Arctic Affair

Cruise itinerary - Arctic Affair

What's included...

  • Gratuities - no need to tip!
  • Top class onboard activities/entertainment
  • 24 hour dining
  • Port taxes

Sailing Dates

12 Jul 14

Cities, sights and sensational scenery...


Saturday, Newcastle - ENGLAND 


Sunday, At Sea 


Monday, Hellesylt* - NORWAY  08:00 - 08:30

  • Mountains, waterfalls and lakes are all part of Hellesylt’s vocabulary of sights. This old Viking port is at the head of the Sunnylvsfjord, which is a 25 kilometre squiggle of water.

  • Journey through the dewy mountain valley to Horindalsvannet, Europe’s deepest lake. Its showpiece is a glacial stream-turned-waterfall, which plunges hundreds of feet into the watery depths.
  • Don your raincoat and get a close-up look at 2 of Norway’s most beautiful waterfalls. Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil both cascade down the weather-beaten cliffs, and the spooky mist that comes off them is definitely worth capturing on camera.
  • Drive from Geiranger Village and through the Flydal valley, stopping at the cliff tops to soak up the views of the Geirangerfjord below. It’s the most beautiful of all the Norwegian fjords, and it’s framed by soaring, rugged peaks.

    Just so you know... unless you're joining an organised tour, you won't be permitted to leave the ship in Hellesylt.


Tuesday, At Sea 


Wednesday, Tromso - NORWAY  11:00 - 18:00

  • The biggest city above the Arctic Circle, Tromso's been the starting point for countless polar expeditions. Norwegians call it the Paris of the North, and one thing's for sure - it's a city to fall in love with.

  • Don't miss the iceberg-shaped Arctic Cathedral, which glistens in the haunting glow of the ever-present Midnight Sun
  • Call in at Tromso Museum, home to the world's largest exhibition on the traditional Sami culture as well as some great examples of religious art.
  • Fancy a meal 1,300 feet about sea level? Then take the cable car to Mount Storsteinen and drink in sensational panoramic views while you tuck into a tasty meal.
  • Meeting the Sørensen family is no easy feat. Mum Tore, dad Tove, and their three children live at the Wilderness Centre on Whale Island, along with 300 huskies. The family race the fluffy dogs all around Greenland and they’ve got books full of stories to tell.


Thursday, Honningsvag - NORWAY  08:00 - 15:00

  • The village of Honningsvag is tucked deep inside the Arctic Circle, on the island of Mageroya. It’s the most northerly point in Europe, and your gateway to the Northern Cape – a chunk of land that juts out into the sea. Guarded by the eerie Midnight Sun that floats overhead, it’s Norway’s most soul-stirring attraction.

  • Stand on the 1,000 foot high cliffs at the Northern Cape to see what many have written about but few have seen – the Midnight Sun. Hanging above the Arctic Ocean, the sun casts its ever-present glow. It's a sight you'll never forget.
  • Climb aboard a deep-sea raft and play fisherman for a few hours. The King Crab is one of Norway’s most famous exports, and you can head out into the deep blue to help reel in the daily catch. Afterwards, you’ll get to prepare and taste the delicious crab meat for yourself.


Friday, At Sea 


Saturday, Ny Alesund* - SPITSBERGEN  08:00 - 16:00

  • Ny Alesund is the brain behind Norway’s Arctic operations. The settlement here has a permanent population of just 35 people and they’re all scientists dedicated to researching, mapping and monitoring Norway’s polar landscape. During summer, more than 20,000 cruise passengers arrive in Ny Alesund to do their own research.

  • A kilometre-long tourist trail leads visitors through Ny Alesund. The path is punctuated by story boards, which explain the purpose of the different science stations.
  • Post a letter from the world’s most northern post office. This spearmint blue-coloured wooden cabin is located at latitude 80.


Sunday, Longyearbyen* - SPITSBERGEN  08:00 - 15:00

  • Longyearbyen is on top of the world, literally. Located at 78 degrees north, it’s the world’s most northern town. It’s not inaccessible, though. Tourists have been visiting here since the end of the 19th century and the location of the town’s first hotel is still earmarked at Hotel Point. Beyond the town’s borders, signs of civilisation dwindle. Wild reindeer, grouse and polar bears populate the landscape of Svalbard – the island archipelago that surrounds Longyearbyen.

