and if anything is dropped in the restaurants the staff throw it away or clean it straightaway (depending on if it is food or utensils etc.). The staff are really friendly and appreciate the odd word of Arabic or the occasional small tip (we took UK pound coins specifically for this). In particular we would like to thank Khalid at the relaxing pool and Mamhoud who cleaned our room (5011). Both were brilliant, as were many others. Similarly the staff in the lobby bar remembered what we drank and would make amazing cocktails for us every time we went in. The food was lovely. Please bear in mind that the hotel caters for lots of nationalities so not everything will be exactly as you'd find it in the UK or anywhere else. My advice is to try little bits of lots of things and if needs be go back for more of what you like. The a la carte restaurants were lovely, especially the middle eastern and oriental ones. We were less keen on the Italian, not quite sure why. The Four Corners was typically quieter than the main restaurant. Staff in all the restaurants got to know us and would say hello to us whenever and wherever they saw us (e.g. during the day around the pool). Some nice touches we experienced and want to highlight. We booked a late checkout from the room before we left the UK. Reviews told us that you need to get your room key cards updated on your penultimate day. We got back to our room to find that the front desk staff had issued us with new cards which they slid under the door with a note. On our last day a porter arrived to pick up our luggage from the room moments before we were about to phone and request they do that. Little touches that make all the difference! Strange as it may sound, one of the best things about this hotel was its size. It is big enough to have lots of different areas which allow lots of choice. Some people may find it to be a long way from one part to another, but we thought it was brilliant to have the variety and the exercise did us good. It was literally 5 minutes’ leisurely walk from the beach to the restaurants etc., so no problem for us, and there were lots of ramps for people with mobility issues, or pushchairs etc. Little things I would change if possible are included for completeness and in case they help others. None took anything away from our stay. We did not have instructions for how to set the safe in our room, but the porter showed us when he brought our bags, Instructions would have been great, I think we pressed the button on the inside of the door near the hinges, chose a 6 digit number followed by the 'A' button. After that to open the safe we pressed the six digit combination followed by the A key. In the Middle Eastern Restaurant the menu does not make clear that the first two courses are a meze of sorts, six cold dishes followed by several hot dishes. These all come so you don't need to select them. You can then choose soup if you want it, followed by a main course and dessert. Some waiters asked if we knew how it worked, others did not. That's no problem, but knowing what to expect the first time might be helpful. The areas around the pools were all tiled and when wet they could be a little bit slippery. That was particularly the case around the water slides, albeit mats were put down in many places to reduce slippages. A little care meant that it was perfectly safe, so again no problem but something to keep in mind. We were close to the terrace where they had live singing on most evenings. It was quite loud in our room but it always finished by 11 pm. It was very popular with guests, but if you want to go to sleep early it may be worth requesting a room further away, or on the far side of a building. Alternatively, take ear plugs which worked for us on the odd early night. So keep in mind that if you look for problems and the like you will probably find them. Conversely, it is really easy to find lots of amazing things, from the buildings, gardens and facilities, to the staff, the food and the weather. We had a fantastic time and hope to go back - the sooner the better. Thanks to all the lovely staff and the management team that made our stay so lovely and so memorable.More

Mike H, Northampton, United Kingdom

Space and sun beds to spare!

I can only agree with the positive comments made. The hotel staff come into the restaurants and sun bathing areas and proactively pole the guests regarding their holiday. We had the most minor of issues which were resolved very quickly. We were called the same evening to enquire about the resolution. The Thompson representative Sayed also politely canvassed us on the same day and again took the time to confirmed we were happy almost every day. I found him so pleasant and professional it was like meeting an old friend. Regarding any health issues I can only observe that one particular nationality very rarely washed after using the toilets. I always recommend carrying a hygiene gel. The grounds are staggeringly large with good wheel chair access. I have recommended this hotel to family and would happily return again.More

