Nile Legacy  

This luxury ship will sail you past the Nile’s iconic sights in real style. It’s made up of 5 decks, so it’s really spacious. Plus, it’s adults-only, so you can expect plenty of peace and quiet. On the open-air sundeck you’ll find a swimming pool, which is edged by sunbeds and parasols, and a bar that’ll keep you going with cold drinks.

There’s a timeless, elegant feel to the ship’s interiors. In the lounge bar, for example, it’s all dark woods, and plush red and gold seating. As for the cabins, they come with all the creature comforts – air-conditioning, satellite TVs and minibars are part of the package. Best of all, they feature panoramic windows that look out over the Nile. Opt for a Suite, meanwhile, and you can look forward to more space, fluffy bathrobes and slippers, and stylish décor that pairs black velvet headboards with funky monochrome bedspreads.

As for dining, there’s a buffet restaurant serving up round-the-world favourites and some traditional Egyptian dishes.

  • Official Rating
  • 76Rooms
  • Floors: 4 plus sun deck


Stylish adults-only holidays, designed for two

  • Contemporary style
  • Great settings
  • Top dining scenes
  • Relaxed atmospheres
  • 20kg luggage allowance
  • Adults-only hotels

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Food & Drink

Bed and Breakfast

Buffet breakfast.

Dining options Breakfast Lunch Evening meal Drinks Snacks, Icecream
Half Board

Buffet breakfast and dinner.   

All Inclusive

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks until 24.00 and bottled water which can be taken on the excursions.  Snacks at set times.

Full Board

Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with meals. 


With a sundeck lined with sunbeds and parasols. You can enjoy those all-important views up here.

Serving up a range of international dishes and Egyptian classics.


Double cabin sleeps 2 with marine satellite TV and in-house video channels. They have a private bathroom, and large panoramic windows with a Nile view.

Suite sleeps 2 with a king-size bed, separate lounge, marine satellite TV, in-house video channels and a mini fridge. These rooms have a private bathroom, and large panoramic windows with a Nile view.


  • Day1

    Check in

    Fly direct to Luxor and join the boat, moored on the banks of the Nile.

  • Day2

    Luxor - Karnak - Edfu

    Today, you’ll tick off the Luxor and Kernak Temples.

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    Image representing Explore the Temple of Luxor

    Explore the Temple of Luxor

    Towering obelisks, walls etched with hieroglyphics, and statues of gods four times the size of a person – these are just some of the reasons thousands of people flock to the Temple of Luxor every year. Set on the east bank of the Nile, this ancient sanctuary was built in 1,400 BC to honour the gods Amun, Mut and Chons.

    Image representing Spot a sphinx at the Temple of Luxor

    Spot a sphinx at the Temple of Luxor

    This masterpiece of masonry – in the heart of the city – dwarfs the modern buildings around it. Built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II, it’s packed with shrines, halls and obelisks. The big attraction, though, is the Avenue of the Sphinxes, a parade of ram-headed statues. Once upon a time, it was a processional route to the Temple of Karnak, 2 miles away.

    Image representing See the supersized Temple of Karnak

    See the supersized Temple of Karnak

    This place takes top honours as the world’s largest man-made temple complex. It took some 1,300 years to finish it – each pharaoh wanted to make his mark on the site the ancient Egyptians dubbed Ipet-Isut or ‘The Most Perfect of Places’. The end result? A mix of temples, sanctuaries and chapels. The absolute don’t-miss is the 13th-century BC Great Hypostyle Hall with its 140 pillars.

  • Day3

    Kom Ombo

    This morning, we’ll sail on to Kom Ombo – home to the Temple of Sobek and Haroeris.

  • Day4


    Spend the whole day exploring Aswan – or relax back on the ship. Those getting out and about can take a trip to Aswan High Dam, stop at the Nubian Museum, which houses 3,000 antiquities, visit the waterside Temple of Philae, or hop on a boat across Lake Nasser – the world’s biggest artificial lake.

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    Image representing Aswan High Dam

    Aswan High Dam

    From the top of Aswan High Dam, you can see why it was hailed as an engineering miracle when it was built in the 1960s. The 3-kilometre-long construction is pivotal in controlling floods and providing irrigation and electricity for the whole of Egypt. It serves up great views, too. They stretch right across the giant reservoir of Lake Nasser to Kalabsha Temple in the south and a massive power station to the north.

    Image representing Philae Temple

    Philae Temple

    The Temple of Philae is set on Egilica Island after being moved, stone by stone, from flooded Philae Island. It’s a huge construction, with undamaged pillars and towers. The reliefs and images chiselled in to the walls of the vast halls do a great job of telling the story of Egyptian civilisation. They depict kings overcoming their enemies, and the goddess Isis with her son. Symbols carved by the Roman emperor Trajan and Coptic Christians have also stood the test of time.

  • Day5

    Aswan Free Morning

    This is a free morning for you to enjoy Aswan at your leisure. We'll set sale in the afternoon. You can book up for the optional tour of Abu Simbel this morning.

  • Day6

    West Bank

    Today, you’ll have the chance to cross the sights of the West Bank off your tick-list. Potter around the Valley of the Kings, explore the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and peer up at the gigantic Colossi of Memnon. You’ll stay overnight in Edfu.

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    Image representing Temple of Queen Hatchepsut

    Temple of Queen Hatchepsut

    This mortuary temple for the great Queen Hatshepsut is set at the bottom of a cliffside near the Valley of the Kings. It consists of 3 layered terraces accessorised with chapels, colonnades, and shrines. They’re covered in faded reliefs documenting the queen’s divine origins and details of her reign. Other scenes show trade expeditions and offerings to gods.

    Image representing Shuffle through the Valley of the Kings

    Shuffle through the Valley of the Kings

    Tutankhamen is the name most associated with The Valley of the Kings. The boy king’s burial chamber was discovered here in 1922 by Howard Carter. He isn’t the only person who was laid to rest in this valley, though. There are more than 63 burial chambers here, marking the final resting places of five centuries’ worth of Egyptian blue blood.

  • Day7


    Denderah Temple is on the itinerary today.

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    Image representing Temple of Denderah

    Temple of Denderah

    Denderah Temple is dedicated to Hathor, the cow-headed goddess, and famous for the original signs of the zodiac. Climb up onto the roof to get some great shots of the temple and surrounding area.

  • Day8

    Check out

    Your cruise along the Nile comes to an end in Luxor where you'll be taken to the airport for your return flight to the UK. Unless of course you choose to extend your holiday in Egypt with a stay in one of our hotels.

Essential info

  • Children Onboard

    We don’t allow under 12s on our Nile cruises, but you may find that other travel companies accept bookings from children under this age so there may still be young children on board.
  • Excursions

    The excursions described in the itinerary are included in the price of your holiday, but visits to the sites can vary depending on water levels. Extra excursions are available to buy onboard.
  • Onboard Satellite TV

    Just so you're aware, marine satellite TV may go out of range from time to time, which can mean a loss of picture.


Items marked with * incur extra charges which are payable locally

Visits to the sites may vary, depending on water levels. All excursions detailed in the itinerary are included. A choice of optional excursions is available in resort.