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Come And Talk To Our Thomson Virtual Assistant

Struggling to find a great getaway that’s just right for you? Read on to find out how our new virtual assistant can help.

With so many tempting destinations to choose from nowadays, we’ve all got a list of dream holidays as long as our arm. Whether it’s exploring markets in Morocco, windsurfing in Mexico or scuba diving in Thailand, there’s nothing like the thrill of travel. But, choosing where to go first can be tricky.
 That’s why we’ve teamed up with IBM to bring you an innovative little tool to help you pick your perfect holiday. Thomson’s new virtual assistant is one of the industry’s first chatbots, which offers you real-time responses to your holiday questions.
But, ‘what’s a chatbot?’ we hear you cry. Well, just think of it as your own personal travel advisor, available day or night, sitting behind your computer screen. Just drop it a question like ‘where can I eat great food on holiday?’ or ‘where should I visit for the best nightlife?’ to start, and it’ll guide you from there. Plus, the more you chat to it the more it learns how to craft the perfect holiday, and how to offer you more personalised recommendations.
Let’s face it, our busy lives mean we don’t always have the time to pop in store to ask lots of questions, or spend time reading pages of information on websites. We’re living in a digital age, after all, and, as it turns out, a lot of you – 77 per cent in fact – said that a virtual travel agent would be useful when searching for a holiday. So, we’re leading the way. Our virtual assistant is on-hand now in beta mode- that’s a trial phase – and we’ll be making amends and changes based on your feedback, so let us know what you think. 

It’s simple really. All you have to do is visit our virtual assistant here and start typing.

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22 Responses to “Come And Talk To Our Thomson Virtual Assistant”

  1. shirleydodd83@gmail.com' shirley

    Hi I’m trying to find photos what Thomson airhostess took on 25/12/2016 from data to lanzarote flight

    • Lauren.smith2@thomson.co.uk' Lauren Smith

      Hi Shirley, Unfortunately we’re unsure of where these pictures may be :(. ^Lauren

  2. pasha_balan@yahoo.ie' Parascovia balan

    Hi.I had to travel from Dublin airport to Turin on my ski holiday.when I arrived in Turin my bagaje wasn’t there.i got my bagaje back on my last day of holiday.when can i complain for bagaje lost?

    • Charlotte.Baker@thomson.co.uk' Charlotte Baker

      Hi Parascovia, I’m sorry to hear this. You’ll need to contact our Lost Baggage Team on 0333 577 0330 ^Charlotte

  3. alun.66@icloud.com' Rosemarie

    Can you please give me some answers as I have been passed from pillar to pillar.

    Need a flight from santorini to Bristol for 1 person on the 22nd August 2017 – no one so far able to assist

    Will also be booking return for 1 person 15th – 22nd – I can do this online as available

    • Johanna.Thomas@thomson.co.uk' Johanna Thomas

      Hi Rosemarie, I’m afraid we have no one way flights available from Santorini to Bristol in August 2017. We only have the 25th July as an option for this route ^Jo

  4. ruth.durie@virginmedia.co.uk' Ruth

    Hi , Tripadvisor is telling me that I have to pay for a tourist card if flying to Dominican Republic, is this correct ? Is this cost not part of my package ? I’m aware of the departure tax of $20 each but not aware of a tourist card .

  5. dairy40@hotmail.co.uk' David

    My wife and I are travelling premium club on the 4th March to Mexico . We would to use the Swiss port lounge at T2 Manchester but have learnt that it is closed until the 13th march for refurbishment . Is there another lounge that we can use as the Swiss port lounge is unavailable.

    • gemma.walters@thomson.co.uk' Gemma Walters

      Hi David, Have you recieved an email or letter to notify you of this? ^Jaz

  6. pearson.jacky@yahoo.com' Jackie Pearson

    I have just had reason to complain to Thomson holidays and the response I received from Yousuf was excellent. Thank you Yousuf for dealing well with my problem.

  7. nasus66@hotmail.co.uk' Susan Mckittrick

    Trying to continue with our complaint about our holiday in Mexico. As we booked on line we need to do this on line but can’t seem to work out where. Could you point us in the right direction?

  8. www.martinchambers2@virginmedia.com' Martin

    Could you tell me why you advertise on all long haul flights you use the Dreamliner, yet when I fly to Dubai in march you have changed the plane to a 767 instead of a Dreamliner

    • Johanna.Thomas@thomson.co.uk' Johanna Thomas

      Hi Martin, Whilst we hope we won’t have to make changes to our holiday package, as many are created month in advance, on occasion changes are required. Our apologies that you’re disappointed that we won’t be using the Dreamliner for your flights, however we do advise within Section 4 of our booking terms and conditions, that aircrafts are subject to change ^Jo

  9. sandielanaway@yahoo.co.uk' Sandie

    We arrived at Gran Guadulpin Banus on Thursday 22nd December. When do we get to meet the Thomson Agent/rep? We have very little info at present!

    • Samantha.Lyons@thomson.co.uk' Samantha Lyons

      Hi Sandie, Information on when the rep is available at your hotel should be available at reception. You can also get in touch with our 24/7 Holidayline by texting 82345 or calling 03333365147 so that they can check this for you. I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas. ^Sam

  10. SteveB486@gmail.com' Steve Banfield


    I’m flying to Tenerife with Thomson on 28 Feb from Luton. I won’t be pre booking a seat. I know I can check in within 7 days of departure for the outbound flight BUT can I also check in then for my inbound flight a week later? If not what do I do?



    • Daniel.Richards@thomson.co.uk' Daniel Richards

      Hi Steve, When you check in 7 days prior to departure, This will generate your boarding passes for both flights. ^Dan

  11. nuala_evans@hotmail.com' Nuala evans

    Hi I tried to purchase 2 of the toy planes on a flight I was on last Friday, but was out of luck. They were priced at £8 each and I would like them for my grandsons who are mad about planes. I was wondering if there was a way I could purchase them from yourselves.


    Nuala Evans

    • gemma.walters@thomson.co.uk' Gemma Walters

      Hi Nuala, Toys are available to purchase in our stores, however these are subject to availability. ^Jaz

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