Fire & Ice

Cruise itinerary - Fire & Ice

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  • Top class onboard activities/entertainment
  • 24 hour dining
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Sailing Dates

26 Aug 14

Cities, sights and sensational scenery...


Tuesday, Harwich - ENGLAND 


Wednesday, At Sea 


Thursday, Stornoway* - SCOTLAND  07:00 - 15:00

  • The area around the Isle of Lewis is getting a name as the new Alaska. In this part of the Outer Hebrides, wide open spaces go weeks at a time without footfall and the call of golden eagles echo overhead. It’s not a total wilderness, though. Stornaway Town is the third largest settlement in the Scottish Highlands. Bunting hangs over the streets in the town centre and homely coffee shops serve up the local specialities of Stornaway black pudding, smoked salmon and kippers.

  • The Callanish stones look like a set of crooked teeth. They were constructed between 2,600 and 2,900 BC, which makes them 1,000 years older than Stonehenge.
  • On the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, Dun Carloway is one of Scotland’s best preserved brochs. You won’t find these Iron Age structures anywhere else in the world.


Friday, At Sea 


Saturday, Reykjavik - ICELAND  08:00 - 17:00

  • Dropped into Mother Nature's breathtaking canvas, vibrant Reykjavik thrives under the gaze of Mount Esja. A melting pot of history and culture, it's the world's northernmost capital and claims to be the cleanest city on earth.

  • Take your pick from 50 museums and art galleries. A good place to start is the Arnaejarsafn Reykjavik Museum, a collection of wooden buildings laid out like a little village.
  • Take a trip to the Thingvellir National Park, an unspoilt gem which sparkles on the shores of Iceland's largest lake.
  • Hear the thundering rush of water and feel great swirls of mist engulf you as you approach Gullfoss, or Golden Falls.
  • Bathe in the famous Blue Lagoon, with mineral-rich waters that harness Iceland's bubbling geothermal activity.


Sunday, Isafjord - ICELAND  09:00 - 18:00

  • Encased in the awe-inspiring scenery of the Westfjords peninsula, this chocolate box coastal town dates back to the 9th century. It's a tranquil little place where life operates at a deliciously lazy pace. Cocooned in the heart of the rugged West Fjord, the islands and inlets nearby are a magnet for wildlife with a host of rare sea birds making a home here.

  • Call in at the Maritime Museum, whose four 18th-century buildings house lots of interesting artefacts linked to the local fishing industry.
  • Talking of fishing, take a stroll along the peaceful harbour and watch fishermen bringing in the day's catch, plucked from the icy waters of the Denmark Strait, on nearby Vigur Island.
  • Arm yourself with a set of binoculars and go on the hunt for seabirds, like puffins. Your search will take place against the backdrop of majestic mountains and glittering glaciers. Superb.
  • Like a sparkling emerald in a sea of sapphires, Vigur Island is a green oasis in the glassy blue waters of the Isafjardardjup fjord. All sorts of birds flock to its serene shores, including puffins, Arctic terns and black guillemots, making it a real hit with twitchers. Plus, it’s home to Iceland’s one and only windmill which dates back to 1840.
  • The mountains of the Djup, the largest of the western fjords, are worth a role of film alone. Make sure you see them.


Monday, Akureyri - ICELAND  08:00 - 17:00

  • Set on the shores of one of Iceland’s finest fjords, this city certainly isn’t short of natural beauty. In fact, the frosted scenery alone should be enough to win you over. But throw in beautiful churches, a thriving arts scene and a great coffeehouse culture and we’re certain this snow-dusted gem will positively melt you.

  • You’ll hear the thundering rush of water and feel the mist drench your clothes long before you arrive at the magnificent Godafoss Waterfall. This is a natural masterpiece not to be missed.
  • Bypass the beauty parlour and visit the natural spa near Lake Myvatn. You’ll be able to stew in a series of geothermal pools and moisturize your skin with volcanic mud.
  • It may only be 60 miles from the Arctic Circle but Akureyri has some of the best weather in Iceland. To get an idea of how warm it is, you only have to wander through the Botanical Gardens where more than 2,000 plant species flourish.


Tuesday, At Sea 


Wednesday, Lerwick - SHETLAND ISLANDS  12:00 - 17:00

  • Lerwick is the capital and main port of the Shetland Islands, a string of green atolls scattered about a hundred miles off the north coast of Scotland. Historians believe the archipelago’s sweeping farmland and plunging valleys have been inhabited since the Stone Age. And around 5,000 archaeological sites testify to this theory.

  • Near the southern tip of the Shetland Mainland is Jarlshof, an archaeological site that’s often referred to as one of the most significant ever discovered in the British Isles. Its remains span the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Viking era, and you can see stone walls, little houses and tools among the ruins.
  • Head up to Fort Charlotte for spectacular views over the rugged Shetland coast – the stronghold overlooks the whole of Lerwick. Since 1837, it’s has been used for everything from a jail to a courthouse, and even a coastguard station.
  • Lace up your hiking boots for a trek through the hills. The islands are rich in flora, and you’re likely to spot wild flowers like the Shetland Mouse-ear. Keep an eye out for birdlife, as well – the Atlantic Puffin and the Red-throated Diver can be found in these parts.


Thursday, Bergen - NORWAY  09:00 - 18:00

  • Bergen is famous for being the birthplace of the great Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg. With its brightly-coloured houses and maze-like cobbled streets, one thing’s for sure, this city was made for strolling.

  • Don’t miss one of Bergen’s main attractions, Troldhaugen, Grieg’s home. Beautifully set on Lake Nordaas, the Swiss-style house was built back in 1885. Every summer from then until his death in 1907, Edvard Grieg lived and worked here. As well as the house itself, you can visit the Edvard Grieg Museum. There’s even a concert hall where you can listen to some of his finest work.
  • Take a walk down to the old harbour where you’ll find the famous Bryggen quayside, bordered by impressive merchant houses. Take your pick from the waterfront cafés and tuck into a tasty fish lunch.
  • Scale the heights of Mount Floyen to see the city from a different perspective. The higher you get, the more jaw-dropping the views, so banish all thoughts of vertigo and reach the top.


Friday, Ulvik* - NORWAY  08:00 - 09:00

  • The first British tourists came to Ulvik in the 1850s to fish and hunt. These days, though, it’s more than salmon and grouse that attracts people here. The first wave of tourists turn up in spring to see the fruit blossoms. Hot on their heels, travellers come to see the ice thaw into waterfalls and to walk, hike and cycle on the mountain plateau at Hardangervidda.

  • The memory of Ulvik’s Bronze Age population is still alive in Nesheim. The stone-topped burial mounds here date back more than 3,000 years.
  • Tall red planks of timber make the cotter’s farm in Sysehagen stand out. This place used to belong to a traditional peasant farmer.

    Just so you know... unless you're joining an organised tour, you won't be permitted to leave the ship in Ulvik.


Saturday, At Sea 


Sunday, Harwich - ENGLAND 

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