NottmTripper, Nottm

The best yet at the Jaz Aquamarine Hurghada

My wife and elder daughter went again to this wonderful hotel and this time extended our stay from 7 to 11 days and a different time of the year.We went on the 22nd Sept and this was the hottest period we had encountered. It was noticeable that they had built more sun shades and shelters which more than solved any problems with too much heat.This is very much a personal problem for us and they are obviously aware that some people do not like too much heat!! The beach area in particular has been improved since the addition of the second water park. For such a marvelous resort it is amazing that they continue to show improvements every time we visit.The staff from top management down to cleaners and garden staff are so kind and helpful that I can't understand the negative reviews that I have seen recently all are well trained,respectful and offer help in any way. A reflection of their continued training is that many of the staff we first met a few years ago have now been promoted and have an obvious pride in their Company and themselves. A nice touch is the new labeling of food in the buffets.Most foods now are labelled Gluten free,wheat free or vegetarian and supported with a photograph in most cases.This is most helpful as I am a coeliac unable to eat a variety of cereal based foods.Previously if I was in doubt I would not eat certain foods but now I have no problem.It is a reflection of how seriously the Management take heed of serious ideas and suggestions. An English buffet has been added to the Four Corners buffet and would be helpful for people who may be wary of "foreign food" The egg station is amazing where you can have omelettes with a comprehensive selection of added ingredients,fried eggs to your special order,scrambled eggs and pancakes, freshly cooked before your eyes.On our previous visit one of our teenage granddaughters had asked for boiled eggs(four minutes) so the head chef proudly prepared them perfectly for her every day!! The pasta stations at other meal times are also similar with various pastas cooked with your own selection of fresh ingredients in a matter of minutes and piping hot.The cold sweets are beautifully prepared and presented and would grace any top class European restaurant. The landscaping of the gardens is maturing beautifully and is noticeable that gardeners are working in most areas every day and watering most nights. The grounds are spotlessly clean with no litter being allowed to settle. The Animation team have added several new young male "free" dancers to the team who joined in with the evening entertainment on the terrace .They were adept at all types of dancing but their Free" dancing was wonderful for all ages to watch.This team are hard at work every day doing things such as aquaerobics to music in the main pool and also entertaining the younger children in other areas of the resort. We used the a la carte restaurants several times and as usual the Italian and Asian were absolutely great and highly recommended. Once again I have to say that I cannot see where there can be improvement made but I have no doubt that they will surprise me next time by doing some things even better than beforeMore

Dond355, London, United Kingdom

Overall good, but could have been better.