  • Huskies are part of the workforce in Svalbard. In the Bolterdalen Valley, there’s the canine equivalent of a head office – a dog kennel with more than 85 Alaskan huskies.
  • You get some of the best views of Longyearbyen’s countryside from the bow of a boat. Boat safaris take you to places like the bird cliffs at Fuglefjellet and the deserted mining towns of Grumant.


Monday, At Sea 


Tuesday, Leknes - NORWAY  09:00 - 18:00

  • The outdoors in Leknes are as great as they get. This town in the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway is hemmed in by locations that look like something from a Tolkien novel. Evergreen mountains wear cumulus clouds like shrugs and white beaches make it hard to believe you’re in the Arctic Circle. One of the world’s biggest sea eagle colonies call the Lofoten Islands their home, and puffins, cormorants and whales are seasonal visitors.

  • Nusfjord on the island of Flakstad is the best preserved fishing village in Norway and, thanks to UNESCO protection, it probably always will be. Visit the quaint fishing cabins and duck into the stone-walled inn for a drink or to try the speciality – deep-fried cod tongue.
  • Visit the Viking Museum in Borg to see reminders of the Iron Age. Guides in authentic costume will walk you through the replica Chieftain’s farm, taking in the banqueting hall, the boat house and the smithy.


Wednesday, Bronnoysund - NORWAY  09:00 - 15:00

  • Known as the coastal town in the middle of Norway, Bronnoysund has its cake and eats it. The town itself is small but thriving, with a pretty harbour and a decent portfolio of restaurants and bars. To the west it’s bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and more than a thousand coastal islands. To the east, there are fjords and mountain peaks. And the land that’s left is accounted for by lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

  • Puzzle over the puncture in Torghatten Mountain. Legend says the hole in the middle of the mountain was created by a troll when he was chasing a girl.
  • Float around the Vega Islands by boat. Thousands of islands polka-dot the water here and as you sail around them you can catch a glimpse of some of the birds that call them home, like grey lag geese and cormorants.


Thursday, Alesund - NORWAY  09:00 - 16:00

  • January 23rd 1904 saw Alesund ravaged by fire, but this hardy little city rose like a phoenix from the ashes - and the result is impressive. It was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style and the medley of turrets, spires and ornamental twists and turns give the town a magical fairytale feel. What makes it even more unusual is that it’s set across several islands sprinkled in the ocean, with the spectacular Sunnmore Alps as a backdrop.

  • Look in on the Art Nouveau Centre itself, a gorgeous period building whose displays piece together Alesund’s fascinating architectural history.
  • Behold one of the biggest aquariums in Europe with a trip to the Atlantic Sea-Park which has snatched a large slice of the seafront at Tueneset.
  • Take a trip to Mount Aksla. Its views across the islands and fjords will leave a mark on your memory forever.
  • Trace England’s family tree over to the island of Giske. This tiny island was the birthplace of the Viking Chieftain, Rollo, whose descendants were the Kings of Normandy and later the King of England.


Friday, Flam - NORWAY  08:00 - 18:00

  • In Norwegian, the word Flam translates as ‘little place between steep mountains’. And, although that description hits the nail on the head, it fails to really conjure up the incredible scale of the place. Flam is cradled in a deep tributary of the Sognefjord which, at 204 kilometres long and 1308 deep, is the world’s longest and deepest fjord. Surrounded by towering cliff faces, the rustic wooden lodges of Flam’s town centre look like miniature models, which adds to the charm when you’re walking around.

  • Ride on the world’s steepest railway. The Flamsbana travels to 865 metres above sea level and the line is made up of a series of sharp bends and cliff-edge tunnels. The journey may seem white-knuckle, but the railway has been running safely since the Forties.
  • Adventure into the White Caves of Gudvangen. This underground labyrinth is made all the more spectacular with light shows and a soundtrack of classical music.
  • Sip your way through a frothy cappuccino from the coffee shop of the Stalheim Hotel. This historic building is perched at the top of the Naeroy Valley, and the views are jaw-dropping.


Saturday, At Sea 


Sunday, Newcastle - ENGLAND 

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