Cape Verde

The Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde is made up of 10 isles floating in Atlantic Ocean, 500 kilometres off the coast of Senegal. They’re still fairly new to the travel circuit, but with their out-of-this-world beaches and lively surf, they’re quickly making a name for themselves.


Cape Verde’s most popular island is Sal, which is known for its striking, lunar-like landscape. It’s dotted with colourful, cobbled towns, like Santa Maria on the southern shores, where you’ll find surf shops, traditional restaurants and a pretty square lined with al fresco cafés. The main attraction, though, is the beach, which stretches along the coast for eight kilometres.

Boa Vista

You’ll find plenty more in the way of beaches over on Boa Vista, which translates as ‘beautiful view’. In fact, the sands here halo the coastline for 55 uninterrupted kilometres and are uniformly the colour of sugar. Praia Chave deserves a special mention, thanks to its creamy swathes and shape-shifting dunes.

Cultural melting pot

Whichever island you opt for, expect a melting pot of cultures. The Portuguese originally discovered Cape Verde, so there’s a mixture of African, Brazilian and Portuguese influences. You’ll see it in the island’s music, fashion and – perhaps most clearly – the food.

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Boa Vista

Mention Cape Verde to the man on the street, and it’s likely you’ll get a blank look in response. These islands, about 400 miles off the coast of Senegal, have only recently emerged from obscurity. But, in certain circles, they’re creating a real stir. The 10 isles, one of which is Boa Vista, offer up some knock-out beaches, not to mention toasty temperatures all year round.


Sal is part of Cape Verde, a group of 10 islands off the west coast of Africa. They’re relatively unknown in the mainstream market and, thanks to their location, they’re a unique melting pot of cultures. The islands were originally discovered by the Portuguese, and there’s a mixture of African, Brazilian and Portuguese influences. You’ll see it in the islands’ music, fashions and, perhaps most clearly, the food.

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