Roatan, Honduras

Roatan looks a lot like the other Caribbean islands. After all, it’s got the trademark white-sand beaches, the coconut palms and the rainforest. The real action, though is under the waves, and that’s what sets it apart from the rest. The reef that rings the island hides shipwrecks, coral gardens and all manner of sea creatures – everything from turtles to dolphins swim in the depths.

• You can get to know the island’s native butterfly population at the Roatan Butterfly Farm. There are hundreds of the winged creatures here, along with a rainbow-coloured mix of tropical birds.
• Bailey’s Key is a private lagoon that a family of Bottlenose dolphins call home. Here, you can swim with the animals, learn about their habits, and even get a special dolphin kiss.
• If you’ve got some energy to burn, try ziplining. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the jungle canopy, not to mention an adrenaline rush.


Dolphin Snorkel Adventure

If there’s anything more impressive than swimming with dolphins, it’s swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat. And that’s what this tour is all about. After brushing up on your dolphin know-how, you’ll set off from Anthony’s Key Resort and head out over the waves to the reef wall. Two naturally curious dolphins live here and they’re free to interact with you as they choose. You’ll have the opportunity to meet them and learn more about the way they communicate as you play with them in the ocean. These dives are limited to a small group and accompanied by a guide and dolphin behaviourist. After you’ve had plenty of time to splash about with your new friends, things are rounded off with a visit to the souvenir shop. If you like, you can buy professional photos of your encounter here.

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