We stayed at the Jaz Aquamarine for two weeks in mid September 2014. Generally this was a really enjoyable holiday, but there were a couple of things which almost ruined it for us. The good: - Our room was lovely. We had the deluxe twin with sea view and have no complaints. - Thompson guests had unlimited access to the a la carte restaurants, so we went every evening. I don't understand why anyone would go to the buffets in the evening when this is available. All the a la carte restaurants are fantastic and it is worth spending the extra money to have the Teppanyaki at least once. - The pools are well kept and varied and the water slides are fantastic fun. There are always sunbeds available close to the pools. - The hotel gardens are beautifully kept and give it a great atmosphere. - The reception staff, resort rep (Sayed) and the cleaning staff are all very friendly and could not be more helpful. - Strange one - we went diving twice while in Hurghada. We informed the hotel staff and a packed lunch was available for us to take with us every day at 7.00am. Great service and actually surprisingly good. (sneaky tip: ask for packed lunches for 10.00am on your day of departure. Grab them at 10am and take them to your room and take them to the airport for a free in-flight meal. I'm sure the hotel staff won't mind me saying this as it adds to the great service). - The tennis courts were fantastic and always empty. I would say that if you are going to play, you should bring your own equipment. We did and the quality of the hotel's gear wasn't great. - The weather was great. Not really a reflection on the hotel, but I didn't see a cloud the whole time I was there and the temperature was about 35 degrees the whole time. The okay: - The buffets at lunch and breakfast are fine for the first week, but after two weeks you do start to get very bored of what is on offer. However, all the people who are saying they lived on pasta for two weeks must be incredibly picky - there's always a great variety including fresh salads, freshly cooked meats etc etc. - The freshly cooked offerings vary wildly in quality. One day you would be offered chicken breast or steak (amazing) but the next you'd be offered liver or small crabs, which hardly had any meat in them at all. It's a shame that it is so varied, if it was something of the quality of chicken or steak every day, this would be in the 'good' category. - For two people, the allowance of two litres of water a day in the room is fine. There's loads of bars etc where you can get drinks throughout the day. We ended up stockpiling ours and had more than enough. The bad: - The beach is basically just for show. You cannot swim in the sea here and the sand is very sharp and unpleasant to walk on. It's a shame, but the pools make up for it. - As I'm sure most people do, I enjoy a drink on holiday. Sadly, the alcohol available here is dreadful. There are premium imported spirits available for £6.50 per 25ml, but if you want to have a few drinks in an evening, this will obviously add up. The beer is not great quality - think supermarket own brand level. The white wine varied by establishment (I think due to storage) - in the chinese a la carte it was very enjoyable, in the Lebanese it was like drinking vinegar (no exaggeration at all). The vodka, rum, gin was all of very poor quality. I've been a student, so I've had the odd evening drinking Smart Price vodka etc and the stuff at the Aquamarine is worse quality. Very chemical tasting. After one week, we were teetotal because whatever you drank, you really had to force it down. - the activities that are available (water polo, beach volleyball etc) are only available at hourly intervals once per days (beach volleyball twice per day). There is nowhere where you can just go and get the equipment and play with friends or start a game, which is completely ridiculous. The staff who run the games vary between friendly and wildly incompetent/lazy (Mamado). Whereas the other staff would run the games properly, Mamado is lazy, more interested in chatting up women or wasting time by trying to pick teams for us, instead of letting us get on with it. Luckily, he didn't turn up very often. Once games were finished, the staff would take the equipment, so the game was over. It is ridiculous that a group of twelve 20-30 year olds couldn't be left with a ball to continue a game. I would suggest a £10 deposit or something and a dedicated equipment stand. - Hurghada itself is a bit of a hole. I was hoping to be able to walk outside of the hotel grounds, but as soon as you do, you get hassled non-stop by people trying to get you to buy utter junk. We were hoping to spot a nice restaurant outside of the hotel grounds to eat in one night on one of our day trips, but there was not a single place I would have been willing to try. - The airport is a complete nightmare. Terribly disorganised. This isn't a reflection on the hotel, just a side note for anyone thinking of coming. - You are frequently asked to pay for extra services (trips, photography, massages) by the pool. Most will take no for an answer. Some will not. We were hassled daily by a guy called Ibrahim to buy trips. He views the guests at the hotel as walking dollar-signs and is a complete pain. - The evening entertainment is diabolical. This is the sort of stuff that passed for entertainment in the 80s. Bad karaoke singers, amateur gymnastics. It's nice to have something but we just found it a bit naff and only managed to watch for about two minutes. Overall and this was a good hotel. I think that if we had been here for one week, this would have been a five star review. Ten days, four stars. Sadly, after two weeks, niggles became problems that inhibited our enjoyment, so I can only give it three stars. Would I go back to Hurghada? No. There isn't enough outside of the hotel (apart from the diving) to keep us entertained. If you are coming to Hurghada just for scuba diving, this is a great place to base yourself and the diving is out of this world. If I were to go back to Hurghada, would I stay at the Jaz Aquamarine? Definitely - although my review isn't completely positive, there are a LOT of hotels in Hurghada that look a lot worse than the Jaz. I would describe Jaz as a safe bet and good value for money.More

Josh C, Bristol, United Kingdom

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