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6 Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2016

No need to dust off those travel guides. If you’re after up-to-date travel inspiration, follow these bloggers on their adventures around the world for top tips, honest reviews and destination guides …

1. Spaghetti Traveller

Love nothing more than a spaghetti hoop? You’ll have a lot in common with Tom, who’s vowed to take his trusted can of Heinz to every country he visits. He’s a newer addition to the travel blogging scene, so you can follow him on his adventures as he discovers new countries. Take his bucket list challenge to try and get the highest score.

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2. A Lady In London

Pristine pictures and an elegant swirly font characterise this ladylike blog, which combines reviews of activities in London with overseas travel. Julie has visited over 100 countries and has been blogging since 2007, so she’s got a wealth of experience and knowledge about everything really. The stunning photography is a highlight of this blog – Julie manages to turn grey-looking London into a kaleidascopic paradise. Check out her Instagram here.

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3. VickyFlipFlop Travels

Vicky’s fun and inspirational blog is all about squeezing as much travel as possible into annual leave and weekend breaks. Her blogging style is chatty, down-to-earth and really relatable – you’ll feel like you’re best mates after reading a few posts. She covers everything from city breaks and festivals abroad to big backpacking trips, all in the hope of giving others the confidence to travel and explore more.

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4. The Cosy Traveller

If you love having your home comforts on holiday, this blog is for you. Emily combines her love of travel with tea (Yorkshire, no less), pictures of cats and just nice things in general – there’s even a dedicated cosy corner on the blog. She manages to fit all her travel around having a full time job, and shows you how to make the most of your annual leave.

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5. Travels With Adam

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a stylish traveller, Adam’s your man. His self-confessed hipster blog is a guide to the coolest things to see and do around the world. He’s created his own version of the destination guide called ‘hipster guides’, and covers both round-the-world travel and short city breaks.

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6. Taylor Hearts Travel

Char’s blog is all about affordable luxury travel and, more recently, travel with a newborn baby (yes it is possible). She’s won recognition from various outlets including HuffPost Lifestyle and Company Magazine, and is a regular contributor to award-winning blog The Travel Hack. If you love the thought of staying in stylish boutiques or classy hotels at affordable prices – this is where you’ll get the best tips.

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What other inspirational travel blogs are you following?

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  1. info@tateband.com' sharon tate

    These days is many people are blogging about travel with some contradicting info and it becomes confusing who or what is fact. Many people get different experience from the same place. I’m also weary of ratings of certain places as it’s a well-known fact that some establishments create their own ratings. I think it’s a case of reading between the lines and going with popular consensus. Thanks for sharing your information there are a lot of good tips to help point people in the right direction.

    • Jodie.Williams@thomson.co.uk' Jodie Williams

      You’re welcome Sabena ^Jodie

  2. annaliese.watkins@gmail.com' Annaliese

    Fab list, big fan of The Cosy Traveller. I’m fairly new to travel blogging but hope to appear on it one day!

  3. mastersflights@gmail.com' mastersflights

    Your blog is very interesting I feel good

    • Adam.Simson@thomson.co.uk' Adam Simson

      Hi, I’m happy you feel this way. ^Adam

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