Livorno (for Florence and Pisa), Italy

Get ready to be impressed – this is your gateway to the dazzling riches of Florence and Pisa.

• A living monument to the Renaissance, Florence might be famous for its art galleries, but the entire city is like one gigantic piece of artwork. Beautiful buildings, picturesque piazzas and stunning sculptures are everywhere you look. Marvel at Michelangelo’s David in the Accademia. Clap eyes on Botticelli’s Birth of Venus in the Uffizi Gallery. Then head for the Ponte Vecchio bridge to browse the glittering jewellery shops that find a home here.
• Pisa’s another Tuscan treasure. Make a beeline for the Campo dei Miracoli, an exquisite square which harbours the city’s cathedral and, of course, the famous Leaning Tower. Quite how it manages to stay standing will baffle you for days afterwards. If you fancy a spot of shopping, head for the Borgo Stretto. It’s a paradise for jewellery, leather, clothes, homeware and pottery.
• Explore the scenic Tuscan countryside, passing Medieval hill towns that look as if they’ve been caught in a time warp. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a little wine tasting in the sun.
• Take a trip to the villa of composer Giacomo Puccini, set on the banks of picture-postcard Lake Massaciuccoli
• Cruise along the royal canals of Livorno. Have your cameras ready as you sail through colourful 'New Venice', a labyrinth of canals, waterways and bridges.


Florence & Pisa

The city of art, Florence has so much to offer, from grand old Renaissance churches to timeworn Medieval streets. An escort will accompany you to Florence, where you’ll start your guided visit. The city’s historical centre is now a pedestrian zone and this is where your sightseeing begins. Clap eyes on the orange-roofed Duomo and weave your way through the pretty maze of streets to the Gothic Old Palace with its ornate courtyard. You’ll get to see Ponte Vecchio, too, the only bridge in Florence to survive the World War II bombings. After that, you’ll have some free time to explore, whether you want to visit the famous galleries or just tuck into a tasty lunch in the sun. Then it’s time to head for your second city of the day – Pisa. Once you get here, it's approximately a 15minute walk to the Miracle Square to see the famous Leaning Tower, one of the most recognised sites in the world.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaving Livorno behind, enjoy the gorgeous Tuscan countryside on your way to Pisa. Upon arrival you will be dropped off at the bus terminal and will walk to Miracle Square. Your walking tour will focus on this famous meeting point, otherwise known as Campo dei Miracoli, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Visit the 13th-century cathedral, with its Tuscan-Romanesque facade and Muslim-inspired interior. See the Baptistery, built between 1153 and 1278, and, of course, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where Galileo conducted his gravity experiments. Afterwards, enjoy some free time to shop for souvenirs before meeting with your escort and returning to Livorno.

Exclusive - Inside the Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the prima donna of Italy’s architecture. This tipsy-looking tower began tilting during construction and it’s demanded constant attention ever since. On this trip, you’ll get the chance to go inside the temperamental-looking tower. A flight of 296 stairs leads to the top. When you reach the summit, you’ll be standing close to the spot where Galileo conducted some of his experiments into gravity. These tests were ground-breaking in every sense of the word. The scientist dropped 2 different sized balls off the top of the tower back in the 16th century to prove that their size didn’t affect how fast they fell. Once you’ve scaled the tower, you’ll have some free time in the square that surrounds it. The Campo dei Miracoli is postcard pretty and edged by souvenir stands where vendors sell Leaning Tower themed everything – from statues to chess sets. You’ll take the scenic route back to the port when you’ve finished exploring.

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